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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hey there. Nothing special this week. It was super boooooring. Just a few photos to update.

Orange Room

White Room

It was the last day for one of the collegues, so we took a few shots. =)

Was actually occupied watching Densha Otoko on Youtube. Freaking Fuji Television removed it from Youtube because "its content was used without permission." Dammmit! I was at Epi 9 of 11 lah! So close! Now i'll never know the ending unless i buy the VCD from god-knows-where.

Saw this moive while surfing. It looooks goood. And the soundtrack is amazing. Must-buy. Btw, the moive is "The Last Kiss." By Zach Braff and Rachel Bilson. Rmb Rachel? From The OC - Summer... and Seth Cohen. Like the cutest couple ever~ Awww...

Think it's not out on the big screen yet.

Will watch it soon. Be sure to catch it!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Met the guys today. They POP-ed! Like after 3mths and BMT is over. Now the next batch of guys going in. YT went in on Tue. Wei Liang and Des going on TMR. Good Luck guys...

Was with the 2 Nicholas-es at Coffee Bean as they ranted abt Army life and i simply dont understand what they are talking abt. Just sit,listen and drink my mocha frap only loh... I must say.. they have become so TANN-ED!

The "Brother" - Nicholas Hung.

The Buddy - urmm, Nicholas Tan. Ahaha =)

Weiqi is going over to Wei Liang's and accompany him thru his last civilian night...

Awwww~ so sweeeet right.

Anyway, buddy n i head over to chomps for dinner and it rained! Again! The last time i went it rained also loh. So cursed.... And again, ez-link got no $, didnt bring cash so i wanted to draw money from the wall but mum changed my ATM card n i forgot the new PIN num...

I almost called Fraser loh. Can hear him laughing from the background... *haah*

Before ordering, i told Nick ONE glass of sugarcane and we share. Cos the other time we came, i couldnt finish it. This is what came...

TWO! How to finish you tell me. After we finish dinner, i barely drank 1/4 of that glass.

The usual food we alwaaaays order.

So tonight's dinner was fully "subsidised" so to speak. As usual, buddy finish my glass of sugarcane. I was already darn bloated.... We wanted to walk home, but it rained! So cant walk back home this time, have to take bus. Still, it was always nice to have buddy around.

Next week we're going to Mahattan for dinner. This time is MY treat.

There's gonna be a big hole in my wallet...

Lunch Time!
Thursday, September 07, 2006

We all had lunch at our canteen. All as in 8 of us. So we finished lunch quite early and went down to the lobby to hang around. And this is what we did...

Timer mode!

Liyan. Update your blog ah... =)

This was also on timer mode can! Picture Perrrfect. *Count...* 8 of us!

I have no idea why my dear Susan looks as if she's dancing cha-cha or sth.

S.A.Y - Susan. Angela. Yanqi.

New postcard on my desk. Nice aye...

My cam batteries actually went flat. But Susan got new batts from Aunty Betty. So we continue the photo-taking saga. Damn fun lah. Lunch-time could never be better. =)

Where the hell is Matt!
Sunday, September 03, 2006

Aww man... Really envy this guy. He embarked on his 6 months trip through 39 countries on all 7 continent. Amazing journey... The long time dream to be able to travel to places like him.
Any takers?

Anyway... after i watched that "Dancing" video, i came to a conclusion.

Among all the 39 countries he've been to... i have only been to ONE!

Just ONE!

I bet his passport is FULL. Full of immigration chops.

The only country i've been to in Matt's list was Brunei.

That was during my 2 mths stay in Sabah for my attachment. We visited Brunei for a short trip in order to extend our visa. All 7 of us, we took a ferry to Labuan and transfer to another ferry to Brunei.

I think it was a 3D2N stay. We spent our time walking around Brunei and visiting the most famous Mosque of all. Yes... the one u saw Matt dancing infront of. I was there too!

There you go! Right where Matt was standing. Just that we're not dancing lah... I'm telling ya, that thing behind is expensive yo... See that top part? Pure GOLD. You know... Brunei, oil, gold... In fact, we all went inside the Mosque. They were having their prayers so we had to wait outside for them to finish before we could go in.

We had to sign this book and wear a long black dress before going in. And no cameras allowed. It was beautiful inside. Tinted colour glass panels all around and with the sunlight shining in...
Holy Cow. Looked up and there it was. The GOLD. =)

After which we head over to the famous Jerudong Playground. It's this super big amusement park in Brunei. Formly presented as a gift to the Sultan, it was free admission to the public. However due to high maintance, they now charged 15 moolahs for admission. We played like kids from go karts to merry-go-round and that freaking roller coaster ride. OMG! I can still remember the feeling of being thrown upside down and inside out and screaaaaming at the top of my lungs....

"i dont wannnnnna plaaaay liaaaoooo! Argggggh!"

Seriously... i practically screamed from the start of the ride till the end.
It's reaaaally scary. I cant do roller coaster rides lah.

Some random pics taken in Brunei.

In their public transport - the bus. Trying to find our way to the hotel but got lost anyway.

With koreans at a shopping centre in Brunei.

Their traditional costume they wear for weddings.

Merry-go-round! We were the only ones on the ride. It's ours!

Those were the times man. It was so much fun. Travelling around. Exploring. Getting to places in the most budget way. Photo-whoring. Laughing. Understanding people's culture and language. I swear i'm going back to Sabah again....

Or even better, travel like Matt.

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