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The Farewell.
Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We had a farewell dinner with Peter on Monday night at Arab Street. Everyone was late! I was the first to reach. Walked around Haji Lane and decided to settle down in one of the cool cafe for ice-cream. Haji Lane rocks man. All the supa cool vintage shops. Loveeee it!

Lychee Martini and Chocolate Marshmellow Ice-Creams with Brownie! The shop name is Pluck. Go try it! I'm so going back again. Peter came just in time before i finished my ice-cream. So he got to try it too. =)

Peter loves his retro-vintage shades. He calls it the Stunder Shades. Whahaha!

She-Reen came and we had dinner at this Turkish Restaurant. Not bad~ Something different lah. A more authentic cuisine. The last group pic.

We went for Shisha after dinner. It's this smoking pipe thing. The Egyptians call it Shisha. In English, it is refer to as the Hookah. My first time trying it. We bought booze and shared 1 Apple Flavour Shisha. The first puff taste really sweety... like fruity taste. Imagine you ate some Lip Balm from Body Shop or something. Yaaa that's it... Take deep breathe from the pipe and......


Gosh, Peter can just take deep breathe and puff out clouds of smoke so thick that i cant even see him! She-Reen and I just cant do it man...

This was supposed to be for previous post. Peteeeeeeeer Yang! I'm so trying to look taller in those pics right.....

So yea, i went to send Peter off today as he leaves for Africa. Went to his place and helped pack his stuff first. Darn the chicken rice downstairs his place rocks man! It looks kinda rundown and all... but damn it taste so good. Actually i didnt really helped him packed lah. I was pretty much playing with his Macbook and reading his 11 pgs case-study project eassy as he packed by himself. Hahaha.

And i made this litteblackbookfilledwithphotos for him as a farewell gift. It's called The Peter's Pictionary. All the pictures that i have, starring Peter Yang and *ahem* US. Knowing that an Uncle like him doesnt keep photos at all, this DIY photo album will be perfect for him. =) Called a cab and head down to Changi Airport. Checked in early and had coffee and Kettle chips. He was entertaining me with all his drunk friends stories. Hilarious.

Meeting Peter was probably the most random thing that has ever happen to me. And i'm reeeeally glad we met. Peter was asking me the other day, what if we never talked in Cambodia at all? Well, then none of these would have happened and i wont have such a cool friend! C'mon... Uncle Peter Yang is like +10years my age but we get along so well! Aint that cool?! Okay we do have a teeny-weeny bit of generation gap sometimes and it's really funny. Muahahhaha!

Peter Yang.

The laaaaast pic.

I hate sending people off at the airport man. It's so sad seeing ppl leave! Toldya everything's gotta come to an end. I'll soooo miss Peter man. All the missed calls and voicemails. My mailbox is full cos i always missed his calls (definately not on purpose...) and he has got to left a msg. Man... i dont even know when is the next time we'll see Peter again. Still, we exchanged best wishes and a hug :


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

guys i'm still using my bro's desktop to blog. getting back my laptop tmr.

omg cant wait. my baby is alive!

so anyway, i'm just going to blog this really short post abt my little discovery. i spy with my little eye.... i just need to get this off my chest or i cant sleep tonight man.

i just wanna tell you how pathetic you are.


the only word i can think of.

when i found out abt this, i dont even know if i was laughing at how pathetic you are or fucking fuming mad at how you make me the fool again.

gosh. well maybe joel was right. i'm paranoid, sensitive (for the 5th time)

but i seriously dont think so.

always trust a woman's intuition man. it can never go wrong.

fcuk man. you pathetic jerk.



i'll go look up the dictionary for more words to replace pathetic.

in the meantime... and for the last time,

you're such a pathetic loser.

Anne's 21st/Peter's Shoppin
Sunday, February 25, 2007

Met Peter in town on Friday to grab his stuff and to buy a gift for Anne. We had lunch at Ding Tai Feng. He got himself a Retro Vintage Shades from Topshop, i bought myself the Leather Purse that i've been eyeing. Head over to Far East. Peter bought this Limited Edition Jim Morrison shirt. The first shirt that caught my eye when i enter the shop was that shirt. Supa coooool~

Haircut at Far East for only $17.50!! It was $25 for men, but there was this 20% for first timers. Peter looks so much younger/neater with his new haircut now. Though there's still like 10 years generation gap between us. Muhahaha! So now it's my turn to get something for Anne's 21st. Peter suggested perfume which was so boring for a 21st. I ended up buy a sexy nightie from Morgan for her. I'm sure Anne (and her boyfriend too....) will love it!

Left town early cos it was pouring so heavily and there was Chingay Preview. Anne's 21st at the Chervons. It's been a long long time i've seen Anne. Think the last time we meet was during Graduation last year! Pictionary :

Cat with the biggest heart... and the craziest girl i've ever known. That's why we love you!

Shirley Lee! The cleverest of them all...

Our Birthday Princess. And all of us are in lovely shades of brown! =)

Switch sides... So cam whore.

The bed at Chervon's chalet was damn big lah... =)

I look kinda funny here... but it's the only pic with Anne.

RZ. My favourite gay/guy and the ultimate joker of the class.

the poly gang looks so-old-school.

Dessy! We used to say he looks like a hamster. Does he?

Toldya he's gay. I promised him not to publish this pic... but whatever. Muahaha! The Morgan nightie that we bought. It's expensive y'all.... $129! Glad that she loved it alot... *ahem* and her boyfriend too.

The Twin's birthday. Happy 21st to Anne and Ruby!

Us @ Graduation 2006.

Us @ Anne's 21st 2007.

We haven changed much have we? Well i had a really bad hair day on Grad, Cat has become more chubbier, Shirley more radiant (the power of love...), Anne a more mature lady. I guess we still pretty much stayed the same! Though it was just a few hours with them, i felt really happy and relaxed when they are around. I am at my most comfortable self when i'm with them. You dont know who i am and you probably dont even care. But for them, they know me better than i know myself...

It's always so hard to meet up, everyone's busy with work/school/army. But when we do meet up, we never felt far. omg this is so emo! Flashback on poly days of how we share tu-tu cakes, mua chee, curry yong tao hu, walking bare-footed in library, laughed/cried, always side-tracking from project discussions, lionel/james... I'm telling you Poly times were the best days of my life. Met the world's best friends and we will grow old together. Just like The Golden Girls...


ok maybe The Golden Girls is a little bit too old?

probably Desperate Housewives.

yea i'm sure Desperate Housewives works better.... =)

Peter's leaving on Wed! Giving him a farewell tmr night at Arab Street. Be back for more pics.


The Pig Year.
Friday, February 23, 2007

it was a fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun chinese new year!

though the angbaos wasnt alot, but i had lots of laughters instead!

"okay let's play the John game. J-O-H-N John..."

so much fun at my cousin's place on the first day of new year. John simply cracks me up man. For those whose wondering who's John, lo and behold :

That sweet smiling lady is my cousin She-Reen. They were at a wedding ceremony. She's probably saying something sweet like "oh loook, the newly wed looks so blissful...." or something. Well, now let's bring the focus and attention to John. Would you pls just look at him.... He's like giving the i-cant-be-bothered-and-i'm-going-to-roll-my-eyes look. So hilarious! I just burst out laughing loh. I have to blog this! This is classic man!

We played Heart Attack. That's so my favourite game. I know it's so old schools and all. But i loveeeee that game. It's fun lah. Herman got so excited he threw the cards away when we all stacked our hands in the middle. Like i was sitting beside him and i can literally see the cards flew in the air... Serious! That was the last straw man. Couldnt stop laughing. It was so farnie... I'm actually still laughing as i was typing out this entry... =/

Went to the Loof on the second day of new year with Peter. Was there for the first time. It's this rooftop bar place. Kinda cool... I didnt know how to go. Instead of me bringing Peter there, it was the other way around. He had to ask other people for directions. Holy cow that was so embarassing for me! Call myself a true blue Singaporean. I dont even know where in the blue world is Raffles Hotel! I should be so ashamed of myself man....

So anyway, we arrived there before 9pm and was lucky enough to catch the fireworks display. That was really niceeee. And, Peter was wearing a red shirt.... So we had 1-for-1 on all cocktails. Double Niceeeee! He ordered bar food like chicken wings and this scallops wrapped with bacon thingy. That was so good man! Yummylicious! Triple Niceeeee! =))

Third day was at Lynette's place. Invited Peter and he did his first Lao Yu Sheng for this CNY. Booze were on free flow, played a game that Zana introduced, Peter's lame card tricks, big fish/small fish, 32 is NOT a multiply of sevens, and many more! So much laughters... Damn fun lah. Gosh i realised i haven had so much fun for quite some time. Really enjoyed myself so much this week that i totally forget all my troubles. Aint that good......

Muhahahha! Joeeeeeey~ The rule of the game is to cheers with Joey's forehead before your forfeit drink. And i super suck and that stupid big fish/small fish crap. =/

Alrighty some post CNY tea party at work that we had. Jason is forever acting cute..... Which is good! Cos he always fail and it's really funny. Muhahahha!

Buddies in Action. The Pink Bear is sooo eye-catching.

Suzie and Schenker.

Suzie and Jason who is trying-so-hard-to-look-like-Schenker-but-yet-again-fail-miserably. It's so funnny... I can like hire Jason and be my part-time clown to cheer me up or sth.

The Lunch Kahkis. We're missing Susan though. Probably will organize another game session at my place next Saturday or sth when Susan is back.

One laaaaaast thing. Happy 21st Anne! I think you're the first among us to turn 21. All my warmest well wishes to our most hardworking, most questions asked, most knowledge, most funniest project mate. My 3 years poly life could never be any more fun w/o you. See you at ur party lateeeer! Alright that's pretty much all that has happened this week.

Happy CNY everyone. =)


Post CNY.
Friday, February 16, 2007

Went out for lunch and took a newbie ride from Jason's new car. If my dad's car was behind his, im pretty sure my dad will honk the living hell out of him.... Well, i guess all slow, oh sorry... i mean safe drivers are like that lah. hahaha.

Went to Chinatown with Peter n twj. Chinatown is so boring. There's nothing interesting. Somehow, CNY this year seems so dull. Totally no mood man. We had dinner at all the pushcarts stores. That place is great for bringing your tourist friends because all the local food are there! But it's a ripped out place lah.... We had all the Singaporean food like :

- popiah
- oyster omelette
- rojak
- wu xiang
- tang yuan peanut soup
- satay

Pretty much introduced all the local fares. Wanted to get char kway teow but the queue........ omg. Peter wants to try Chilli Crabs though. Yea that is a must try when you're in Singapore. Will probably bring him to East Coast n try next week or sth. Peter wants to check out Geylang though.......

For food of course! They have heard soooo much abt Geylang... Gosh.

So it's gonna be CNY soon. Got all your new clothes? I managed to grab all the stuff i need last night at Bugis. Super last minute loh.... When you buy last minute stuff, you are left with no choice and you cant chose the most afforable ones. I just see it. like it. grab it. leave it.

Brown Heels - $29 (Managed to bargain for 15% discount from the salesgirl. Hahahah!)
Vintage Clutch - $19
White Belt - $9
Girl Boxers n Earrings from Topshop -$48!!!
Hole in my Pocket - Priceless...

Mygod i didnt even realised i spent so much at Topshop lah! I just grab what i like and pay for it. WTH man. Ah nevermind lah, new year once only. Just spend it!! Remember i still have some pics in my cousin's cam that i haven uploaded? Yea these are all of it...

At World Lounge. Cocktails buy 2 free 1!

The *ahem* friendly waiters at World Lounge.

That's Richard. Our tour guide.

Having breakfast at the balcony outside our room. I wish i can have breakfast there every morning man. Food jus taste so good with the sunshine n all....

The Balcony right outside our room. I was just sitting there, reading my book, plugging into the ipod... Life's good. It's like there's nothing in your blank mind but you're missing something. Strange aye.

The Irish Pub downstairs of our guesthouse. Remember it's Molly Malone! I'm so going back there to stay again.

At The Soup Dragon. Some restaurant with food so horrible we didnt even touch it.....

Ok maybe we did.... Just a few spoonfuls.

I love this place. The Blue Pumkin. This chill-out place with unique ice-cream flavors, gummies, pastries, free wireless internet, lovely white sofa seats... Just sit back, lie down or do whatever you want and reeeest. I had caramel ice cream though. It's nice, i think he'll like it too...

Nightfall. After dinner/drinking with Peter and Sarah, we decided to go back to our balcony and drink instead. Bubbble Tea in Cambodia is so goooood!

At the back : Jonas, George, Peter. While we were sitting around chatting, i barely spoke loh. I dunno what to say! I dont even understand what they were talking about. Like history of Mexico and stuff.... omfg. They are really smart people man... Or i'm too stupid.... Ahh either way lah. This was the last pic in Cambodia. Good job my dear camera....

Sooooo it's the EVE OF CHINESE NEW YEAR! Have fun people! Gong Xi Fa Cai. Huat ah! Collect as many angbaos as you can. Good Luck in this coming Pig Year...

love y'all. =)

Goodbye my Lover...
Tuesday, February 13, 2007

my laptop is died...

it's official.

you've served me well.

through times of projects, tutorials, lectures, presentations...
through times of late night msn-nudging with buddy... *like a deek!
through times of watching episodes of Lost, Prison Break, The OC..
through times of countless slideshows photos as i smile to myself...

we've been through so much! you and me.

i'll miss you much my dearest lappy. i've lost everything inside. it's all gone. But fret not, i'll get them to "save" all they can from your hard disc drive. I hope it doesnt cost too much. Either way i'll retrieve back as much as i can. All my music files and photos folders....

In Loving Memory : April 2004 ~ Feb 2007

Meantime, i'm deciding if i should buy my new love, Mac Book. Hahaha~

Any kind souls pls go with me in search of my new laptop? i seriously have no idea about this computer stuffs man. What RAM and processor thing... I'm sure the salesperson that attend to me will have a really hard time trying to sell a laptop to me....

Good luck to whoever you are. Muahaha.. =)

Sooo, i'm updating the blog on my bro's desktop. Last night we went out with Peter. Totally burned a hole in my pocket can! We had dinner at Thai Express, then went over to Clarke Quay and checked out this new place called The Clinic. The whole concept theme of this restaurant/bar revolves around the hospital kinda thing.

The main entrance of the restaurant has like this operating theatre loh. The seats were like hospital ward beds, drinks are served in drips and syringes. The concept is kinda interesting, but it's not a place that i'll frequent to hang out and drink with my friends. Doesnt work for me man... It's jus a one-time place, just to try it out. Plus... it's super expensive! We ordered like 1 pack of drip and half a dozen of syringes shooters and the total bill came up to...

Me. She-Reen. John.Peter

wathefug... and the drinks taste like fruit punch loh. the alcohol contentwas so little i could barely taste it. didnt really enjoyed myself there and it wasnt worth it at all. My reviews : 6/10. Just check it out for fun lah. And remember to bring enough money.

We left the place and head over to Brewerkz instead. We order a tower of wheat beer and nachos. The tower is huge! It's 4000ML and holds 7 glasses of beer... Placed between Peter and I, cannot even see him loh! I have to like move forward a little when we talked. So this Filipino waitress took our order right... she was like,

"ok so i'll be getting you guys a tower with beer and nachos ya..."

I was like thinking... duuuh, of course tower with beer lah... if not what,water ah... =/

then after that, i realised what she meant was tower wheat beer loh...

you know how Brewerkz have those different kinds of beers? Ya Wheat Ale was one of them.

wheat beer. not with beer lah.... Har that make a whole lot of sense now. Her deep Filipino accent lah.... *slap forehead* Hahaha!

Night ended off well. But im really broke! Seriously, it's like i spent so much that i dont wanna spend again. Lately, i ate like only 1 pathetic meal a day. No breakfast, no lunch. Just dinneeeer at home! It's like having an all liquid diet for the past weeks. Lunchtime is just me, the book and my bear. At least i get to rest for a while lah... Dammit i jus realised that eversince i came back from Cambodia, i haven been eating well at all. And worse of all, mum's not really cooking this week cos she's kinda busy with the New Year stuffs... Geez, guess i'm going home to dig out all the instant noodles in my storeroom then....

So it's Valentine's Day tmr... I'll be going to go Chinatown tmr afterwork. Get in the mood man! Buy some candies, gummies, ang baos. =)) I hope it's not too packed or sth. Tmr should be pretty fine i guess. Alrighty im tired, to everyone in the wholewideworld - May you be blessed with all the love in the world.

Happy Valentine. ("v")



The Comeback.
Saturday, February 10, 2007

You guys have to read this book.

The Time Traveler's Wife.

I'm telling you this book will break your heart.......

Just like how you broke mine, you heartbreaker.

Reading the first paragraph and i'm hooked! I'm still not finish with the book yet. Will post my reviews after i'm done with it. Cant wait to finish it though.

So anyway i'm back! After wallowing my weekends away... it's enough. After making me feel so stupid and ridiculous and foolish and stupid, i seriously had enough till the tears run dry.

Come to think about it, i actually wanna thank you for all you have done. At least everything is clear now. i haven cried so hard for god-knows-how-long, and it sure feels damn good after letting everything out. Reaaaally good... So good that i re-packed all my clothes in my wardrobe, that's probably the laaast thing i will ever do and i found alot of clothes that i haven been wearing for a nong nong time! Mum is really happy that im finally packing my stuff though. Hahaha!

So anyway, coming back to my point, i was reading this :

"Life is a mixture of sunshine and rain, teardrops and laughter, pleasure and pain. Just remember, there was never a cloud that the sun couldn't shine through."

How true is that? For all you broken-hearted souls out there - stop brooding about it, he is not going to know... Just get over it! Move on. That's what life is all about. Take the pain and everything that comes with it becos if you never get your heart broken, you will never learn to love. Profound huh. ya i know, i'm so good right~ Hahaha! So many things were running through my mind as i was wallowing during the weekends... Maybe i take things too seriously. I hope it's not too late, cos all i wanted was our friendship back......

Alright so i'll be meeting the cousins tmr. We'll be bringing Peter Yang out. Have i told u guys about Peter? He's the guy living next door to our guesthouse in Cambodia. He's very interesting... I'll post up some pics soon.

and you know what...

jace is back.



hello stranger.
Friday, February 09, 2007

people just come and go don't they...

they just come into your life,

sweep you off your feet,

and we are left behind like complete strangers.

after all the wonderful time spent,

we pretend as if we never knew each other before.

it's like i'm losing you and it's effortless.

really weird isnt it...

with no clue of what happen in between,

everything starts falling apart.

i guess we should all be totally convinced that

nothing in this world last forever.

if you can prove me wrong, but i doubt so...

everything comes to an end.

think abt it. it's true,


and all you said was,

i'm sorry...

that was really heartbreaking.

alright i think i'm gonna go wallow for awhile......

Meantime, enjoy ur weekend. Take care everyone.

love all.

Cambodia - Day 3 & 4
Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I was in such a daze today.

He returned my scrapbook and it took me like a few seconds, staring at it, trying to recognise what it was...

And then, when i was walking around after work, i left my scrapbook at the fruit stall...... i ran all the way back to get it loh! I'm telling you i will cry my heart out if i lose it.

Scrapbook's untouched.

I'm totally not in the right state of mind at all. Focus!

Okay Day 3 was so much fun laughing our way down the hill! We laughed so hard that we could just roll down instead. It's gonna be so much faster. Thanks to our guide... *i gave her my heart but she kicked it away* muahahah! i know it doesnt sounds funny to you guys at all, but a sentence like that coming out of our super stiff n shy Richard... it's hilarious. After he said that, he just walked faster and left us behind! He must be feeling super emo and starts to cry..... awww man! We're so evil.

This swing is like made out of the twines of the tree.

After so many years of water flowing down the stones, the figures are still not washed off at all...

A small waterfall. The water is so clear n cold.

Among all the temples i've seen, this is the most well kept ones. Look at the cravings for goodness sake! So well done! How did they even do it?!

This temple is known as the "Pink Temple." The stones used are reddish pink in colour. And in the ancient days, it's a women temple. That explains the cravings of all the beautiful Aspara Dancers. Kinda cool huh.....

We were eating cookies and we gave some to the children. They took with both hands, bow their head and thanked you. So well-mannered right! They were actually collecting empty cans or bottles that tourist left behind in order to earn some money for school. The youngest girl is probably 4/5 years old only...

See the purple socks i'm wearing? Susan bought it for me! It's super light n comforty. Nvm the colour purple, as long as it's comfortable. Suzie rocks my socks! =) And my shoes is so dirrrrty..... I must say the cravings in this temples seems so real.

You turn on the tap and you get water. Over in Cambodia, you have to pump water out of this well and im sure the last time you saw this was in your history textbooks. In rural villages, they are still using this to get clean water.

We came across a school, went in and played with the kids. I helped this 2 boys here carry pails to water the plants can. They are sooo cute! And they loveee taking pics. When you show them the pics in your camera, they will just let out the warmest laughters i ever heard. =)

Day 3 ended really early...

Okay i'm gonna make this paragraph really small just in case my parents read this. After we went back to town, we started looking for other places to stay. Cos our package was only a 3 night stay at the hotel. But we were there for 5 nights. We went around looking for guesthouses! Most are on full house or it's too sleazy to stay in. Lucky we found a place to stay. In fact we should have stayed there in the first place. It's called the Molly Malone Guesthouse and Irish Pub. For USD25/per night, you get a room furnished with hand-crafted wood, including a beautiful 4-poster beds!! Shhh.... Dont tell them we stayed in a guesthouse. They will killed me man!

It's the perfect place for travellers. And downstairs of our guesthouse is Pub Street.

Mygod. Pub Street... The ultimate nightlife in Siem Reap. I'll tell you more later.

Let's go to Day 4 now. We went to Tonle Sap Lake. The largest lake in South-East Asia.

This Secondary School moveees from one side of the river to another.

We were in the boat and it stop for a while as it approaches the water village. This little sampan here started paddling quickly to the side of our boat. They seem like a family selling drinks n banana for living.

I was listening to Richard and i didnt really take notice of them when they ask us to buy drinks. Until his boy climbed beside me, i cannot take it man. He's staring at me with those eyes. My heart sank. He was so small and all i can hear from him was the word 1... USD$1 for the drinks. I wanna cry!! I have to buy from him and i dont even drink Coke at all. I gave it to another boy.

He's paddling in a bathtub.

and OMG... they rear crocs! It's super scary.

The village behind. And the clear blue skies.... I just cant help falling in love with the sky!

That's about all the pics for the tour. The other 2 days are all just random pics from Pub Street, fellow travellers we met, restaurants n stuffs. I'll post them up some. Some nicer ones are with my cousin. Have yet to get from her though. Will post up soon.

Man i've been blogging for the past 3 days! Like everyday i reach home, i'm infront of my laptop, blogging abt the trip. I think i have no one to talk to and i'm starting to talk to my lappy. Ohno~

Alright i'm really tired....

you'll know it's
all because of you
we can do
whatever we want to

Rui Ling
Yi Peng
Jerry Mok
Han Fen
Jia Jie
Shu Hui
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Made with Love
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