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Slack.Sing.Sushi <3
Saturday, March 24, 2007

Alrighty people~ No special occasion, but it's a photo galore. Feast it! =)

22.03.2007 (Slack)

Like in the middle of work, suddenly feel like taking photos.

Man we're so evil.... Slacking at work!

i'm telling ya...

you dont wanna mess with us.

dont even try. dont even think abt it...

Muahahahaha! Scared ya didnt i?

....... i did not?!!

Owel. Like what they always say : Mess with the best. Die like the rest.

You have been warned. =)

22.03.2007 (Sing)

Took half day off. Just needed the break to meet them and sing my heart out even if we sounded really awful. Who cares? And ohyes. Shopping alone on a weekday rocks my socks. I can have the whole fitting room to myself. I can take my own sweet time to try on all the clothes. I dont have to wait in the line forever. I can even call Joey and asked her which leggings should i get... Cool aye... Shop-on-weekdays!!

*Sing. Sang. Sung*


Cat sang Kelly Clarkson's - A Moment Like This. We all know how difficult that song was sang. Mygod... when she sang this, i practically spent half the time pulling the mic away as she screams the song away..... = /

23.03.2007 (Sushi)

Jun Xian's last day. We went for dinner at Sakae Sushi. All the way to Changi Airport.... omgawd.... As much as i love the airport, but travelling all the way there for Sushi?!! Well, for all the laughters we had, it's worth it... =)

Su's leaving on a jetplane.


We had numerous attempts to take a pic on timer mode as i placed my camera on the side of the conveyor belt. But all failed! So we had the waitress take for us instead. Hahahha...

We saw Shinhwa. And all the girls swarming behind them as they walked into First Class and checked in. So we pretended we were S-Club 7 or something too... Man that was so hilarious!

I wish i could just pack my stuff and travel the world with you.

Now if you could excuse me...

i'm gonna continue with my barely possible dream.

Love all.

The Calendar - lostwithoutyou.
Sunday, March 18, 2007

You know i was sitting at my desk, waiting for the web page to load...

I took a long look at my Table Calendar & realised for the mth of March

it was blank! *gasp*

No scribblings of events, programmes, gatherings or sort...


What happened to my oh-so-exciting life?! gosh this is disappointing man. I gotta do something abt this! It's like everyday after work, i find myself walking aimlessly around shopping malls. I couldnt find anyone at all...

Life's so boring without you.

If only i could turn back time.

*i guess it's not possible huh...

well... take me out then.

or even better,

take me awaaaaaaaaay.

to somewhere only we know..

take me with you to a better place...


Friday Night Out.
Saturday, March 17, 2007

Went out for ROM dress-hunting with the girls. Had dinner first at Ding Tai Feng. So reminds me of Peteeer can! The last time i was there at DTF was with him too.... Okay i know Joel is sick and tired of me rattling on and on abt Peter. Fine! Dinner was gooooood... Xiao Long Bao, Fried Rice, Dumplings Soup... Haven had a good meal for the whole blardy week. It's good to jus spend time with them.

- Joey.Susan -

- Jace.Lynette -

I took this shot! My skinny long arms rocks. One try only and i nailed it! Love this pic.

Su was trying out all the dresses we chose for her at Daniel Yan. Some dresses are really nice... But i think it's too common. Like everyone would be wearing the same thing if it's bought from DY. It's like wearing a dress to prom and see another girl wearing the same thing as you... That sucks big time man. I guess we'll just look around for other choices.

But it's kinda fun. Ang, Mah and myself... standing outside the fitting room, our arms folded, rolling eyes at the other lady grumbling loudly abt her husband, looking through all the other dresses, try to get the zipper up *breathe in and hold ur breath!* Muahahah! We spent like an hour or so inside the shop. It's so exciting! Su's like my first ROM event that i'm going to attend... =)

Something random - Melvin took this photo :

Car Plate # 9018!

I seriously think Mel is obsessed with my handphone number.... For goodness sake could you pls stop buying those numbers for 4D! It's not going to bring you anymore luck man...... Today's 4D results - 3rd Prize : 9008. Consol Prize : 0918. *slap forehead*

Told you right! Seriously, it's time to give it up man...

Now i shall look for the Car Plate # that's exactly the last 4 digit of my handphone #. Quite hard right.... Keep your eyes wide open when you're on the roads! Shot a pic of the Car Plate for me if you see it!

Big Kisses.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Big hugs for Rui Ling! Thanks for driving me to Timbre and back home! We left my place and started driving to Timbre at 7pm. We got there like at 8pm...... Was driving around for 1 hour can! Given the fact that my place is located pretty near Timbre and travelling there would only take us 20mins or sth.... =/

Flipping through directory, calling Jason for direction, (and i wonder why i called him cos he's still new on the road anyway!!), turning around streets, and finally exclaiming in excitement that we found the place.... omgaaaaaaaawd.

Everybody got lost. Timbre's location is kinda strange. But that's what makes the place special... We only managed to settle down after 9pm, which was over Happy Hours... Worse of all. Ordered their thin crust Pizza and it came 2hrs later... Man the chef sure knows how to take his own sweet time meddling with the dough and chopping up the ingredients loh. But the pizza was great. I NEVER eat the crust of any pizza. But Timbre's thin crust pizza was amazing. I finished the whole piece. Yes, including the crust...

And the band - Timmy. Gosh, i wish we could have Breakfast at Tiffany every Sunday morning. Or we could be Chasing Cars all day... Cant remember all the songs he sang. That's the only 3 songs i recalled. Hahahah. I really like live bands that can rock my world upside down and inside out. And the lead singer - Ngak was charming the crowd with his smile as he sings. ohmygod... My heart's melting... Who cares if Timbre is hard to find, or the pizza takes forever to come. =))

At Timbre.

My Loves.

Cat was trying to use ONE of her fingers to cover her double chin. Camera tricks.

Wei Liang wants to watch 300.

i gave my free tix away becos i cant find anyone to watch the graphic novel film with me.

thanks man. now i need to spend my remaining moolahs on 300.


Friday, March 09, 2007

Caught the Pursuit of Happyness today. Mygod... it's been a long time since i've step into the theatre. My last moive was like Death Note 2 on 5th Jan can. Super long time ago... Anyway, it was a really heart-warming movie. Will Smith's son is super-duper cute lah. =)

And.... sailorboy buddy is back! Omgwad... like finaaaaaally~ after sailing away for 3months... He called me a few minutes ago but he's still onboard his ship. Oh well, as long as he's back safely on our Singapore homeland... Must meet up with him soon! He only has like 4 days of rest though.

Going to meet my project mate tmr for chill out cum gossip session. 5 of us haven been together ever since we grad. It's about time man. Will probably head over to The Coffee Club at Hotel Rendezvous for cakes and coffee first before going over to Timbre. The Mudpie there is sibei tok-gong one loh. Must Try!! Meeting the lunch kahkis at Timbre too. Everyone is gonna be there. So just come ya!


The Central
Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's this new shopping centre at Clarke Quay. Went to go check it out today since i got nothing to do after work anyway. Uncle Lam send me to Outram Park MRT station and i took the NEL train to Clarke Quay. Got out the exit and saw this :

what do you mean 90 steps to street? *blurr* Have to be so specific anot? Counting exactly 90 steps to the top. Lame loh... What's that figure for? Is there any meaning to it? Why cannot 80 steps instead? Cos it seriously doesnt make any cow sense to me at all.. So anyway, i got really curious.

i took the 90 steps.......

no one loh! i was like the only person climbing that freaking stairs. it's was so quiet i could hear my own footsteps can. damn stupid. wtf. somebody plsssssss tell me what's with the 90 steps if you know abt it. i'm so dying to know! Up the stairs and you'll see this :

So i was sitting by the steps of the riverside, watching tourists taking the silly bummer boat ride down Clarke Quay, feeling the gentle breeze on my face and watching the sun goes down....


Oh actually, to make it like really perfect perfect, have the one you love to sit beside you. i have my ipod. that's good enough...

Not all the shophouses are open. Like it's only 60% filled. Guess you guys can go down in a few months time or sth? Located near the CBD area, their target audiences are mostly probably OLs and PBEMs. Lots of shoes shops, jap-like harajuku boutiques/street wear, jewellery shops... Kinda funky though. Saw the managing director of 77th Street Elim Chew there too. We used to discuss abt her during project work on how she was the most successful woman entrepreneur and all. She's so recognizable loh. Her hairstyle/hair colour/dress sense...

So anyway, i walked around and bought a few stuffs.

I even called Joey and ask her if i should get the flats in black or the white one... hahaha~

Joey said white. I bet i'm so going to dirty them after a few wears... and i love peep-toes shoes!

Walked past this supa cute shop that sells adorable sticky notes, cards, box, memo pads... I got 10 different designs for the kahkis. The top 3 on my laptop are my favourites. She's so cute! =)

Ugly Betty
Sunday, March 04, 2007

In the superficial world of high fashion, image is everything. Styles come and go, and the only constants are the superthin beauties who wear them. But for Betty, in the world of high fashion, she's just the oversized peg in the petite round hole...

The first episode airs tonight! Guys u gotta watch this. Amazingly wacky comedy! It's brilliant y'all... Saw the trailer and i love it. It's so funnny. America Ferrera rocks my socks man! She even won the Best Actress for TV serial/comedy for the Golden Globe. You go girl! So deserved it! =)

The character Betty is truly bringing a new face to television. The message of how beauty lies deeper than what we see. It's all in the show. Looks are superfical. So what if u're the cutest/hottest person around? Well seriously, i dont see the point if u're just one hell of a biatch/jerk who doesnt give a fcuk about other people's feelings or how much u're hurting them.

"It's a fact that society has an unfair and unrealistic definition of beauty, but many people still struggle daily to achieve it. What's the result? Most continue to feel less than beautiful. But thanks to Betty, UGLY can be beautiful. Ugly beauty is not about physical appearance..."

It's about being real in a superficial world, being smart and use your intellect to create good, being passionate about everything you do, being honest and kind to everyone around you...

Most importanly, being true to yourself and discover your own beauty within.

Ugly is the new Beautiful.

Dont miss it.


Which hurts more.
Thursday, March 01, 2007

Which hurts more?

Thinking you should hate him or knowing that you dont?

gosh that's a tough one.

gave you everything but you threw it all away.

how does that feels huh...

sorry things have to turn out this way.

it hurts to know that we havent spoken in days and we cant look at each other without looking away. everything we had as friends is gone. in fact, it's bothering me. just that i'm trying my best to ignore it.

i didnt want this to happen.

man, it has been raining since Peter left yesterday! He emailed me when he was doing a transit in HongKong. guess he should be in Africa by now. glad that he loved the pictionary i made for him. awwww~

the weather's really cold man. stay dry folks. and keep warm.

chill out session with the kahkis tmr at the loof.

it's fri night.


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