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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

you know what they always say?

when life gets you down...


That's exactly what im doing. Will be flying to Langkawi this afternoon. Woohooooo!

Meantime, you peeps enjoy yourself at work/school.

I shall be sipping cocktail and sunbathing at the white sand, blue water beaches.

*pray reaaaally hard it doesnt rain!*

Catch ya when im back. Take care all!

lots of ♥♥♥

101th Blog Entry
Tuesday, October 30, 2007

btw, i forget to announce that it's my...

ONE HUNDRED AND ONE-TH entry post yesterday!

hahahaha. i know it's so random! I only remembered abt it last night.

Yea it's 101th baby~

Cat's 21st
Monday, October 29, 2007

What can i say again...

Catherine Low Shih Wah.

She's definately someone who's beyond words can describe. We survived 3 years in the same class together during our Poly days, we had 2mths of fun in Sabah, sleeping in between Cat and Rui Ling, so much more things to say about her that i need 1 week to finish telling you guys our relationship. It's complicated... I'm just so so glad that i have her as my friend and it's gonna be forever. 30 years down the road, we'll still look back and laughed at all the things we've been through, bitter or sweet... =)

So anyway, we KBOX-ed to celebrate her 21st then proceed to Cosybay for dinner. Pics!

Happy 21st!

The Poly Mates.

Project Mates! BOB -> Best of the Best! *inside joke*

But seriously, we were really the best of the best...


The Girlies!

Sabah Alliance.

My fav pic of the night... =)

The peeps on my upcoming travel trip.

A very HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY to the Queen of all stunts.


Back to School
Sunday, October 28, 2007

Got enrolled into one of the part time classes. Been really excited about class till i went for my Orientation Session last Friday... See for yourself.

I went to collect my course documents. Just 2 modules... Block lectures starts next month, after which i've gotta prepare for my main assignment and exams. I'm starting to feel the pressure already! It's time to start mugging. No more slacking at home after work... =(

I have no idea how i can study ALL of these. Look at that!

My Student ID.

Sidenote, a uber cute pic of my colleague and her new born! It was her full month and she pop by the office with the baby. Isnt she loverly~

Just got back from celebrating Cat's 21st (belated) from KBOX and dinner at Cosybay. Pics are with Rui Ling. Will post 'em up once i got them! Meantime, it's back to work tmr. Will try to pre-read some of my school stuff too. Boooo...

love y'all.

Better Together
Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Just wanna sit back and watch the world go by.

enjoying the peaceful life, a deep breath of fresh air, right after the rain...

the rain that washes away all the worries and sorrows.

only the happy memories linger to put a smile on my face.

that's what i really want.

it's really simple isnt it?

but it's seem so far away, that feeling i'll never get.

*it's always better when we're together...

Selamat Hari Raya!
Sunday, October 14, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya to all! Had a wonderful party at a colleague's house. love loveee LOVEEEE the foooood! Supa Yummmmmmmmmies! The rendang, curry chicken, ketupat, kuehs... omg, mouth-watering delicious. The week before, we went to Geylang Seria to soak in the amazing warm atmosphere of Hari Raya. Lo and behold!

The long table of food! Buffet style, like 20 dishes infront of us. =S


Me attempting the "small sucker" for the first time. Look closer, if you can see what it is, you'll know what i'm referring to.

The oh-so-evil-i'm-gonna-eat-cha look.

More food at the Pasar Malam!

Carrying my bulging tummy, we proceed to jalan jalan around the bazaar after dinner.

The ENORMOUS curry puff you'll ever see.


Colourful. Thanks Farina for bringing us around!

The rest went back while we head to Esplanade-Harry's for a drink. Look at the girl, Cheeeers!

The underpass to Esplanade always have fun stuff to be photograph with.

I join in too...

The pillars.

Loveeee this arty farty place! Though i'll never understand them...

Ahahahah! I hope i dont get fine or something. I like that furry stuff!

Bottom right hand side MIB....


Pretty much zonked out at Harry's. Had a glass of Pink Champagne.

Sidenote, i'm not working tmr! Yipeeeeees. Finally a break off work. Really wanna go for a picnic. Sip wine, enjoy the breeze, eat some homemade sandwiches. Found someone who posted the new episodes of The Office Season 4 on Youtube!! OMG! Watching them now before it gets taken off. PAM and JIM!!

Have a great Monday peeps. I'm not working... =)


Tan Yong Tat : 21st Birthday
Sunday, October 07, 2007

Tan Yong Tat.

Where do i begin.... We've come a long long way~

The 4 guys that made my poly days living hell heaven...

Those were the days we had fun skipping lectures, copying our way through tutorials...

We were so young then...

And now this notorious TYT has turned 21!!

Holy Crap... This good friend of mine rang me up last week and ask me to organise his 21st birthday and to call up our few usual suspects out for dinner. Since that day, he's been calling me every single day to ask me how's the arrangement going... So i mass sent out the sms invites.

"YT's 21st Birthday. 7pm. Cafe Iguana. Clarke Quay."

Cafe Iguana

YT and gf.



The Usual Suspects.

Birthday Boy!



Mango Cheesecake. His gf brought him a cake. So tweeeeet~

This pic is hilarious. Look closely, we're trying the light that bloody candle and YT is trying to blow it out... ??!!

Golden Couple.

Boys will be boys.

We got him a Fossil watch! Had dinner, few jugs of Margaritas, laughed. It's always fun to hang out with them. Cat's 21st is coming up neeeeeext! Oh yea, i went to Joo Chiat to soak into the Hari Raya atmosphere last Friday with my colleagues. It was awesome! Took tons of pics, will blog abt them when i get the photos. Meantime, i gotta run. It's Monday tmr. Boooooo...

goodbye world!


Back for Good....
Wednesday, October 03, 2007


So ass-kicking baaaaack! Lemme hear you saaaaaay...



*complete slience*

i know, i know. I've lost my readers! It's been 2 weeeks i've updated anything here. It's been so long i almost see cobwebs hanging on my blog's screen and i almost forgot my password to login into blogger. Such a loseeeeer~

Anywaaaaay, i'm back for good. Been busy with work lah. cough*lazy*cough... Quarter just ended, got some loose ends to tight up before next quarter starts. cough*excuses*cough...

Well, first things first, peeeektures! =)

Movie Event_Ratatouille. The Marketing Babes.

2nd from left : Ratatouille lookalike...

Loveeee Gateway's lift. Mirror mirror! Reminds you to check yourself out every morning before starting work. And Roy is in HK! I want my LOMO.

Haji Lane.

Glamorous and Geek.

That's all i have. I promised i'll blog more often now yea...

Before i go, my fav ad :

Muahahahahah! Mumbai dah! India la deey!

Simply cracks me up man.

And it's such irony placing this in my blog...

It's like helping my telco compeitor to advertise lah!

bighug. =)

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