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Monday, August 27, 2007

One Republic. This song is again on my ipod loop. Their album is coming this fall. They got really famous with their songs online @ myspace and purevolume, even before their album were being released. I'm sure they are gonna be a big hit. Watch that space people...

i say it's too late to apologise.

Asian Heartbeat Pics
Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kudos to the amazing photographer! He took a lot of shots. Seriously... i really meant A LOT... He captured like every moment of the event! I selected a few nices one to show you guys. Thanks to you Mr Photographer, you got my supa unglam shot...... Scroll and view!

Cocktail Reception Area.

The outdoor dining area.

Stage and backdrop with instruments for the performance later.

Fine Dining at the Asian Civilisation Muesum.

Jen and Flo. All Blacks Part 1.

Roy and Georgie. All Blacks Part II.

Mingling with guests @ cocktail reception.

Fantastic view beside Singapore River.

Gift for all our guests. It's a USB handphone charger.

Waiters/Waiteress getting ready for the event.

My Fav shot. Nicely captured...

Sun starts to set... Spotlight starting to shine.

We were trying to figure out... i cant remember what.

Getting seated...

Yet again, Mr Photographer caught a nice shot. I like this! My client apparantly is interested to get ROM there. He's taking some pictures of the event to show to his girlfriend... Sho sweeeet~

Lovely nightview. Wonderful fine dining. Great performance.

A successful event!

The Host for my table, aka ME... and my clients. Thank you all for coming!

So the event ended with 3 cheers of yum sengs and a big bang of confetti in the air. My first corporate event. An eye-opener indeed. Glad it all went well!

Just to mention Mr Photographer again,

lo and behold the most unglam shot of me ever reveal on my blog...













Hmmm~ yummy cucumber sticks and mayo dip!

Roy explained that he was looking at me cos he told i was gonna stick that cucumber in my nose and he was wanted to help me with that.... Blardy hell!! Roy's damn evil...

I look like a joke beside Lyn!! Omgaaaawd... she look so glam can.

Fuuuggggg.... someone please pass me the paper bag.

I'll pull the bag over my face and go to work on Monday.

Potluck Friday.
Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fri was so fun! But the atmosphere at work was so tense... Strangely, most of us were in BLACK. It's like we're mourning or something. So weird... Anyway, back to Potluck. Our little Potluck idea between the few of us turns out to be a big gathering! Gosh, the whole office was enjoying the potluck. Which was good lah... since we bought sooo much foood. Sharon bought her newborn to office for the full month thingy!

She's so smaaaall! Isnt she so preeeetty?

Talking abt potluck again... It was really a hell load of food. Why did we order so much in the first place when it's only the few of us?? Gosh, glad the rest were able to finish the food up for us. Lemme see... we had pizzas, tuna sandwiches (made by Eleen), chix wings, bee hoon, noodles, curry chicken in the bag x 2, vegs, desserts (made by George), cakes from Sharon, fruits platters... Yea i think that was what we had. We should have more potluck again soon. =)

Had drinks at Paulaner again with Eleen and Vic. Toldya it's gonna be my new love. We were totally enjoying ourselves there. Laughing and gossiping abt random people. In fact, we were in so much fun the singer of the band actually noticed us. He was like saying this before he sing his last song...

"I cant help but notice the 3 lovely ladies sitting infront of me. You guys seems to be enjoying yourselves and having lots of fun. Well, this song is specially dedicated to you..."

The song was : I Will Survive...


After all we have talked abt, we so needed this song to boost our morale man.

Indeed, we will survive...

Strive on my loves!

I finally got hold of the pics from the Asian Heartbeat.

Will blog abt them tmr ya. Have a good night rest y'all.


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Gonna post a few pics from last Friday @ Paulaner for Paul's Farewell. Censorship to pics! Will only post a handful of them. The rest will only be for personal viewing and cannot be disclosed to the worldwideweb or i'm gonna be so died... =/

Smiley Paul and the gift we got him!

The envelope that i decorated for the card we got for Paul.

The one and only... Paulie! *la-di-daaaa*

Roy and Lyn. My personal consultants for whatsoever related/non-related issues. HAHA!

You dont wanna know who he is... =/

Ahahaha! Apa lah Roy??

All Blacks. Vic/Eleen/Jace. =)

urm...I jus wanna add on to this pic that i have long arms. wooohooo~

Glad that Paul have found a job and he's office is just around the corner! We could all still meet for lunch and stuff like that. Good luck Paul to your new job.

Tmr is gonna be a looooong day. Gonna meet Paul for lunch at First Thai. Will be meeting the ex-colleagues for dinner to celebrate Mah's birthday. Still thinking what should we get for Mah. She have almost everything she needs! Alrighty gotta go! I hear my bed calling me...


300 Spartans
Sunday, August 19, 2007

okay i know i'm a little abit slow here. Just caught 300 on DVD today.

*LOVE love LOVE love the movie*

Love the graphic novel effect!

The way this moive was shot is amazing. Very arty farty indeed~

I was renting this movie and the lady beside me was like :

"You wanna see half-naked men then you rent 300 lor."

True enough... Through-out the whole show, I barely see them fully clothed. The 300 Spartans looked extremely manly and brave in their uniform, which consists of only *ahem* a red cape and black underwear.......

FINE! and spears and shield. That's all!

But i only set my eyes on the Spartan King Leonidas aka Gerard Butler. =)

The only thing that i've learned today while watching 300...

*fist in the air and screaaaaaam...*


my queen, my wife, my love.


Managed to take a couple of shots at Gwen's concert.

Actually, it turns out that only 2 pics are visible enough... =/



on the big screen.

i was seated too far lah...

Saturday, August 18, 2007


Had a couple of drinks last night at Paulaner with my Company people as a farewell to Paulie. He found a job. Congrats to Paul and i'm so gonna miss him! Much love~

Also, Brewerks are so over. Paulaner @ Millenia Walk is my new found love.

Lemme give you 3 reasona why i'm in love Paulaner :

1) German Beers. The Munich Dark 0.5liter is perfect! Love that Malt taste.

2) Live Bands. Great Music!

3) Yummilicous chix wings! It was great.

I mean... c'mon. Chix wings and beer? You can never go wrong about that.

Especially in Paulaner.

Took tons of pics and hugged random people. omg i'm telling you, everyone was damn high... I cant imagine seeing my boss on Monday! It's gonna be so weird man. Ahahaha. Oh whatever. We're all just having a lil bit of fun. Will post up pics soon!

I wanna tell you jus abt Gwen's concert but i'm still having the aftermath of last night and the weather today is damn f-ing excellent for hiding under my blanket. Soo...

I'm going back to my hangover mode and wallow a while longer.

Will be back tmr to blog more.


Sweet Escape
Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It's bananas...


Wooohooooo~ The Gwen Stefani's concert tonight! So excited. Heard so much good reviews about her concert, bet it's gonne be one hell of a night today.

Hopefully i can smugggle my camera in and take some shots. Will keep you guys updated abt the concert!


White Elephant
Sunday, August 12, 2007

Recently, i've been really busy with work. The aftermath of the Birthday Bash, sending Thank You emails, arranging for appointment to meet up with them again at ridiculously far places like Benoi and Senoko South... Btw, it was a fantastic night at the Asian Civilisation Museum! All my clients that i've invited came. Most of which are C-levels people and i was the only lady hosting my table.

I didnt take any pics cos abit unprofessional lah, later those COO, CEO find out i'm a freaking camwhore than that's it. Died. I'm doing this for the sake of my readers! Being a damn camwhore... Such sacrifice~ *pls tear now for effect*

So coming back to the Birthday Bash. I'll tell you guys more when i get the pics. We hired professional photographers to take pics for us. So i'm waiting for those pics. I've gotta say i did a pretty neat job hosting my table, networking with all the C-level people, making small talks, establishing the relationship with them. This has got to be my first ever corporate event where you've gotta watch what you say infront of these people. It's a total different atmosphere you've got there. *give myself a pat on my back!*

So today is abt white elephant. As i mention earlier, i've been pretty busy lately. Just recently on National Day, i was pacing around my house and notice a few new stuff. I have NO IDEA what "contribution" these things have for the house. Someone pls tell me...

(a) WHAT

(b) THE


I asked my folks abt them. Most important, how much those cost...

Lo and behold, i'm this close to strangling myself to death, thanks to my folks.

(a) It's a horse stepping on coins of gold. 4D in chinese is Ma3 Piao4. Ma in Chinese is horse, hence the figure. Apparantly, you're suppose to placed ur 4D tix under that thing and pray harder than ever that you're win.

COST : $30+

and by the way, i bought a number, placed it under that horsey thing and it didnt work! i didnt win even a single cent! bloody hell i want refund...

(b) I have no idea. It's called a Pi3 Shui2. Apparantly, this animal has no ass/butt, hence it "eats/sucks" up all the wealth and keep it inside. Best for peeps who play mahjong. Put it beside you and win all the money from the other tai-tais.

COST : $100+

(c) Myohmy... Another new piece of furniture, sitting in our smaller living room. We used to have another piece of coffee table sitting there, but dad said it was too bulky and he gave it away and bought this instead. So ancient chinese looking aye, with the painting and all. I ask my dad how much is this...

and this is the part i almost put my hands around by neck...

COST : $950+

... *speechless* i dont know what to say man. Too mad to scream. $900 for that shiz?! I dont know abt you but it's clearly too expensive for me!! Those 3 items adds up to $1000 you know!!! ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! On these what-the-hell-things-that-we-dont-even-used! Like how long will you sit on that chair you tell me? tell me when will i strike 4D? You tell me lah!! *slap slap slap forehead till bleed.*

He still dare to tell me it's good workmanship, the drawer got no nails one... means they craved from the whole piece of wood...

i was like... So?? No nails big lah, have to pay $900 lah... !@#$%^&*(?>:"

One Thousand Dollars... Think about it. They could have given it to me and i swear i'll give these $1000 their full glory and buy a Coach bag instead... and i still got some change back loh! *sighed loudly*

Meantime, i'm gotta go put my ass on that godammit chair and make sure it worth it's every cent. Back to work tmr. Have a great week ahead y'all!


Happy National Day
Thursday, August 09, 2007

Spent the holiday at home. Bro, mum, dad all out. Some peace finally... Got some random cheeseburger from Mac for lunch and dozeeeee off in the late afternoon.

Oh yes, i spent the afternoon watching Mr World 2007 too. Hahaha! That's the most hilarious crap i've ever seen. Bunch of half-naked men jumping around, blowing kisses, showing off their muscles, cough *steriods* cough. So fakeeeeeeee! I was laughing at them.

Though Spain and Italy were kinda cute, flashing their killer smile and those mysterious eyes... Ooooh~ I must admitted, i was indeed charmed by them. But the rest of them are just bunch of jokers. They look like they are forced into doing this! It's so different from Miss World Universe. All the ladies look absolutely fabulous. We are so good at faking it.

So it's Singapore's 42nd Birthday! Happy Birthday! Just finish watching the parade and i gotta say it's rather disappointing. There was no choir! My favourite part of the whole parade is to sing along to all the familiar songs that we know, songs we sing during primary sch, songs we grew up with...

"one table, 4 people, let's play mahjong."

or you would have known as...

One people, One nation, One Singapore!

No choir. I was so upset.

Okay nvm abt that, the theme was bad too. I dont know, i just dont feel it was good this year. Maybe it's just me. You know i was like screaming *WHAT ARE THEY DOING?/WHAT WAS THAT?/WHATHEFUGGGG?* the whole parade. Didnt really enjoyed the show at all. I used to watch the past NDP and feel so proud to be a Singaporean and the shows always brings tears to my eyes having to celebrate our success together as a nation. I'm not being dramatic here but i DO feel that way! Just that everything seems a lil wrong this year. =(

Okay enough of the complaining,

i'm still proud to be a Singaporean.

There's no place i'll rather be...

*i would loveeee to visit Europe though, hahaha.

but this is where my family,

and where my friend grew old with me...


Hey There Delilah
Sunday, August 05, 2007

you'll know it's
all because of you
we can do
whatever we want to

Rui Ling
Yi Peng
Jerry Mok
Han Fen
Jia Jie
Shu Hui
Happy Slip
Made with Love
Seth Oh

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