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Flawless cocktail
Friday, February 22, 2008

OMG you've gotta check this out...

*drumrolls.* Introducing the world's offically MOST expensive cocktail which was launched last year at a famous London nightclub called Movida. Lo and behold cos you're sipping on a US $71,001.50 glass of cocktail - Flawless.

Ingredients in the costly cocktail include a large measure of Louis XII cognac, half a bottle of Cristal Rose champagne, some brown sugar, angostura bitters and a few flakes of 24-carat edible gold leaf. But the real extravagance is an 11-carat white diamond ring - which can be found at the bottom of the glass...

I'm not making this up! This is real, go google it! Customers buying the exorbitant cocktail won’t go unnoticed. Two security guards will be on watch as the drink is prepared and watch over the client’s table until the last sip.

WTH is edible gold leaf anyway~

The 11-carat white diamond ring is so blinging at me y'all.

Gosh, i hope he/she be careful not to choke while sipping this cocktail... =S

M-cyclist dies in collision with car
Thursday, February 21, 2008

As quoted from 21st February 2008, Thursday Straits Times :

"A motorcyclist in his mid-40s died after he was hit by a car along Havelock Road at about 9.40am on Tuesday. The car, travelling towards Zion Road, was making a right turn into a hotel when it hit the rider. who was travelling in the opposite direction. He had chest injuries and was bleeding from his nose and mouth when he was taken to Singapore General Hospital. He died about two hours later. Witnesses can call the police hotline on 1800-547-1818."

The car was a freaking taxi driver. I urged you to please contact the police if you witness, or you know anyone who witness the deadly accident. It is a man's life we're talking here.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

I had a awesome weekend. Peter is in town! The last time we spoke abt Peter was like a year ago, but we've been keeping in touch via emails. He's back in SG again for the weekends and this time he brought along his beautiful wife Carol. So nice to be able to meet Carol and Peter again. The cousins and I met them for dinner at Ding Tai Fung on Friday night after work. Head over to Loof after dinner, went for 2nd round at Clarke Quay. I head home after CQ, they went to hang out at Zouk...

I went home to Zonk too.

Zonked out and concussed on bed that is! *yikes...*

Hey, i'm not lousy okay! I was super tired lah... A fugging 3 hrs morning meeting with my client have drained all my energy away. I just wallowed the whole afternoon when i got back to office, not very productive indeed.

That's exactly how i looked like after shots of shooters... or even redder.

Peter. Carol. Me. U-Tee.

We had a great time bringing them to Gelyang for food and walking through some of the more "interesting" Lorongs. I feel like a kid hanging out with thirties! Esp after they started playing retro music in the car, i just got lost there man.... But it was fun. I'm so gonna crash over to HK and look for them again!

Went over to an ex-colleague's place on Sat. Her new-born Dylan is so cuteeee! Babies are like the cutest, most adorable thing on earth....

Trying to get the Dylan to look at the camera.

He's so small!

Aww.... i like this. He's gonna grow up to be a fine young man!

1 SPH. 3 ex-SPH.

And they are all in pink... Out of all colours, pink.

(If you know me well enough, you should know i'll never get anything in pink!)

Work is gonna be crazy this week. I'm not even looking forward to the end of this week... Darn i'm feel lousy again. Gotta go catch up on my homework!

Sidenote : I've got a feeling that i cant describe and it's affecting my mood... It's really strange, i just cant find the words to tell you how i'm feeling now. But it was really good to see him again. I actually felt ______. (fill in the blanks)

and i realised i miss him...


Halfway through a 25 pages questionnaire for my Cross Cultural Management Pre-Assignment,(on a Sunday morning, and it's only 2% of my course grading godammit...) i came across this question :

Generally speaking, would you say that most people can be trusted or that you need to be very careful in dealing with people?

1 - Most people can be trusted
2 - Need to be very careful

Without even considering, thinking out loud.. i circled #2. This is probably the only question out of the 259 of them and i dont even need to re-read the question or option before deciding. It just came straight to my mind. What would you choose?

Human races is that sad. I've totally lose all faith in people, esp having to work in a corporate life - it's insane. Work has turned me into a grumpy old jaded lady, whining about my everyday life at work. Okay fine! I still hold that teeny-weeny bit of faith for that handful of you. I still love you guys, it's just that life has been rather disappointing now. And i'm not doing anything about it.

It's like the more people i meet, the more i love my dog...

btw, i dont have a dog. It's just a statement.

Monday Blues tmr. xoxo.

Deep Forest
Saturday, February 16, 2008

The background music playing is "Sweet Lullaby" from Deep Forest. This song is adapted from a traditional song and a dying language from the Solomon Islands.

FYI - "Deep Forest is a musical group consisting of two French musicians, Eric Mouquet and Michel Sanchez. They compose a new kind of world music, sometimes called ethnic electronica, mixing ethnic with electronic sounds and dance beats or chillout beats. They were nominated for a Grammy Award in 1993 for Best World Music Album, and in 1996 they won the Award for the album Boheme. Some of the proceeds from their album sales (over 10 million copies) have been donated to charity."

Been hooked onto this song and it's looping in my playlist. The song is just so calming, soothing my every nerves... It felt just like drinking Mojito outside our backpacker's inn at Cambodia, enjoying the cold breeze as it kisses my face, the cloudless sky, the peaceful, simple, carefree life.......

Where the hell is Matt? IN SG!
Friday, February 15, 2008

If you remember about THIS blog entry...

I finally had the chance to dance with Matt!!

I received his email and he mentioned that he's coming down to Singapore to shot his new dancing video, he invited us to join him...

And so I went!

Everyone getting ready in our positions.

Matt taking a pic of me.

We danced there! Right at the steps of Merlion.

Matt getting his camcorder ready. Let's roll it!

It was a blast man!! The bunch of us met at the Merlion Park for the dance. Since Des was the one who told me abt Matt, I dragged him along with me. We all hanged out, chatted with Matt and the other fun peeps who join him for the dance. We started dancing for 2 takes, so many people/tourists were staring at us! Can you imagine us doing that silly dance with NO music...

We took a pic with Matt. Loveee this pic!

Our Dear Des decided to take a dancing video individually with Matt. I actually have NO intention or whatsoever to blog abt this video cos it was damn embarrassing. See, i even had my aviator shades on most of the time when i was "dancing!!" I look like a bloody moron dancing/jogging beside Matt.

I thus officially declare I CANT dance.

Thanks to Des for sending this vid to Wei Liang, i can hear him laughing all the way from Woodlands to my place. That's it man... he's gonna laugh at me forever. I figure since WL has already seen this, you guys shld have a good laugh too.

But hey, for the sake of you guys - my gd'ol friends... There you go!!

SHE CANT TAKE IT??!! FINE! Laugh all you want!! I looked like I'm jogging or something, but whateveeeeeeer~ For the fun of it, i had a awesomely-kickass time. Matt inspired me to travel around the world and explore every corners of our planet. I wish i could just leave everything behind and just travel across continents. So Matt is gonna continue his travel/dancing videos and compile all of them. It's expected to be released on 21st June 2008.

HAHA! We'll wait and see... ;)

Vday's sidenote
Thursday, February 14, 2008

I went for lunch today at Shaw Tower. Bouquets of flowers stacking outside the florist's shop, waiting to be delivered...

I saw the BIGGEST bouquet of red/pink roses. Abit too overwhelming yea?

C'mon, vday is so so commercialized! I'm not really a flower person but I guess every girl wants flower on vday or something. It's all in the mind babes! Was lunching with Lyn and Roy as people passed us by with bouquets in their arms. I begin whining/ranting about how vday is not as special anymore, everyone is doing the same old thing, blah-blah...

So my dearest Lyn and Roy got me 1 pink rose toooo!! I'm so spoilt by them. I get anything i want from my PMs, like a spoilt brat. I feel sooooooooo loved. =)




Valentine's Day
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Just when i thought Vday was just another 14th Feb, the lovely dozen of red roses arrived at my doorstep... Thank you for the sweet gesture!

Happy Valentine's Day y'all!

Like what buddy wrote in the vday card he gave me in 2005...

"Valentine Day is not just about lovers...

it's about buddies!"

- Quote from Buddy Nicholas Tan.

Damm i miss him already...

sushi dinner
Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Finally had the time to meet up with Gobby, Susan and Jason. Gosh how i missed them so much! My days in SPH were so much fun becos of them. Still missed my days in SPH though... Work was crazy but i so love the gang of ppl and uncles who looked after us.

Mr Jason Lim KK. I swear he's still as cranky as ever... DAMN FARNIEEE!

My eye was still alil sore that day... Crocs was there!




I tell you that Jason cant take a decent pic of him smiling nicely... He must chun stunt and make the pic look damn farnie one. But it was so fun. I laughed so much during dinner... Just pure lameness and stuipidity at its peak. WOOHOO!

Sidenote : Starting work tmr. Bless me with a smooth-sailing worklife on my first day of work during the lunar new year!! Gonna lo hei with the office tmr. Will snap some pics back.


cny - huat ah!
Friday, February 08, 2008

Doesnt feel like CNY at all! I'm like done with cny after the 1st/2nd day. Rotting at home now watching House and waiting for my pizza delivery to ring my bell. Pics from CNY :

My new Jay posters. Wheeee~ Thanks Gobby!

1st thing to do on first day of new year! - DAD

2nd thing to do on first day of new year! - MUM

Family Portrait.



the highlight of this pic are the ppl behind. dark clouds and thunder and rain...

it's damn HK Drama one lah! *chuckles*

awwww~ i like this!

We must make a pact to take a pic of 5 of us every cny.

Okay my new year is almost over. Will be stuffing myself with all the cny junkies and goodies at home. Loveeee that cam shirt i bought! Such a camwhore pic... ME like!

2 Many 2 Count - ERP Drift
Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Blogging from work on Eve of new year's eve. No one seems to be in the mood for working today! Heard this podcast that totally cracks me up, i have to blog abt it. Pls i urgeeee you, listen to this hilarious podcast that totally made my day. CLICK HERE. Lyric below!

2 Many 2 Count - ERP Drift

I wonder if you know,
How they live in Ang Mo Kio
Go to city many gantry
Can’t afford your speed too low
Fast and furious! (Kena!) (beep! beep! beep!)
Slow is dangerous (Aiyah!) (beep! beep! beep!)

I wonder if you know,
How they live in Toa Payoh
Please lah tolong, only Lorong
Not Expressway also tio!
Fast and furious! (Kena!) (beep! beep! beep!)
Spread like virius! (Aiyah!) (beep! beep! beep!)

Many many taxis danglin
ERP now is randomin
Keep your speed‘bove 45
Or everybody cashcard won’t survive!
Suka suka ERP on
Happy happy gantry can born
16 new ways to gope your lui
See already want to pui!

Gahmen say take MRT
Cos car is only luxury
Build the road for Fellari
Normal car will up lorry
Ji Pa Ban (uh!), Ichiban (uh)
No million dollars you Lan Lan
CTE is the place to be
Singapore road for VIP

I wonder if you know,
How they live in Ang Mo Kio
Reach work early, at 5.30am
Spend three hours drink teh-o
Can’t be seraious! (wah lau!) (beep! beep! beep!)
Live like vampires (ouch!) (beep! beep! beep!)

I wonder if you know,
Where the gantry never grow
Where the lorry Never worry
Travel freely where you go
Pulau Bukom! (Don’t have!) (beep! beep! beep!)
Pulau Tekong (Huat ah!) (beep! beep! beep!)

MB rocks.

커피프린스 1호점
Friday, February 01, 2008

Sorry guys. Busy watching Coffee Prince. As usual, kinda slow... but i'm totally in love with that show! Since exams are over, so i have the time to watch it now.

It's damn cute i tell you, the show simply cracks me up and made me smile from deep within.

The pure love and friendship just made me go awwwww~

And i find myself screaming at my laptop while watching the show :

For pete's sake tell him you're a girl!!

You gotta love this show guys. *Highly recommended*

A short, sweet drama serial - Coffee Prince.

He's probably the closest thought i have to the defination of "My Dream Guy." Brown polo shirt, geeky black spec, perfect body built, heartwarming smile, talented music producer... What more can you ask for! To me, he's the perfect guy......

which i dont think exists in any part of the world, sadly.

The background song playing on my blog now, he sang that during the show. He sang it to his gf over the phone. *omg.omg.omg.omg*

Eye got abit swollen, hopefully it will subside during the weekend/b4 CNY.

At Epi 10 of Coffee Prince now, going to continue with my coffeelove.


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all because of you
we can do
whatever we want to

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