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Monday, May 25, 2009

It’s lunchtime. I have my Subway right infront of me but with no appetite. Waited in the long queue for freaking 15mins, got my subs, walked all the way under the insanely scorching hot sun and back at my desk with totally no appetite… So my lunch is just sitting there right now while I struggle to stuff it down my throat.

I used to love lunchtime. But I seriously dread it so much right now… I rather take a cab back home, sit in my room, have instant noodles and then get a cab back to office during lunchtime. I figure it’s not too much about lunching alone; it’s about who I’m lunch with and where I’m lunching at.

So right now… I really just want to lunch alone at anywhere but here.

Don’t you just love Mondays.

Kate Spade
Thursday, May 21, 2009

When you're walking down the street, take a look around and count the number of ladies carrying a branded bag (be it real or fake). I've never owe a branded bag. Even though i own countless of bags (ask my dad, he'll tell you ALL about it), it was all bags that cost less than $50...

It's true! I never buy bags that's more that $50 because i think it's just too expensive if the price tag of the bag was $89.90 or $159.90. So in conclusion, i never owe a branded bag...

Seriously, I cannot imagine how someone can spend $1k on a Gucci bag or...

a whopping $3k on a Chanel 2.55!

Then again, looking at the classic chain handles, trademark Chanel logo lock, patent calfskin leather... It's like i've been lusting for the Chanel 2.55 FOREVER.

Ever wonder why 2.55? It was first designed by Coco Chanel in February 1955 (hence the name) because she wanted to free her hands from bag-carrying when. Very wise indeed! Chanel will always be my dream and i'm gonna get it one of these days (probably another 100 years from now...)

So coming back to something more realistic, i was looking at a Kate Spade instead. Not like the usual Gucci, LV that the wholewideworld is carrying... I kinda like KS.

How's that for work and play? I like it... I really wanna get a good bag, cos i'm bag obsessed and i deserved it!! So i'm looking around for options. Let me know if you have any good recommendations. Meantime, KS is first on my list till i find something else.

Have a good night world.


Massage Therapist for Models

I know you hate your job.

she bangs
Friday, May 15, 2009

Sometimes you wonder if yoga is gonna work when you indulge in Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies and Ben& Jerry Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream after yoga class….

So I cut/colour/highlight my hair! I like the colour but I’m not too sure about the cut lah… I’m still trying to figure out how it works; so at this point of time, I hate it.


Totally lost my edginess and attitude loh. And I think my face looks fatter… Have I told you I put on weight? I’m wearing size M now! No longer waistline 34, it’s now 36! Geez… My tummy is so out of line that I can’t even see my toes when I look down. It’s terrible.

I feel like having a good feast today. =)

Yogi and a Dedication
Saturday, May 09, 2009

You know all the bullshite about how going for yoga relaxes the mind, body and soul?

Well, it's true...

I'm telling you! IT IS! Dammit, cant believe i got converted so quickly. But seriously, yoga classes have been great. I'm probably the biggest noob in class, but i'm sure i'll get there. So CHEER me on! =)

Before i go, just wanna do a shout-out dedication:

It's been the best time of my life. No one has ever made me feel this way and i truly count my blessings everyday, having to know that you'll be there for me no matter what. I think i'm the luckiest girl on earth! Thanks for everything you've done and i look forward to more lettues wraps with beef fillings, the white watch, dark magnum bars, Kit Kat DARK, apple juice, lasagne, sunsets, botanical garden, dogs and CATS, bags and shoes, missing SMSes, love and luck, muddy murhpys, bridge walk, the white dress from the window, and the list goes on....

Last but not least, I look forward to more postcards.

With all my love and more,

Your Muse.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I’m really bummed out today...

I’ll rant and grumble a whole lot, throw random tantrums at him, whine over the most insignificant and minor things in life…

Now that I have more time for myself, I take a step back and look at the world around me…

I wonder where I am.

It’s about time…

Last Paper - Reflections
Monday, May 04, 2009

Last Saturday, I finished my last paper at school...

After 18 months of late night lecture class, spending both weekends in class, I’ve learnt so much through these interesting/boring lectures. Not forgetting my wonderful classmates who were just simply kick-ass awesome. Walking out that examination hall for the last time, I can’t believe I’m actually done with school and made it out alive! It’s been a tough journey, doing a Part-Time Degree and I’m proud to say that I’ve done it well. School/work days have been a daze, not exactly the best days I’ve had, but definitely a very enriching experience.

Now that I’m officially done with school, seems like I’ve so much free time at hand! I signed up for yoga class to get some exercise in, physically and spiritually. (constantly reminding myself to attend class religiously or it will be an absolute waste of money!) I was sitting at home on Sunday night not knowing what to do, seriously… I read books, played games, catch up with friends on my long time missing status and then spent the rest of my time staring at the blank ceiling… Someone do something!!

I guess first off, I’m gonna start randomly dating people out, so watch out you guys…

I’m back.

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