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killing time
Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Listening to...
Best of Olivia. (Song playing in blog now)

The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch (He died of pancreatic cancer a few months ago)

Weffriddles. (Click HERE to play)

Planet Earth. (I feel so small and the world is so BIG)

...when I should be reading my essay for school next week.

the bucket list
Monday, August 18, 2008

Just finished watching The Bucket List and i'm crying so hard i look like a total mess now... Truly touched my heart on how two complete strangers struggles to discover the joy in their life before it's too late. I cried so bad!! Choking on my tears, i learnt something important in life today. This inspired salute to life proves that the best time of all is right now...

Say what you need to say.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

he invited me over to his place. it's a really nice condo where the lift doors open and your unit is right infront of your doorstep. i really liked the place; so cosy and simple. (and clean! given the fact that he stays by himself and have to do all the cleaning...) he opened up a beautiful bottle of 2006 new zealand white wine and prepared fruits. we had the music turned on, dimmed the lights and chill the night away... i had a great time. xoxo.

Peter Yang. 08/08/08. Dad.

Birthday Bash at the Glass House - Sentosa Cove was great! Nicely-done event by the Company. Beautiful place, good food with matching wines. I'll show you guys the pics once our professional photographer passed them to us. And i still owe you the Redang pics! Yikeees...

So Peter is in town again! Finally had the chance to spend some time with him and catch up. Seriously, the relationship with Peter is so weird. We were just talking about it over coffee; getting to know him so randomly when i was in Cambodia was just about a year ago but it seems like we've known each other for a loooog time ! It's just so strange. And besides, he's 10 years older than me! I reckon this is what you call a weird chemistry...

Show-off nails. Pretty neat huh, i kinda like that colour...

Crashed by Peter's hotel room at Four Seasons. His room number was 1313 loh. Like WTF!! During 7th month! Holycow it's creepy... Anywho Four Seasons rooms was so niceee! Met him again on Fri afternoon at Esplanade. Max Brenner cups are so cutee. The chocolate soufflé was damn good loh. Peter's looking kinda geeky in his Prada specs...

Time 08:08AM Date 08/08/08.

Dont believe? Click that pic. Right-click and save it. Look at the properties. I purposely calculate my timing in order to shoot this pic! I mean cmon, this only happen once in a lifetime!! I have to take a pic of it...

Happy Birthday Dad.

Travel Trilogy - Sydney; others

Gotta finish up the rest of Sydney pics which are all kinda random...

Woke up early on Sunday Morning. Map in my hand and went over to Paddy's Market to shop for knick knacks! I bought tons of stuff there. You'll see later...

Brown MINI! My dream car. Walked back to hotel and Justin picked me up to spent the afternoon. Didnt take much pics that time cos i still had a swollen eye. Zzz. Drove to the Fish Market and it was f-king crowd. Left and had Italian for lunch. Coffee and Max Brenner. HugMug makes me feel so much better!

Weather was frigglin ass cold on Sunday. To give you an idea on how strong the wind was - Was cruising in Justin's car on the highway and he let go off the steering wheel... the freaking car got slightly "blown" off the lane! Seriously, you could see the car move cos the wind outside was so strong!

Presentation ended smoothly on Monday. Afterwhich, we took a train to Bondi Beach for shopping. The newly open Apple Store was stunning!

Proudly displaying all my buys! On the king-size bed... It's super big loh and i was staying alone in that room. Clearly the bed is too big for me! I probably occupied 1/10 of the bed only... which was really comfortable though. Best buy were wines, Tim-Tam and junkies that you cant find in SG, Darrell Lea Chocolates, tourist-ish stuff...

Last night in Sydney, we had steak at the famous Kingsley Steakhouse for dinner. Early next morning, we went to the Fish Market again before we fly back to SG.


zomg the oysters were absolutely amazing. Incredibly cheeeeap and so so fresh that i could taste the sea!! I gluped them down like shots, savouring the wonderful taste of the vast ocean...

Sydney ended just like that. I must say my 2nd trip to Sydney was so much better than the first. I actually missed the cold weather. And i wonder when's the next trip back to Sydney again!! xoxo

singfest 2008
Friday, August 01, 2008

Have got the veeeery last part of Sydney to blog about. Will do that in the next few days. I have got exams on Saturday (yawn~) and SINGFEST on Sunday. (YEAH!) So so looking foward to Singfest this year! Alicia Keys, Jason Mraz, OneRepublic, PCD... All jam-packed in 1 concert. How frigglin' cool is that??

One hell of a paaaaaarty, going with good friends, boooze and music. It's gonna be so goooood!!

Have a good weekend y'all~

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