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Happy Birthday!
Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fri 27th October. We had a surprise birthday lunch for Jason in office.

So funn lah! Gobby planned everything. Super well-planned. Everything went so smoothly.

We ordered pizza for lunch and had everything laid out in the meeting room.

The last thing we need is Jason who has no idea what we are up too.....

Vola! The lost-of-words-pic....

Exotic Banana cake from SwissBake.


Susan looks sooo cute here.

I have absolutely no idea wat Teo is doing. But it's funny!



Totally Candid. Obviously no one was prepared for this shot expect for Gobby. =))

This is my fav pic among all though...

The many faces of Jason... and the rest of us. =/

The birthday card with something extra~ muhahaha!

After work we went for KTV at Partyworld!

These people sing damn well i'm telling you! Other than me lah....

I jus sit ard and listen to everyone sing. Haha!

Hello Kitty. =)


Last but not least... have a very happy birthday. =))

The KL trip - Day 2
Monday, October 23, 2006

Day 2 : We woke up at 10am and headed for breakfast then took a cab down to 1 Utama, this super big shopping centre. It's big yoo.... Didnt had time to finish shopping ard there. But still, i managed to get a top from FOS, skirt and top from Padini. It's was on a half price sale! I have to get it...... =)

Emmanuel and the haze...

Muahahaha! OMG this is classic. Look at Cat~

A&W Waffles! Why dont they have this over here in Spore?!

Curly Fries and the faaaamous Rootbeer with Vanilla ice-cream!

Right after we finish A&W, we walked past another waffle place and ate again!

We can never get enough of sinful food~

Shopped a little more before we head back to town for dinner at Secret Recipe. We bought cakes back to our hotel rooms to celebrate Emmanuel's birthday. We got him Chocolate Banana and Chocolate Indugle. Dammn goooood!

The Secret Recipe cakes there were cheeeap loh. Like RM5.50 each slice only. Cheaaap right?!

Pyjamas Time! Birthday boy taking pics for us.

We stayed in bed and chatted and laughed all night.... Gossiped abt the recent attachment students in Sabah and the many other fun times we had in Sabah...

Yet again.... im the first one to fall asleep. =/

The next morning was our last day. Our bus was at 4pm so we still have some time for last min shopping. Cat and Rui Ling went to check out the roller coaster in Times Square while Emmanuel and myself stayed outside... Indoor roller coaster?! That's suicide!

Rmb i told you guys how i dont do roller coaster? Yeaa this is scary......

We grabbed lunch and went back to our hotel to get our bags and it started to rain........ We ran all the way to the bus stop loh. Drenched, we bid our goodbyes to Emmanuel. Hope he'll come to visit us in Spore this mth.

We paid RM63 for this. It'super comfortable. Personal TV for movies and games, Ample leg room. I watched Initial D (canto version which was so much more hilarious) and slept all the way back to Spore. Though it was a short trip, but it was so fun! Cat and Rui Ling made it all worth well..... Btw, ** HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAT! ** It's ur BIG 20. Woohooooo~

We shall plan for our next trip soon. Tioman? Redang? Bali?

I think SABAH KOTA KINABALU is the best. =))

The KL trip - Day 1

Hey everyone! I finally got alll the pics from KL. So here's the long awaited post abt my KL trip with my babes, Catherine Low and Leo Rui Ling. My Sabah kakis... And of cos, not forgetting Emmanuel. The real Sabahian.

Saturday haze was really bad over here in Spore when we left. Our Grassland bus was at 12noon and we reached KL at around 5pm. There was no haze! At all! Clear Blue Sky.... Our bus stopped opposite Times Square, we met Emmanuel and walk over to our hotel for check-in. Btw, we stayed in Hotel Capitol. Not bad man... cheap cozy rooms, nice toilet, very near to town...

So the first night we took the monorail to Petaling Jaya, had dinner and walked ard.

Our Dinner. Claypot Rice! We sat beside the road loh.

That Claypot Rice was damn good man. Oily.... *Yummy*

There was nothing much to buy at Petaling Jaya leh. We only bought DVDs only. Nothing else. Then we decided to leave Petaling and go to town instead. Emmanuel brought us to this super high class place. All the branded stuffs you can name... it's all there.

Monogram. Yeah baby...

Even each shopping floor levels has classsy names.

In the bubble lift.

This antique-looking bed was outside a nice restaurant. Looks quite scary right...

The coolest part of all... Their toilets!
How cool is that! Like u have to turn that big wheel for water.

We had frog porridge at this busy stretch of road. Like food everywhere lah! And it's open till like 2am. The frog porridge... damn good. =)

We went for KTV! Booked a room at Redbox from like 12am till 4am.
And they have freeee suppeeeer!

Sang till like 3am and i fell asleep on the sofa. I know! I'm so lousy...

That's pretty much the end of Day 1 as we left the KTV place at 4am and head back to sleep. Wanna know how near is Hotel Capitol to our KTV place? We crossed the road and vola... walked straight into the lobby. THAT near....

More on Day 2 tmr! Stay Tune~

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