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Back from Hong Kong
Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'm back. Spent the week clearing tons of emails and recovering from a slight flu. In summary, Hong Kong was pretty much just shopping and eating. The only stuff i've brought back was 2 tops and pasteries. THAT'S ALL. I figure shopping is really not my kinda "thing" afterall...

To add on, we experienced typhoon on the day before i flew back. Hotel was locked down, no one could go out, we're all stuck indoors till the news announced it's safe to head out. Was supposed to go to Macau that day, but had to get my tickets refunded, bummer. Flight home was delayed, reached SG in the wee hours of 3am.

Leaving for Redang on Wed afternoon. Having a Company conference there, plus i extended my stay. Will be back on Sunday. Sunny island here i come.

Love all.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Had a night flight on the Airbus. Check-in early to get the Upper Deck seat. SO MUCH BETTER. The guy beside me probably hated me and decided to change his seats. I got both seats to myself, hooray~ Arrived Sydney at 5.30am, check-in hotel and waited for Arthur.

Now alil bit more about Arthur Tong - both of us came a long long way man. We go way back into our Secondary school days. We were prefects (yes i know, stop laughing.) on-duty at the staircase. I haven seen him since he further his studies overseas. Isn't the world so so small? Out of so many places, we're reuniting in a foreign land.

So get ready. The following photos are all just me and only me. Arthur become my personal photographer and i barely took out my camera. All Photo Credits to Arthur Tong. Every photo in this entry are his. Do visit his site over HERE. I think he's photography skills are awesome. Keep up the good work dude!

P/S : So i actually finished blogging about my Sydney - Day 1, but there seems to be some problems with the pictures! Before i have time to figure them out, it's gonna be on Thursday. I've uploaded some pics over
HERE. You can view them first b4 i blogged about it again.

Once again, thanks to Arthur for spending the day with me. I had a great time catching up with him and laughing at/about our old school days. Those were the days and we've all grown up now... Thanks again for all the photos! Catch up again when you're in town! I know u're waiting for this post. 3 cheers for Arthur! *BIGHUG*

The rest of Sydney pictures will probably have to wait till end of this week...

Cos i'm flying off to Hong Kong tmr morning!!

Well well, what can i say...

we live to travel.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

So im back from Sydney. Been experiencing the jetlag the whole week. Waking up at 4am (it's 6am in Sydney) and i cant go back to sleep. Decided to go online and check out Where the Hell is Matt - Matt Harding. If you guys still remember about him, i danced with him at the Merlion in Feb. Click here to read more - Dancing with Matt in SG.

Well guess what. THE VIDEO IS OUT!! DANCING 2008. I was absolutely thrilled to see the launch of the video at his website!! As i sat infront of my laptop at 4am in the morning, i watched this amazing video:

I laughed, i cried. I tear so bad at the end of the video.

All you see in this video is joy, happiness, hope, laughters, cheers and amazing places through a goofy dance.

Where language, race, religion and culture were no barriers and we all just dance and have some fun.

No job, no stress, no pain. I see the smile on all of the dancers & think abt the world we lived in, the places that i haven been to.

I was truly touched... Matt have always been and will always be an inspiration to me.

Adding on, the soundtrack was perfect for the video too. My fav clip was at Tongatapu, Tonga - when the waves crashed in. How amazing! That was when i started tearing uncontrollably and i cant stop. All that point of time, the feeling was just indescribable.

India was so cute. Swimming past a whale. Dancing at Zero Gravity. Then i saw SINGAPORE, our Merlion seems far more bigger than the teeny weeny us at the side. Trying spoting me!! Watch the Youtube video in high quality. I bet you can see me right there.

14 months in the making, 42 countries, and a cast of thousands. I'm so so glad that i participated in this dance with Matt and the other dancers. It's probably the best thing that has EVER happened to me for this year. My day seems a lil brighter today.

Sydney... again!
Saturday, June 07, 2008

Looks like i'm going back to Sydney again early than i thought! Which is pretty exciting cos i've been whining about not having enough time to explore Sydney. Will be flying on the 11th night and coming back on the 17th night, both on A380 Airbus. Hopefully the flight this time round will be much better than the other time!

Gotta be there for work (a very important presentation that's worth AUD$10,000 if i win!!) and for leisure. Will definitely be planning for a trip to Blue Mountain and Hunter Valley Vineyard for the weekends. That should be really fun. And i've gotta packed lots of clothes and jackets cos they say the weather there has been real bad man.... Yikes.

So take care y'all! Will be bringing my laptop there. Keep in touch on MSN or Skype. IM when you see me online!

Till im back.

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