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lost in translation
Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm seeing dust and cobwebs collecting in this blog...

Just in time for Halloween this Friday.

Sorry y'all. Have been busy with exams and work. Besides there's nothing happening to blog about. It's just the same old mundane stuff which i'm sure you guys dont wanna hear me rant about.

A paper on Saturday totally killed me and i have another paper next Saturday. I'll be free-er by then, date me.

Halloween Party in Office on Friday. They say i AM already in my Halloween costumes everyday - Skeleton. D'OH! Seriously, i think everyone is just plain jealous that i'm eating so much but not gaining much obvious weight.

Any brilliant ideas on what to dress up as?

Sunday Night
Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lonely and quiet Sunday night set me thinking about lots of things that have been happening lately... I'm having my doubts if things are going to work out. I realised i am always the one waiting for god knows what. It's like history repeating itself again.

Waiting waiting...

for the world to change.

(which is never gonna happen!)

Vote? Dont Vote?
Sunday, October 05, 2008

A whole strings of celebs have come together to appear in a Public Service Announcements produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, will.i.am, Tobey Maguire and Forest Whitaker in an effort to encourage the American youth to register to vote by telling them not to vote. In time for this upcoming elections, this video was created to engage and inspire young people to register, vote and participate in this really important event and marked the history and future of America.

I hope it works. Reverse Psychological...

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we can do
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