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Sunday, May 27, 2007

So we went to the ZOO today! Uncle gave me tickets to SPH Family Day. I got Cat, Weiqi, WeiLiang to go with me. Damn it was soooo crowded can! People everywhere! We reached zoo like around 1pm. Wanted to go grab our lunch pack and the Q was like freaking loooooooooooooooooooooooooong!! Saw Uncle Remy and he said they Q half an hour for the food pack. WTF! Half an hour?! I'll be starved to died by then....

So we skipped lunch pack and pay for the ridiculous tourist price of sandwich and drinks. One bottle of Season Ice Lemon Tea : i remember Ngee Ann Poly sold that bottle for $1 only. Zoo sell them at $2.90.... FUG LAH! ALMOST 3 TIMES THE MARK UP PRICE CAN! Why like that!! Those angmohs sibei rich. $2.90 to them is like just 2 dollar US. Like tip to them loh. Damn AMs....

Pls ignore that indian lady. The photographer (weiqi) sucks and i have no idea what's she talking about....

The polar bears are hugeee... Loook at their paws!

I swear this IS the closest i ever got to a polar.

Another polar. This one is cuter... I guess Polar Bears was one of the visitor's favourite. Everyone was crowding around to snap a shot and catch a gleam of the bears.

3 White Tigers pacing up and down in a that really small enclosure.... I think all the animals in our zoo are living in really small area if you compared to them living in carefreely in wildlife.

Aren't they pretty? White Tigers are almost close to extinction. I'm Tiger too, roaaaaaar! My Chinese Horoscope is the Tiger, Hu.

So Australia Outback~ I wanna go Africa and see the wildlife in this truck!

Aaaah... Cant remember what animals this was. I think Emu or something. Emo Emu~ HAHA.

Ah Meng! It's Photo-taking session with Meng for $5. The trainer is like a buddy to Meng. He helps Meng clean off sth in its eye, punch him, tickle him. I see the love & respect between the trainer and the Orang Utan. Likewise, when the trainer has his back turned, Meng smacked his behind. HAHAHHA!! SO LOVING INDEED. Meng damn funny lah!

Heads-on Rhinos.



I came to the zoo for giraffes only! And now i've seen them...

Took a solo pic with them... I can go home liao~

You know... they are not as tall as i though they would be. I expect them to be taller loh... Not as WOW... Like i saw those documentaries and those wildlife giraffes are really TALL!

Minature Horses.

Elephants @ Training. I haven never taken a ride on an elephant before and i would love to try it. Saw them in Cambodia, Ang Kor but didnt have the time to try. Or maybe can try being carried by the elephant with it's long nose or something... I bet that would be fun!

i almost wanted to steal this lamb home. (Not for lamb chop lah you idiot...) It's uber cuteeeeeeeee!


I have done horse-riding before though. When i was in Sabah, we went to this 5-star hotel and had horse-riding down the beach. It's so typical prince charming in shining amour riding down the beach with his white horse kinda scene. Really nice...

Groupic Pic!

My cam was on low batt and when we were about to shot this pic, my cam died on me... Thinking, what a waste all 4 of us came to the zoo but didnt managed to shot a pic together, WeiLiang whipped out his cam.


The whole time he got KAMERA he didnt say or take it out loh! Damn idot. Last crucial min then take out... Well, Zoo was fun today. Weiqi had press conference about his "lastest drama", we listened. Actually the whole point of asking him out today was to shan shan xin lah. Sigh. The Trouble with Love... I was so tried i slept the whole train ride back. Like from Kranji all the way to Novena. *ZzzzZzzZz* First time travelling all the way to the west side and the ride seems to take foooooooorever...

Back to work tmr! Gotta clear all my stuff by tmr. EVERYTHING OUT! New person to replace me coming in tmr. (I just said tmr thrice.) Will be handing-over all the stuff i have learned over the past 1 year to her. Alright loves, have a great week ahead.


Yuan getting rounder.
Thursday, May 24, 2007

Updates on Yuan... My Yuan Yuan is getting rounder and rounder and it's scaring me! But she's still as cute as ever. So i still love ya!

Holy shizz just look at her!

She's taking an afternoon nap at her fav patch of grass.

Then i went to ka jiao her. She changed her sleeping position. Muahahah!

I seriously think she's the fattest around town. I'm pretty confident abt that...

Went straight back home from work today. So i went to bought some junkies from Sheng Shiong to keep me awake thru the night. I only bought like 5 dollars worth of stuff and look how long that freaking receipt was... WTH! Waste paper loh! Why so lame one..... (-_-")

All i bought was Ruffles and Hello Panda! The Pepsi was throw in for free. Funny right. Anyway, Hello Panda got sooo many flavours now. They used to be only Chocolate and Strawberry. Now they have like Cheese, Vanilla... the ones i got was Cookies and Creme. Gonna try them later~

Alrighty gotta get back to work. Tons to stuff to clear before i leave. = (


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Took half day and met Cat. We went to Coca to pig out. You should have seen the way we ate. Seriously, it's like we haven eaten for ages~ Cos it was a buffet lunch steamboat, we just order and order and eat and eat. Coca's chilli is yummy. We went after lunch-time, like 2plus... and we were like the only people there. Hahaha. So we took our own sweet time and pig out till 4plus. *BLOATED* I didnt even take dinner jus now!

Actually the purpose for the half day today was to get Alex's 21st present and to buy some formal wear for myself. We ended up spending half of our time pigging out... Went to Art Friend, and was missing only ONE blardy alphabet! Stocks will only be in at end month. =/ So i bought a heels for myself instead and cuff-links for Alex's 21st. Houseparty on Sat. SPH Family Day at The Zoo on Sun!

We are going to the zoo,zoo,zoo

How bout you,you,you

You can come too,too,too

We are going to the zoo,zoo,zoo!

The classic song Cat and I will sing whenever someone mention the word "Zoo." Sing it! It's darn hilarious. Was taking bus home and overheard this typical ah-beng's conversation.

beng #1 : eh Standard Chartered is what ahz? Bank si bo?
beng #2 : ahhh... i think so.
beng #1 : Bank lahz. Can draw money one right? Got ATM like DBS liddat.
beng #2 : ahhhh. ya lahz.
me : ...

I kei siao watched TV Mobile. Actually i felt like bursting out loud, turn around and tell beng :

No lah. Actually Standard Chartered is a supermarket....

Of course it's a bank lah! omgaaaaaaawd. Slap forehead.

Bengs continues with their ridiculous talks. I dozed off.


Leave Out All The Rest
Monday, May 21, 2007

my favourite track from Linkin Park's third studio album;

Minutes to Midnight.

i dreamed i was missing
you were so scared
but no one would listen
cause no one else cared
after my dreaming
i woke with this fear
what am i leaving
when i am done here?

so if you're asking me
i want you to know....

when my time comes
forget the wrong that i've done
help me leave behind some
reasons to be missed
and don't resent me
when you're feeling empty
keep me in your memory
and leave out all the rest

don't be afraid
i've taken my beating
i've shared what i've made
i'm strong on the surface
not all the way through
i've never been perfect
but neither have you

forgetting all the hurt inside
that you've learned to hide so well
pretending someone else can
come and save me from myself
i can't be who you are...

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Check out this new song by Rihanna - Umbrella. This song is like music drug. When i first heard this song, esp the chours part, i was addicted to it. This song is like looping on my playlist! Dont believe, just hit the PLAY button for the video below.

LOVE THE VIDEO! Smokin' hawt... Esp the part when she's dancing in that white dress. The hand-wave-off-water effect? Uber coool. How did they do that?! And the part she was like totally nude with only slivery paint on. Oooohlala~ Bet you never knew holding an umbrella can be sooo sexy huh. Hahahah! Well, times have changed sweetie... I dread holding those long brolly, but look at what Rihanna has done to that umbrella at the end of video! Sexy biatch... And she cut off her long locks, but she still lookin as hawt.

When the sun shines we'll shine together
Told you i'll be here forever
That i'll always be your friend
Took an oath imma stick it out 'till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other

You can stand under my Umbrella
You can stand under my Umbrella
(Ella ella eh eh eh)

Sing it!

Under my umbrella

(ella ella eh eh eh eh eh eh)

Curse of Delmar

Yes that's right. The Curse of Delmar... I can NEVER successfully get to Delmar. I've been talking about going to Delmar ever since Peter was here. So loong ago can! Every week we'll be like, "hey next Sat we go delamr!" It's either people put aeroplane, or Mr Sun decieded to rest and he ask Mr rain to take over his shift or everyone else is just as lazy as me to plan and inform the rest. And when we finaaaaaally confirm going Delmar yesterday,

it's fcuking rained...

okay not exactly pouring rain, but it kinda like drizzle.

Still, super spolier loh.


Blardy rain. Never even use loh. Bring my avi for show only. Bought this so long ago, was thinking today can finally bring my avi out, then it rained...


I'm still whining about the rain.

Wi drove us to Sentosa, we past by this Merlion and our dear Ms Ang asked the funniest question ever.

Ang : "Why this Merlion got no water coming out from the mouth one?"

mygod. Everyone pls slap your forehead now. Seriously, it's so Joey loh... This is the classic kind of question she will ask. Like DEEEERH! The monorail is jus below the Merlion you know!! Got water the monorail lagi spoil liao lah!! WORSE. I think she mixed up the Merlion at Esplanade and this. Aiyoeh. Horrible loh..... So we all started laughing at her in the car. Muahahahahahahahahaha!!

So we finally reached Delmar after turning round and round looking for a parking lot, the dark clouds approached. Okay, never mind. The waiter at Delmar said part of the place is closed for an event. Only a few sunbeds are available, which you have to spend a min of $100/$200 dollars if you wanna sit there. See, $100/$200 is okay cos there's like 6 of us. Open a few bottles already can hit $100. But if we pay so much, chill at Delmar then it rain within the next 15mins how?! Not worth it right! So we decided to bar hop instead. Not worth the risk...

But before we leave, must take pic to proof we WERE there!

I even brought my scrapbook loh! And Wi bought Dunkin Donuts from JB.

Bar-hopped to Bikini Bar, Coasters... We were so dressed for Sentosa, arguing at the carpark, thinking of where to go next. From Wala to Ice Cold Beer to a place in Changi.... Until we finally decided to leave Sentosa and head to Cosy Bay instead. So to sum up, we paid entrance fee, parking fee, just to come into Sentosa, turn one round and exit. Exciting isnt it?!

Drove to Cosy Bay. See the problem with us youngsters is we know where's the place. But we dont know HOW TO GET THERE. This is when the Street Directory, people who can read map and calling your sister comes to help. Cosy Bay is a really nice spot!

Birthday Boy enjoying his Erdinger and Dunkin Donuts.

We all had a couple of beers and enjoyed the chilling weather. It was nice lah. At that point i was thinking; eh this Cosy Bay very familiar leh. I think Lim told me about this place before... And when we left, we saw Lim! He was also heading to Cosy Bay to catch the soccer match. Small world indeed. At the end of the day, we'll all be at the same place...

I think the best part of the whole trip ytd was in the car. Wilson will be like : "Eh Yiwen, my car is not Land Rover leh."or "Eh Yiwen/Joey, later i drop you at the Expressway. You go there yourself loh..." Ahahahahah! Classic~

Lesson Learnt : Pls meet 2-3 hrs early. Cos we loove to dilly-dally and by the time we are done with dilly-dallying, the time is just nice. Analyse the weather forecast a few days before, track the rain patterns and make sure that mr rain dont feel like it, suddenly pop out from nowhere and give us a shower right in the middle of Delmar.

Misson 1 FAILED.


I'm Hired.
Friday, May 18, 2007

Remember the interview i was telling you guys about? The foreign MNC located on the 35th floor of Gateway West? They offer me and i'm hired! Signing the letter of appointment next week. Reporting for my first day of work on 1st June. =))

The Company name is called Macquarie Telecom, which is a leading supplier of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) that is dedicated exclusively to the business and government markets. Located at Gateway West. You know that weird-looking building that's so flat it looks like a piece of paper from far? Yeaaaa that building.

The last person that interview me was Mr Larry, the President & Managing Director of Asia. He's this really fatherly figure which kinda reminds me of Mr Cheng. Mr Larry was from the States and has only came to Singapore just about 1 mth ago.

It's pretty funny. The rooms that i had my interview in grew bigger and bigger, and of course, the position of my interviewers too. From Account Manager to Director then to MD. My first interview was in an corner near the reception area. 2nd interview in a small meeting room. 3rd interview was like in this HUGE Director's Board Meeting room with those long table from one end to another and overlooking the beautiful view outside the building. I seriously love love love the view there. I'm gonna watch the Ferris Wheel work completion, the skyscrapers of CBD... = )

I gotta say this is probably my first job. My real first job. 1 yr in SPH was just a contract staff with no status. Nevertheless, my learning experience in SPH was enriching and not forgetting the people i met there : Lynette. Joey. Zana. Elijah. Grace. Susan. Joel. Godpa-s. All the Uncles. Never will i get to meet the most amazing bunch of people ever. My official last day will be on 30th May. Shall left all my thanks and goodbyes till then...

Annnnd i think i need to get some formal/smart casual wear. For the past 1 yr in SPH, i've been dressing to work like i'm going to school or something. Supa informal one loh! Like tank tops with jeans or demin skirts and flip-flops. I dont think i can wear any of that to my new workplace. Neeed to re-vamp my wardrode.


The Perfect Excuse for a Shopppping Spreeeee!

New job, new start. Soooo i would neeeeeed new heels, new tops, new pants, new skirts, new bag, new tan, new contact lens, new glasses... Did i missed out on anything? Remind me if i have. Hey have you guys got the GST Offset Package thingy? I got mine! Not much of a help but i'll probably spend all of it on the Shopping Spree.

Calling out to all Partners in Crime,

Pls feel free to join me on my upcoming spree... =S

Enjoy your weekends!


Whatever will be, will be.
Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This week is so messy... Everything that we supposingly planned all went wrong. That's why i say, you cant really planned beforehand. Who in the blue world will know what's gonna happen next? No one reallys knows what the future holds.

What will happen, will happen. Whatever will be, will be.

So folks, fret not! Let the person up there lay out everything for us yea. Be happy alright?


Our Asst VP - Mr Cheng's 61st Surprise Birthday Lunch!

Birthday Cake.

The board with our birthday greetings from all of Support Team. Mine's @ Top right corner.

I loveeeeee this print!! So gonna copy it.

Muahahha! Jason looks damn hilarious here lah!

Susan say this pics can threaten ppl. Huh?! Didnt know Hendy can be a threat. Btw, that's Lim's finger.... So stupid loh.

Mr Cheng. He was like... "Eewen, come come take pic." Take already he say look like father and daughter... Aaaaaaw~~

Must take pic with my favourite background print. I dont understand why this stupid camera got such big yellow font of time and date for every picture captured. Damn fugly can! And it's NOT my camera....

Groupie Pic. All of Support Team.

WoBao Event @ MOS

That pretty much sums up everything that happened at MOS.... NOTHING! Supa boring can. We were like yawning away. Wanted to leave at 9.30pm. But stayed around, drink with the Uncles and left at 10pm instead. The only thing great abt this event was the free Cathay moive tix. Ohyeahman! Just nice can use the tix to watch Pirates 3. Anyone wanna catch?

On the side note. OT-ed today till 8.30pm. Lim dropped me at the usual spot and i walked home. Saw this China man crossing the road when the freaking overhead bridge was JUST BEHIND HIM. Quite alot of cars on the road and he was just crossing as if his grandfather owns that road or something. I was thinking to myself, how dangerous... Walked a few steps and BAM. He got knocked down by a car. Mygoodness. I was the only person there lah! So the driver got down and i rang the cops. This is probably the first time i ever dialled 999. Made a police report, waited for the ambulance before i leave the scene. The paramedics called and asked how's the situation of that man. He's not bleeding but can see that he's in pain. As usual, the typical Singaporeans displayed their kaypoh-ism by slowing down their vehicle and jamming up the whole stretch of road. Traffic Police came a while later. Thanks to the paramedics that came down so quickly. Hope that man's fine.

Okay gonna end here. So tired this week... Running up and down for interviews. Taking cabs to and fro. Omgaaaawd. So Brookeeeeeee~

Dammit i'm so tired i feel like i'm sleepwalking......

( -_-) ZzzzzZ

Love y'all.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

You know i'm kinda running out of ideas as to what to write for the title of every post... So whenever i cant think of any word, i shall just put updates. Hahaha.

Anyway, this week is packed! Watch Spiderman 3 on Monday. I must say it's rather boring. So much for the most anticipated moive of the year. It's so typical story plot, good always win over evil, bad guys die kinda moive... *YawN* So many upcoming moives though! Pirates 3, Shrek 3, Ocean's 13! WoooHoooo~

Interview on Tue @ Gateway. The foreign MNC i was telling you guys abt? Yet the headhunter company set me up an interview with them. I love it there! The view at their office on the 35th floor? Like omg....

So nice lah! Can see the full ferris wheel, the sea, suntec city, the CBD area, skyscrapers... I bet the nightview is even nicer! Only managed to take this shot before the interviewer came out. I so wanna work there... Interview went well. = )

Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu!

I've been searching high n low for this! Saw this before on Hard Guy and i always wanted to get my hands on one of it... Finally saw it at a toy shop in Bugis and i die die must get it! Ppl when you're free, go down to Youtube and search for Hard Gay. It's so dumb... but funny. Haddo Gei! Watch it and you'll know wat i mean...

So this toy works like this : It's really simple. Players take turns to poke the knives into the barrel. One of the holes will tigger off the mechanism and pop goes the weasel. The pirate will pop out from the middle and that player lose! It's a great drinking game. Fun right! Ahahaha! i love it.

OT-ed today. Supa tired. Been like looking at the computer screen the whole fugging day and my bloodshot eyes are gonna fall out soon... The only thing to look forward too is Friday. Meeting the tribe on Friday for Ben and Jerry's feast at Cathay Picturehouse! I'm so gonna bring that new toy i bought. Ohyeah~

Lastly. I was called in for a 2nd interview tmr! This time i will be meeting the Director who's a New Zealander. I hope i'll leave a good impression. Wish me luck luck luck!! =)


Friday, May 04, 2007

As you all may have known, i'm leaving SPH after my 1 year stay there. Grass is always greener on the other side. There's always so much more to learn. So for the past few weeks, i've been sending in resumes and receiving calls for a couple of interviews. It's beeen a loooong time since i went for interviews. Kinda lost touch in presenting myself to the interviewers, but slowly picking my momentum up along the way. For each interviews i've been to, i have learned a few skills/sentences/statements that i can use in my next interview. Which means i get better and better for the other sessions! Hahaha.

So as i was saying, there are 2 interviews that left a deep impression on me. I had 1 interview yestersday at Raffles Place. When i arrived at the company, i was left in a room to fill up my application form. The staff came in after i completed it and handed me a test. I was like... test?! I didnt know this interview session got test loh! Fug anything also never prepared! So i thought maybe it's just some knowledge skill test or sth. I read the questions and went blank...

Q1 : "Using Variance Analysis, pls give 3 reasons why Debtors are more than Sales."

Q2 : "A client would like to set up a company with shareholders/directors holding an equal amount of shares. Give 3 advantages and disadvantages for this approach."

WTF is variance analysis?! I mean i know what's variance analysis, but that was during the days where i have my lecture notes with me! I practically crap my way through this test and that blardy interview lasted for 3 hrs... How good can it get.

So when i thought all was gone, another guy called me up for interview again for this morning appointment which is also at Raffles Place. I arrived at the building, called up that guy and he came down to meet me. I thought he wanted to bring me up to his office, instead he said...

"Come, let's go have coffee at TCC."

I was like.... !!!!!! Uber coooool! Interview session conducted at TCC? This has got to be my first time having an interview like this! So we were having breakfast and coffee as he asked me more about my job in SPH, hobbies, strengths and weakness and stuff. This headhunter Company is looking for a someone to fill in a position in a foreign MNC. It was a really interesting and informal setting for an interview and i feel like i'm chatting with a friend rather than going through an interview. Fun loh!

Met Ken for Starbucks after interview before going back to work. Check out the Singapore Flyer! Almost done... Cant wait for the ferris wheel to start turning. A taxi driver once asked me if i'll take a ride on the wheel. Of cos i will! I'm definately getting on that wheel. Any takers?

Met Ang for dinner at Phin's Steakhouse at Bugis. The steaks are yummy! Perfectly done. Then shopped around Bugis, catch up on some gossips. Hahaha. Simple Fri Night. Oh before i leave, the interview session at TCC? He called me in for a 2nd interview at the foreign MNC co. Wish me luck!!

I heard this over the radio today :

It's Star Wars Day today. Cos May the 4th be with you...

Go look at your calendar. =)


10 Weird Things
Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I tio this game from my cousin's blog. So i'm continuing the game, but i think this chain thingy will stop here loh. Ahahahaha!

Okay as promised, here it is! =))

Each player of this game starts off with ten weird things or habits or little known facts about yourself. People who get tagged must write in a blog of their own ten weird things or habits or little known facts as well as state this rule clearly. At the end you must choose six people to be tagged and list their names. No tagbacks!

1) I dont like to eat papaya and banana. Just like how Ee-Lynn dislikes watermelon... I mean, who in the blue world hates watermelon?! It's like the sweetest fruit in the kingdom! =/

2) I dont like Char Kway Teow either...

3) I like to sleep turtle-back style. Means side of face flat on pillow, stomach flat on bed.

4) I MUST wash my feet before i go to bed. Dont ask me why. I just have to! Or i'll feel that my feet are dirty and i cant sleep.

5) I dont eat grapes skin. I'll painstakingly peel off the skin of a whole bowl of grapes before i pop them into my mouth.

6) I collect plastic bags/paper bags. I still have the Levis paper bag of the first Levis jean i bought. Given the condition of my Levis 599, you can imagine the state of my paper bag too...

7) I cannot sleep w/o music. I have to turned on the radio. There's got to be some sounds! I used to sleep with a nightlight (dont laugh!) but i've trained myself to sleep in pitch darkness now. Still, no no no nooooooo... i cant sleep in complete silence. Unless i'm not alone lah, and there are ppl in the room.

8) I'm the ultimate Jay Chou fan. Okay my old sch friends will know this. I have all of his album. I'm serious. Like ALL. Every single album... His books, posters. I even have 2 clear folders of newspaper/magazine cuttings or photo cut-outs. Neatly arranged in my folders. I actually started idolising Jay when i won a pair of tickets to his 2nd concert in Spore. That's how it all happened. Hahaha!

9) I dont keep longs nails. I like my nails short n trimmed. I dont even go for pedicure/manicure. It's DIY baby...

10) I cant stay up late. I'll be the first to zonked out. I dont understand how ppl can burn the midnight oil till like 3am/5am. 1am the max for me... Okay maybe 1.30am~2am. Depending on the importance of the task. If not i'll rather sleep early and wake up at like 6am or something.

You've been tagged!
* Rui Ling
* Shu Hui
* mkpjerry
* twj
* ...

no more leh... I wanted to tagged my bro. But i think JJ will say i'm damn wu liao or sth. Right Ee-lynn... So forget it! Anyway, think he's busy with exams. I'll ask him on MSN later. Though his room is like next door. We find communicating this way easier and much better... I hope those 10 stuffs are little known fact abt me. Cos it's jus some random stuff that came to mind. Actually come to think abt it, it's not very informative huh.... Anyway, now you know something abt me!

Came across this gummie bear pic. Reminds you of anything? Yes that traffic light crap i made up in my previous post!

Ang. Mah. Mun.

hahahaha this is so farnie...

Back to work tmr.




you'll know it's
all because of you
we can do
whatever we want to

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