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F1 Grand Prix - Ferrari Disaster
Monday, September 29, 2008

It was a great F1 night. Indeed an historical moment for Singapore and I’m so proud to be part of this remarkable event!!

I arrived at 5pm & the crowd was slowly pouring in.

Had a couple of beers and bumped into old friends!

The race starts off with all the drivers doing a parade in vintage cars, waving to the crowd. We got to our seats at the Padang grandstand, standby with our ear plugs and waited. It was packed with fans and supporters from all over the world, with their countries’ flag flying high. Click to watch the video of the 1st lap of the F1 race! It is insanely loud!! And fast!!

Can you imagine how hard it was to get a picture of these mean machines speeding at 285km/hr? This was the best I captured!! Digital Cameras are ridiculous!

There were a couple of dramas and crashes in the course of the laps. The major Ferrari Disaster is the most talked about one… I have captured video footage of the disaster for Ferrari, via the big screen display infront of us. In case you missed the drama last night, watch this!!

Massa was in the pitstop. Given the green light, he drove off with the fuel hose still attached to his car.

Massa stopped and waited for assistance. His crew ran after him and struggled to remove the hose. Massa ended up sitting in his Ferrari and rejoined the race at the back of the field.

Replay of Ferrari drama. Watch out at 00:12 sec of the video when Massa was given the Green Light to GO. Watch the fuel hose get ripped out, with fuel spilling all over and the poor crew who almost got ramped over! Raikkonen was right behind Massa, waiting in the pitstop.

Kimi Raikkonen ramming his car into the barriers with just four laps to go till the end of this race. I was devastated!!

These pictures are not enough to justify how exciting the race was. Enjoy the videos if you missed the race last night. Watch it again, because this F1 Grand Prix 1st Night Race EVER in Singapore is gonna go down in history! (or rather the Ferrari Disaster...)

Formula 1, Singapore Grand Prix
Friday, September 26, 2008


Been really really excited about the F1, reading up on all the drivers' info and cars' fact-file. So i'm ready for this race!! I'll snap as much pics/videos as possible and post 'em here. My seat is at the Padang Grandstand, it's a straight road where the cars speed at up too 300km/hr. I'm really really looking forward to the race tmr!!

Deffo got my money on Team Ferrari - Kimi Raikkonen!

Btw, i bought a new phone too... Sweee right. I like~ Turns out YT got the same phone too. Great friends think alike!!

I'm gonna go get all excited about tmr's race now. Vrrroooooom!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Finding it so hard to live without my camera!! Justin was in town for the whole week and i was the tour guide. When i was down in Sydney, he drove me around too. Likewise when he's in town, i brought him to Clarke Quay for dinner and drinks after work during the weekday and we decided to further explore Singapore on Saturday. (Thank god Justin brought his camera...)

We tried out the Singapore Flyer. Nothing impressive seriously...

But it was great company!

Checked out Fullerton, Esplanade, Merlion... All the tourist attractions.

Love it when he does the "victory" sign!

Headed over to VivoCity, lunched at Marche, went into Sentosa and chill and Del Mar! All you need is a bucket of Coronas on a hot and sunny day. Peeeeeerfect. Chill the afternoon away with great music and random jokes...

Had a greeeat week, and im starting to miss him already!

Sweet Love - ROM

Specially for my lovely cousin Ee-lynn. This post is dedicated to you... May you stay blissfully in love always. Really look forward to your wedding dinner babe!!

Prep work! All the make-up, hair-styling. It's was an outdoor-bali theme which explains my flowery dress from Zara!

Beautiful beautiful place... So in love with the venue! It's so lovely it's perfect.

It was a touching moment. Two hearts will now beat as one... And you will never guess what happened next....




I'm not even kidding! Halfway through the soleminzation, i accidentally hit John's arm and the camera flew outta my hand and landed on the ground with a thump... I swear to god my heart froze. Now the camera is officially spoilt. I cant even bare to look at it now because it's seriously in a horrible state.......

Thankfully we have another DSLR to capture all the wonderful moments...

Happy Engagement!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

i'm so missing out from here... Been a happening month for me. So much i've gotta need time to swim through all the events that happened.

Shout out to my lovely babe Ee-Lynn! It was a beautiful ROM. Congrats Mrs Lau!! Love ya loads. May you be blissfully in love always.

I have no idea where i am with him. And i have no idea what i am doing either. We just have a great time together and i dont want this to end. Feels good when he's with me.


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