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Saturday, June 30, 2007

I haven been blogging for a long time! So much to update. Pardon me if i missed out anything yea... Spent the last week through meetings, training, appointment with clients, mass distributing my name-cards, events. Muahahaha! It's so weird...

Anyway, lemme introduce to you my new Italian friend - Justin. He is from Macquarie - Australia. Came down to Singapore for a week for a major project. Yet again, it's one of those random meetings where you feel like you know that person for a long time. It's really strange. We went for impromptu dinner at Wheelock Sakae...

Justin with our famous ERP aka "Everyday-Rob-People..."


Had drinks at Wisma Indochine after dinner...

Hanged out for the next couple of days. Had lasagna, couple-style. Meaning we eat lasagne by "attacking" the surrounding first before chomping down the middle section of the lasagna where the most beef and cheese are. Always save the best for the last~ =)

Justin last day in Singapore. A few of our colleagues bought him out for dinner at Vivo City. Went to this Brazilian restaurant called Carnivore. Meat lovers, you gotta try this place. Went to Cosybay after dinner. Drink, chill, joke. Great night~ Take care of yourself Jus! And congrats to ur new home. Will definately crash over at your place when we go down to Sydney...

Had a corporate event today at Cathy Cineleisure. Preview of Transformers! This show rocks my socks!! People, you gotta go watch it. Greeaaaat show. Josh Duhamel, Megan Fox, Optimus Prime... HWAT! All the transforming got me glued to my seat, mouth opened... Visual graphic was amazing, story line was classic, actor/actress/robots were awesome. TWO THUMBS UP. So go catch it!

Okie Dokie. That's all i've got. Indoor Stadium lightout tonight. Hearing the fireworks in the sky. Cant wait for National Day! =)


I'm loving it.
Friday, June 22, 2007

I *loveeee* my new job. Totally dig it. Today i was rewarded $50 from my Director. We were having meeting in the morning and he just took out 50 bucks to reward myself and another collegue for regularly updating the system. Awww man~ It's so different here. We drink beer at 5pm every Friday. Dang i love my new workplace and i'm gonna learn as much as i can and work my way up.

Btw, UWA offered me a place. School's gonna start on 2nd July. A little excited on that... gonna work and study at the same time. Hope i will be able to cope through this 2 years and complete my degree. I have lots of bills to pay man, gotta plan and handle my financial well.

Sidenote, thought i can share this pic with you guys. It's just half of the people in my company. This was during the golf day @ Laguna Country Club. If you notice, this picture is hilarious... There's scissors, paper and stone in the pic. Muahahaha! Go figure. =)

The OC
Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shit i miss the oc! was watching some clips off Youtube and i realised how much i've missed! I'm so lost after season 2... Kiki is preg, Julie re-married, Marissa Copper died, Ryan is with another girl... But still, my all time fav has got to be Seth and Summer. The cutest couple ever! They are the reason why i loveeeeee the oc!!

dang i'm so gonna watch oc soon...

seth cohen!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

高一遍 低一遍

空秋千 陪整夜


Currently looping in my ipod now. Loveeee this song! The lyrics are so simple but it means a lot. Somebody sing this to me!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Not really in the mood for blogging. Cos it's been so long i've blog and i've forgotten all that has happened lately! I have really bad memory. Will just update a lil, all that i can remember.

Last day in SPH. Took pic with Mr Cheng, our VP. Thanks for everything!

My super messy and never-ending work in SPH.

Dinner with ex-collegues! Miss their jokes, fun and laughters. Esp Lim... He's HILARIOUS! Simply cracks me up everyday at work. =)

Golf Day! Goofing around the golf course with Flo. PS: That very same day, our building had fire evacuation drill. The minute i was at the lift, right before i hit the button, the fire alarm rang and i bloody hell walked down 35 FLOORS FUG! I was spinning dizzy when i reached ground floor. Supa fug.....

As promised...

The gummies i've collected are all in this jar. The lizard is damn cute.

And he finished my jar within days.....


ahhh... that's abt all. life's kinda in a mess lately. try to get everything back on track soon. meeting my loves tmr after work. i guess i only feel great with them around... tgif.


Laptop to the Rescue!
Wednesday, June 06, 2007

i hope i'm not losing my readers! Do come back... I'll update everytime i can. Pls dont leave me!! ='( My laptop is still under rescue and they are still trying to save my motherboard. Meantime, i shall find time to head down to Sim Lim and buy a new laptop... which i remember saying that a few months back but i STILL have not get it...

Update you guys a little. I just started work at the Company that i've been mentioning in the past few entries. Yeah that one at Gateway. Work's been pretty okay. Lovely view, nice office. People here are really nice. Foreign culture is always much more different. And they have ALOT of events. Like this Friday we're having a Golf event @ Laguna Country Club. Upcoming events are gala moive preview, BBQ at my Director's house, Birthday Bash, Overseas Trip for Team Building with the whole Company... alot more. Sounds fun aye. Looking forward to those events.

More things to update when i get my lappy back. My last day in SPH. The "Retirement Party" at Alleybar. Some pics to upload. Soooon, soon enough.

And i wanna try the new flavour from Starbucks! Azuki Fraq. Red Bean.... Yum yum. Sounds like it's gonna taste damn good. Gonna try it soon.

Alrighty take care everyone!

Love y'all.

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