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Monday, January 29, 2007

I love the going to the airports.

The orchids, the tourists, the backpacks, the stewardess... and oh yes. the pilots.


just some random rants before i leave.

flight's at 6am.

alrighty everyone~

see you guys when im back.

will post all the pics up. Stay with me!

love y'all.

Cambodia here i come.
Sunday, January 28, 2007

Alrighty ppl. I'm leaving for Cambodia next Tue! Will be back Sunday morning. So see you guys when i'm back ya~ Jus packed my bag and i realised there are quite an amount of things i do not have and i barely have enough time to get it. Will have to get them after work tmr... which is like super last minute. I haven even change my US currency!

I know......

So many things. So little time.

I had to go back to work on Sat and Sun just to clear as much stuffs as i can.

I cannot imagine what it's gonna be like when i go back to work on the following Monday....

Dont wanna think about it man.

In the meantime, i shall enjoy my trip, take loads of pics, pick some stones back from the ancient temples *Ssshhh*, meet backpackers, shop for treasures....

I think there's gonna be lots of walking.


Joey was like, "Hey enjoy ur trip ah... and visiting all the mosques in Cambodia."

i was like.... mosque? urmm.....

Joey really got alot of history/geography reading to do.

Lastly... Buddy came on Fri and we had lunch together! My sailor boy took off yesterday for a 6weeks trip on the sea to India, Sabah, Indonesia.... 42DAYS! Awaiting his return man, in March. Take Care buddy! I miss you!

life in lomo.
Sunday, January 21, 2007

have i told you how much i love black and white?

yea i do.... so now you know.

every pic i take, i'll edit it to the black&white wash.

Somehow, it just feels so much better than a colour pic... at least i like it.

As a matter of fact, i loveeee this pic.

They say a picture paints a thousand words.

I say a black and white picture paints... more than words...

It's feelings.

more than words
is all I ever needed you to show
then you wouldn't have to say that you love me
cos I'd already know.....

Another Friday.
Saturday, January 20, 2007

Let's refresh what happen last week.

my ipod died on me. It's jus hanged when i disconnected it from my office's itunes. When i went home and re-connected it to my laptop, it say FULL disk space but there were NO freaking songs inside! WTF.

godammit. So i went down to Apple Service Centre on Wed. Guess who i ask to go with me? Ya Elijah again. Mygod the past few postes are all about him! Muhahahaha. Anyway, the whole time at Apple i was rattling on how they can just change a new generation ipod nano for me. But they manage to repair it. Apparantly it's just the software problem. Dang...

So we went for Starbucks at Wisma. Hey that's a really nice place to chill you know. Seriously, it's like the best Starbucks location compared to the other places i've been. Tell me if you know somewhere else nicer. The Starbucks at Wisma has like alot of cushion seats. Really nice place to laze around.

And i discover something really cool on my phone... My handphone allows user to edit photos! Amazing aye! I was so fascinated by that function man. It's like having Photoshop in ur hp!

This was the orignial pic.

Edited that same pic right on the spot in my handphone!

Okay fine i know it's not that amazing. Fine! I'll work on it okay. But aint it cool? No?! I was so amazed by that new function and i was bragging to Elijah on how cool my hp was. He said his handphone also can...

From his handphone.

Jus added the hearts only.... No effects loh.
So i concluded that mine was better.... Hahah!

And finally i learned how to fold paper flowers from him! It's more like a tulip actually. Maybe i can teach you guys in the next post or something. Im a professional now. I have like a garden of paper tulips on my desk... Will show you guys soon. =)

Are you guys getting bored or what....... Cos i'm gonna talk abt Friday again.

We took half day and went shopping! I felt so bad cos our team was really down with manpower after Joel got into a accident. Thank god he's fine man. Get well soon buddy!

So anyway, we went town, bugis, shopping, walking ard aimlessly. I got only like 2 Hush Puppies boxers. He got a tie from Topshop. That's all.... It was so not a shopping mood for me ytd lah. So didnt really get anything. Or rather.. didnt seem interested at all. Oh well.

Lynette met us for dinner but she was the only one that ate loh! We didnt eat anything. After she went home, we went to this HongKong cafe. Elijah seems to be really interested with the moive showing on the TV that i almost left him there and went home myself. Whahaha! Seriously, he was jus staring at the TV and giggling lah. Maaaaaaaan...

Honey and Sugar toast. It's really thick.

My dinner. The Milk Tea was good though.

So that was it! The Friday...Not much details huh. Well, apparantly that was it. Got home really early. The half day was well-spent as long as i'm not working in office. Let's say it's nice just having him around.... Aww~

Going for UNSW Open Hse later. Will probably meet up with Joey if i have enough time though.

Oh yes before i leave... I edit this pic again on my hp! See practise make perfect okay.... The Starbucks Unite. Btw this is my desk. It's so messy that i cant even see my table anymore....

From the Left :

-The Starbucks Mug (that belongs to Elijah)
-The small Starbucks cup that holds all my paper clips
-The Tall Starbucks (*Mocha Frap*) that holds my pens
-The Starbuck Glass Bottle that now holds all the colourful tulips he made for me...

Abt the Starbucks Mug... he made me milo in his Starbucks mug when i was doing OT the other day. Awwwwwww..... Isnt he like the sweetest thing ever!! Must give credits to him on my blog lah. Thanks love.

Alrighty gotta go soon. To the handful of ppl that read my blog... ya you know, handful..... 1 hand has like *count* 5 fingers. Urm.... Rui Ling. Ee-lynn. Joel. Melvin. and whoever you are.....

Take Care Everyone!

Heaps of love. =)

Night at Esplanade
Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's Friday night again! Actually today's plan was to go for moives. But there's no more showtime at Marina. So we ended up walking around and having dinner instead. Speaking of dinner... it was probably the worse dinner ever. Sorry abt that Elijah. There's nothing abt the food really! The food at Secret Recipe was good... I had chicken lasagne and he had chicken burger. It's so cute! It comes in like mini-burger and alphabet fries!

See! He form my name~ Awww....

So anyway... coming back to the dinner, i was feeling so nauseous i could jus throw up loh... Mygod. Horrible feeling. Didnt enjoy my dinner at all. Feeling so terrible. Couldnt even finish my food. I ate like half of my lasagne only. It's either the gummies we had before dinner or the wait for the dinner was super duper long that my stomach ate itself. Gosh...

So we went off after dinner to Esplanade. The weather was so cold! Lucky i had his coat on me all the time. I'm like freezing loh... We sat indoor and chat the night away... i kinda like it this way. Just sitting around, talking, laughing... at other ppl wearing crocs shoes. *muahahahaha* Love that simple yet unforgettable feeling... =)

He drew a lovely drawing in my scrapbook.

Pls fill up more pages of it... Next Friday.

All my love and more... ("v")

Caramel Loves.
Thursday, January 11, 2007

Was supposed to go town alone after work today to walked around aimlessly (favourite pastime...) but i had something even better. Along came Elijah. So we went town together. Hahahha. Fun right...

Went to Borders to first. Wanted to check out their postcards.

As usual.... saw the same few that i already have. Boring~

Then head over to Far East for snacks.

As usual... always cant decide what to eat~

So he suggested a place at Cineleisure. It's called Maestro. On 2nd Level. Beside Royal Sporting House. Yeaaa that place...

We ordered :


Apple Crumble

Caramel Sponge. This one was the best.

BEST! Love it! The first mouth was nothing, but once the ice-cream melts in ur mouth......


Amazing. Damn high lah!

You have to try it to believe it. Highly recommended for caramel lovers.

Bear on LV.

I think we were the loudest ppl in the whole cafe. Talking, laughing like no one's around. And that caramel thingy got us really high man. I'm telling you it's so crazy... Everyone were like staring at us. Hahahha.

But who cares man. It was so fun! =)

Friday tmr!


The Friday Night.
Saturday, January 06, 2007

How rare is it that i can actually leave office at 6pm to catch the first bus?

Very rare.......

So anyway, left early yesterday (and like only yesterday) to catch the 7pm moive with Elijah.

Yes! The Death Note 2! Like finaaaallly.

A solid 2hrs 20mins. My legs were wobbly after the moive..... But it was a great show!

I'll probably make my own death note book and find myself a really cute Shinigami to accompany me everyday or sth.

omg! the Shinigami part sounds like a peeerfect role of a boyfriend!


Went for coffee at Hotel Rendezvous after the moive. I love the Coffee Club there. Great atmosphere to hang out with your friends, just sitting around with ur cuppa coffee and chatting till the wee hours.

We had coffee, super-duper yummy tiramisu cake and potato wedges.

Almost... Almost wanted to walked home from there. Hahaha.

It will be fun though, especially to my blisters and i thanked my heels for that.

So we took a bus instead. Joking abt the free gifts, lame jokes, racist jokes.

Excuse me, we were travelling past Little India loh.... Evil lah! But it was darn farnie.

I think Yuan Yuan doesnt like Elijah. He didnt meow at me when i called him last night! =(
I love it when he purrs as i call his name.

Btw, Yuan Yuan is the cat living downstairs my place.

He's named Yuan Yuan for a very obvious reason. Fat Cat.

And i cant believe i forgot to take pic with Elijah ytd!

Oh well. Next time then~

Still it was a great night out... Thanks!

The Picnic
Wednesday, January 03, 2007

We went for picnic at East Coast Park yesterday! Super un-planned one. Joey texted me on New Year's Day asking if i'm doing anything and she said she was very bored. OMG. So i saaaay...

Let's go for picnic!

Shopping, moives, dinner are sooooo plain. *yawn*

Pls guys... Be more creative can!

So anyway... we gather our men

->Joey. Grace. Susan. Joshua. Elijah. Myself.

I went to work loh. Had to clear some stuffs first. Then we went over to Paya Lebar to meet the rest. Grabbed some chips and drinks from the supermart before we walked over to ECP. Found at a peeeerfect spot and started picnic-ing!

Elijah made egg sandwiches and he brought panda cake. I brought cheeeeese. Woohooooo~

It was damn fun.

Music. Food. Friends.

What more can you ask for. =)

Eh check it out man~ Elijah and i couple wear can. Whahaha. So Joey and i got bored and we went down to the beach. Took off our slippers and let the waves bring us away.........

Bloooody hell the waves got my slippers can! My slippers like got swept into the big big sea lah!

Joey got to saved hers before it was swept in. I was like standing in the middle with the thought of walking back bare-footed.....


But luckily.... LUCKILY.... The waves brought my slippers back. Muhahahaha! Scared me lah.

The best part of the whole picnic. We decided to walk to the Food Village for seafood dinner. See how i bold and italic the word walk? Yeaaaaa.... We left our picnic spot at 6.30pm. Reached Food Village at 7.50pm.

1hr 20mins of walk can!

Ok nvm. Since we've already come so far. Found a unshelter table and sat down. Everyone went to order. Came back, it started drizzling. Then the downpour came......


Everyone was like running around, looking for sheltered seats. Freaking dumb lah. They renovated the place until so nice for what! Totally useless! Swee is swee lah but it's lame! U think Singapore forever sunshine ah. Mygod. Really loh... So stupid.

Finally got a sheltered seat, had dinner like with water everywhere....

The most memorable dinner ever.

But still! I really had lots of fun with them. Never fail to put a smile on my face. I love you!

Let's plan for more interesting outings! =)

you'll know it's
all because of you
we can do
whatever we want to

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