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Oz pt. 6 - Last pics for Oz
Friday, May 30, 2008

I've been so friggin busy this whole week and there's more to come! And i'm super depressed cos there's no one i can rant my grumbles to, other than this blog. So i figure the best way to let it all out is to finish blogging about my last Oz trip. At least those were happier times that i've captured. Last few pics for Oz!

Morning Etallong


Started off with me taking picture...

Then Alan came.

Wilson and Karen.

and everyone from SG office took this group shot!

Fun and Games

Kayaking. (the water was so shallow i could paddle with my bare hands...)


Embracing Mother Nature


Travelled past Sydney Trademark Bridge on the way back!

Opera House

I really didnt have the time to explore Syd at all...

and the nightview was magnificantly beautiful... Didnt take much night shots cos it's really dark and i couldnt capture anything good with just minimal camera flash. =(

Met Justin again for dinner at Italian.

Pasta was so so good. I really feel like i'm in Italy!

Went for drinks after dinner. It was Fashion Week and we saw fireworks. Sweet!!

My Oz trip ended off with this pic. It was the last photo in my camera. And i had a great time.

So let your imagination run wild....











What were you thinkin.

American Idol Season 7
Monday, May 19, 2008

I can predict the winner of American Idol Season 7.

it's gonna be..... *drumrolls*


oh right... (-_-")

It's David vs David. The 2 Davids face-off.

It's really kinda weird cos i'm seriously not a fan of American Idol. But i've spent my Vesak Day catching up on all the episodes of AI Season 7. I mean Archuleta is all cutesy and young and such a American sweetheart...

But Cook is definitely my man y'all. "Always be my Baby" was so so amazing. Certainly one of the most outstanding performances i'll remember for. "Dont wanna miss a thing" was kick-ass too. When i first listened to that song, it sent shivers down my spine and goosebumps all over!!

AC initial on his guitar stands for his 2 brothers' name Adam Cook and Andrew Cook. Adam Cook, 36 years - the oldest of them, is undergoing chemotherapy for his second diagnosis of brain cancer that he has been battling for the last 10 years. Lately it's been spread to his spine... Which explains why some of David's performances are actually quite emotional. Either way, i think he's already a winner.

David COOK is so winning AI.

I'm really rooting for you baby!!! GO FOR IT.

timbre + yt

In celebration of Roy's bday, i seriously had a hard time finding a suitable present for him. Like he's so boring i really have no idea/clue what to get for him! So anws, i got him a formal shirt from G2000 Black Label. Apparently, the shirt from Black Label are of better quality and of cos... higher co$t. Headed over to Arthouse Timbre for dinner and drinks on Fri night!


Bought myself a new charm~

I always didnt like the Mojito at Timbre, so i decided to try a new cocktail this time round. Caipirinha - National drink of Brazil. (which is not really good tooo, eeeks~)

Sautéed Mushrooms

Timbre Chicken Wings!!

(I think i can finish like 5 baskets of this...YUMMIE.)

Caesar Salad

Seafood Platter

Half on Half Pizza. Tandoori Chicken and Roasted Duck.


Chi Chi - another new drink i tried.

Vodka, Malibu and Pineapple Juice. A really smooth drink for a hot hot day!

What a small small world! Jason Lim had his farewell at Timbre too... I sent a dedication to the band and sabo-ed him on stage to sing. LOL!! And the Goodfellas rocks man. I had a great time, good music all night~

Timbre sells Absinthe Black 85%!

Came across this article on a mag abt Absinthe... It's mentioned inside that Absinthe "has been the muse of writers, the inspiration for painters and, uh... the reason behind mass murders and attempted suicides." *YIKES!*

So Absinthe Black 85% really exist... That's so evil y'all~

Meet YT to waste our time on a lazy Sunday afternoon... Was chilling at the Dome cafe - SG Art Museum. Pls dont ask me why i crossed my legs while taking this pic, i dont have the faintest clue either...


Not exactly the colour i wanted. It's like copper-ish brown and i look like a punk...

Ohwell, i'll just have to live with it then~


Thank God for good friends! Sunday seems more fun.

Bought T-shirts...

and the camera necklace! It's so cute lah!! I have to get it...


This is a short week, enjoy the public holiday and the next weekend will be near soon!


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