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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

you leave me breathless...

Ken lee
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

okay guys! dropping by for a quick one. You guys HAVE GOTTA WATCH THIS! I swear it's the funniest shiz ever. I pratically burst out laughing in my office. ROFL! (open in another window and watch it.)

Sidenote, been busy proof reading essay, case studies, one after another. I think i need new glasses. The DKNY one looks good. It's like when i take off my glasses and rest my eyes, the world seems to be spinning a lil faster, like i'm on vertigo or something.

Bedtime has been screwed till 2am. I've try sleeping early and getting more rest, but was only able to fall asleep at fugging 2am. Godammit what's wrong man! Calling to my Mind, Body and Soul - can you pls not screw me up like that? I'm like the living zombie at work...

The video just cracks me up man.

Ken leeeee... tulibu dibu douchoo.

FUG IT'S FARNEY!!! Pure Entertainment, Bad Humour.

i'm yours
Sunday, March 16, 2008

well open up your mind
and see like me
open up your plans
and damn you're free
look into your heart
and you'll find love love love
listen to the music at the moment
maybe sing with me
ah lá peaceful melody
It's your god forsaken right to be
loved loved loved loved loved...

Insanely in love with this song. Like seriously, madly in love with it. Simple, soulful, that's my Jason MR.A-Z. I can listen to it on loop the whole day...

Btw, you wont hear from me anytime soon. I have 2 essays, 2 pre-assignments, 2 journals, 4 lect classes, 2 exams that's due within the timeframe period of March - April. Bless me. In case you miss/forget me, that's my pic up there y'all~

allmyloveandmore, bighug.

bizzare weather
Thursday, March 13, 2008

what the hell is wrong with the weather lately? It's like been raining the whole week! I dont think i've seen Mr Sun out in the sky at all...

Where'd you go, i miss you soooo~

So i've been using the umbrella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh for the whole damn week...

I've also been :
- Eating lunch in-house at our pantry
- Shivering in our ridiculous cold air-con office temperature
- Wearing layers of jackets
- Hiding in the toilet
- Walking up and down office telling everyone : "zomg damn coooold~"
- Staying at our coffeeshop at the basement and drink HOT kopi gao...

These are all ways to keep myself warm!

Do let me know if you have any better ideas to share ya...

Was darn tired today. Had customer meeting at Tuas, (fug that godammit faraway place...) then i had business lunch at Prego Swissotel with customers. C'mon, we all know we cant eat well when it's a business lunch, no matter how good the reviews of the restaurant is. We cant get too messy. Sadly, i'm very messy when i eat! And i really dont care. I'll go for Prego again though. Slightly costly, but i think the Italian food are worth every cent.

Rained rained and rained till i got home. Had dinner and seriously concussed in bed... Was telling buddy how bizzare the weather has been all week and it's so cold i have got to be hiding under my covers. Since i dont have a webcam, i decided to vividly describe to him how cold it was :

HAHA! Pretty lame ya... Well, i was reeeeally cold.


the new cam(whore)
Sunday, March 09, 2008

Say Goodbye to my Samsung Camera... *weep* ='(

You have served me well all these while, capturing every sec of my lifetime moments. Well, nothing last forever. It's sad but everything comes to an end...

Say Hello to my NEW CASIO EXLIM Camera!

It's so cool, i love it! I'm glad i got this camera from the IT show. I look like a dork pacing up and down, testing the camera over and over again, calling people and asking for their opinions and trying to convince myself that CASIO IS THE RIGHT CHOICE.

So this is it. You'll see more of Casio's photo results on my blog. Watch that space.

Had a 4-way conference call on Skype for project discussion last night. From like 9pm till 2am...I swear i must have fallen asleep for a short while during the discussion call, it's insane. Zzz.

Ogay gotta go! Essay Assignment is driving me up the wall.

Seeya soon. xoxo.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Been a while since i've last blogged! Hope everyone's looking good, feeling fine. It has been a supa busy but extremely fun week for me. So here goes! I'm gonna catch up on a couple of stuff here :


I swear the Dim Sum Dollies are the funniest production/stage performance i've ever seen... It's the best shiz y'all! I seriously had so much laughing till my stomach hurts. I'll definately catch the next Dim Sum Dollies!! Featuring Hossan Leong as their Chopstick and dancers as Loh Mai Guys.... YUMMY!

My 1st time watching a screenplay at Esplanade. Damn high-clrass loh, like super ah-tahs~

We bought Circle Seats, which i must say, had a pretty good view for a $40 tix.

They even gave us all a flag! Cos it was all about The History of Singapore.

The ending part supa drama can.... We all sang a couple of NDP must-sing songs and wave our flags in the air! It was almost like National Day.

Kudos to the Dollies! Well Done, excellent live performance. The play was so locally designed that it's humors really brings out the flavour of a typical Singaporean life living in this little island. I doubt the Ang Mohs understand some of the jokes. It was seriously awesome!! I had fun watching the show with Bel and twj. Cheeeers to the "some swee" (samsui) women! Whahaha!

Randomly, i thought this was really pretty...

Bought a box for the peeps at work.

Btw - Jellyhearts not only look pretty, it taste yummy too! They dont have a retail outlet. If you're interested to buy 'em, call the above number yea...

Random too. The famous crab place at Joo Chiat. I'm sure you guys know whereabout is this place. It's so famous you need to call them to make reservations FOR THE CRABS and not for a table. Crabs are freshly flew in daily via SIA CARGO. Call/come/queue early to avoid disapppointment, it's usually SOLD OUT at around 8pm or even earlier. Bare with the ladyboss lousy attitude. No service charge, No Service!

But it's all worth-it... The BEST Black Pepper Crabs. Ever!

I'm sorry, but they win hands down y'all...

It's making me hungry just looking at that plate of crabs! *drools*

Team Building Day. All of us were at Changi Village Hotel last Friday, 29th Feb - The Leap Year.

Ahahah! It looks like i have sparkle in my eyes... Waiting for our bus at Gateway Lobby which was half an hour late. Can you imagine... All of us waiting at the Lobby and everyone was like staring at us. I felt like i was going for a Secondary School Field Trip.


It's prolly the most decent pic the 3 of us EVER took. I'm so gonna frame up this peekture!

Changi Village Hotel is so pretty! Check out the diamond-studded sign for the Ladies...

and Gents!

My Team.

C'mon Sing it baby~ "we are family, i got all my sisters with me!"

The classic "i-am-so-lost" pic.

It was a game lah. I was blindfolded, thrown out to look for a bloody lego with so many ppl shouting directions from behind..... (-_-")

Team 2

Lego Giraffe.

We ended with a day of fun and games. Heading out for a food trail~


See! It's crab again. But of cos, it's not as good as the one at Joo Chiat... haha!

It's really big though! Check out the pincers seating side by side with the mantou.

Yet again... not everything big means it's better one loh.

It's even bigger than my face. Zzzz

Went to 2 more places for Peranakan and Thai food. The Thai food was great! It's a pity i was too tired to take any photos of the place. I'll be sure to take some back when i visit the place again. Day ended with me being sabo-ed to sing a song in the bus. *cover face with both hands* Supa malu i tell you.......

But it was a fun day for me! I had great fun bonding with my co-collegeaues, playing silly team-bonding games... It's so hard for all of us to bond when we're all busy with our everyday crap work that we dont have time we catch up and understand each other better. There's so much misunderstanding created in a stressful working environment that we all sometimes really need to take a day off work and just have fun. Simple as that...

It's a busy month for me! Having classes, project assigment and all. Will catch up with you guys soon! Meantime i'll be checking out the IT show tmr. So many things to buy!!

Love y'all. Big hug.

you'll know it's
all because of you
we can do
whatever we want to

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