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Friday, September 08, 2006

Met the guys today. They POP-ed! Like after 3mths and BMT is over. Now the next batch of guys going in. YT went in on Tue. Wei Liang and Des going on TMR. Good Luck guys...

Was with the 2 Nicholas-es at Coffee Bean as they ranted abt Army life and i simply dont understand what they are talking abt. Just sit,listen and drink my mocha frap only loh... I must say.. they have become so TANN-ED!

The "Brother" - Nicholas Hung.

The Buddy - urmm, Nicholas Tan. Ahaha =)

Weiqi is going over to Wei Liang's and accompany him thru his last civilian night...

Awwww~ so sweeeet right.

Anyway, buddy n i head over to chomps for dinner and it rained! Again! The last time i went it rained also loh. So cursed.... And again, ez-link got no $, didnt bring cash so i wanted to draw money from the wall but mum changed my ATM card n i forgot the new PIN num...

I almost called Fraser loh. Can hear him laughing from the background... *haah*

Before ordering, i told Nick ONE glass of sugarcane and we share. Cos the other time we came, i couldnt finish it. This is what came...

TWO! How to finish you tell me. After we finish dinner, i barely drank 1/4 of that glass.

The usual food we alwaaaays order.

So tonight's dinner was fully "subsidised" so to speak. As usual, buddy finish my glass of sugarcane. I was already darn bloated.... We wanted to walk home, but it rained! So cant walk back home this time, have to take bus. Still, it was always nice to have buddy around.

Next week we're going to Mahattan for dinner. This time is MY treat.

There's gonna be a big hole in my wallet...

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