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Saturday, December 09, 2006

- 7th Dec 2006 -

Half day from work. Supposed to meet up with Cat and the guys for dinner, but they changed of plan to KTV instead. I wonder why. Until i realised it later....

The Army Boys. Andy/Des/Wei Liang/Me/Rui Zhen/Yong Tat.

The December Babies! They got us a cake from Baker's Inn.

That's why they insisted on KTV lah! Cos they wanted to have a private function room... Awww.... It was a really nice cake.

Alex/Me/Des/RZ - Botak only wat... Need to wear caps meh. =/

We took alot of pics but it's really damn troublesome to upload one by one over here. So i combine all into one big picture lah! Click to enlarge.

Andy is from the air force. Look like Edison riggght. Last time in campus we always known him as the Edison look-alike. It was the first time i heard him sing. He was sitting beside me when he sang 恋上(另)一个人, like the saddest song ever. OMG... Damn nice lah! Cat and i like totally melted...... Join Superstar with Cat next year!

Wei Liang lose his voice. He jus pop-ed and he was the Company Timer. Muhahaha. Kena sabo sia. YT left early cos he leaving for Phuket the next morning. RZ and Des... what can i say... Other than the Ji Pa Bang song, the rest all CMI...... Cat as usual, our songbird. Oh btw, Andy sang One Night in Beijing too. Aiyah all the songs he sing all nice lah!

The Last Pic before we leave. Thanks you guys for everything!

- 8th Dec 2006 -

It's Friday. Went to work as usual... But it was full of surprises!

Early morning received roses, teddy bear and balloon. Ask Susan and Lynette they act blur loh! Inside the card was this :

Dear Eewen aka Xiao Tian Wen Zi

Together we have fought nail and tooth, cried together, share our warmest hugs together. Today i realize what a wonderful friend you have been. Happy Birthday to my closest buddy! You are the best and I LOVE YOU!!

With love for all the time you spend with me....



urm.... I was like. who?!

"You are the best" gave it all away. It was an inside joke lah. Anyway the roses were lovely. The bear was bigger than Schenker's and the balloon was damn attention seeking! Ppl came over and wish me happy bday. Nice lah!

Had Mac for lunch. And they got me bday cake too. Aww.... i feel like princess yesterday. =))


Doesnt the starting alphabet of all the names mention above looks familiar?

Now u know who send the flowers...

- 9th Dec 2006 -

Meet up with Gobby and Susan. Went to Holland V to attend a Travel Club event at Essential Brew. Was a pretty nice cosy place. Have to remove ur shoe, sit on floor with cushion kinda environment. Had a some tea and finger food though. Then left for town to meet Jasons. We were early! So went to Taka and took some pics with the giantic xmas tree.

Tis the season to be jolly!

Jace Lee. Gobby Lee. Susan Lee = The Lee Sisters!

Lucky we have reservation made beforehand. Sakae was packeeed. Anyway we started before they came. Jason Lim last one to arrived, so the punishment was to foot the bill. Muahaha! Finally got to catch up a little with Jason Ong. Haven meet him ever since he left. It's was damn funny lah... We discussed abt what songs Jason n Gobby can sing for the D&D party. Will mention more abt this later on this week. I was put in-charge for their cheerleading team can! Cooool right! And they got me cakeee too. *Aww....* and a top from ebase. I'll wear it on Mon to work. =)

Jasons + The Lee Sisters @ Sakae.

I wanted to bring them to a Mango dessert place at Shaw. But that place is not longer there! What happeeeen?! It's called Xu Liu Shan. If anyone know where it moved to, pls tell me. So no choice loh... We went to Starbucks instead. I tired the Toffee Nut Latte. Not baaad~ I like. We left at 11pm+ and waiting for a cab in town is really killing. Mygod, Jason sent me home first. Reach home like midnight liao loh. But still, it was a fun night with the collegues.

Some other gifts i received. Godpa-s gave me hongbao. Rose got me this small cake but it's dammmmn nice! Like Choc Truffle or sth. Super chocolatey. I love it. Uncle Jamal gave me 2 super big curry puffs. Schenker got me Chocolate n a card. Joanna got me a small purse. Dad got me DKNY perfume.

Most importantly... BUDDY! OMG he got me this really cooooool iPod nano silicone skin cover case! It's called iDevil. SUPA NICE!


Stylo Milo rigggggght~ Sooo cute. Thanks Buddy for the card too.

You're my best buddy! =))

Anyway good luck for your exams.....

Meet up before you sail off! My buddy is the best navy boy~

Lastly, i would like to thank ALL for the wonderful celebration. I had a lovely 20th birthday thanks to every single one of you. I truly appreciate everything u've done. Thanks for all the loving. Everyday i count my blessings to have friends like you guys.

I love you back with everything i have...


you'll know it's
all because of you
we can do
whatever we want to

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