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Another Friday.
Saturday, January 20, 2007

Let's refresh what happen last week.

my ipod died on me. It's jus hanged when i disconnected it from my office's itunes. When i went home and re-connected it to my laptop, it say FULL disk space but there were NO freaking songs inside! WTF.

godammit. So i went down to Apple Service Centre on Wed. Guess who i ask to go with me? Ya Elijah again. Mygod the past few postes are all about him! Muhahahaha. Anyway, the whole time at Apple i was rattling on how they can just change a new generation ipod nano for me. But they manage to repair it. Apparantly it's just the software problem. Dang...

So we went for Starbucks at Wisma. Hey that's a really nice place to chill you know. Seriously, it's like the best Starbucks location compared to the other places i've been. Tell me if you know somewhere else nicer. The Starbucks at Wisma has like alot of cushion seats. Really nice place to laze around.

And i discover something really cool on my phone... My handphone allows user to edit photos! Amazing aye! I was so fascinated by that function man. It's like having Photoshop in ur hp!

This was the orignial pic.

Edited that same pic right on the spot in my handphone!

Okay fine i know it's not that amazing. Fine! I'll work on it okay. But aint it cool? No?! I was so amazed by that new function and i was bragging to Elijah on how cool my hp was. He said his handphone also can...

From his handphone.

Jus added the hearts only.... No effects loh.
So i concluded that mine was better.... Hahah!

And finally i learned how to fold paper flowers from him! It's more like a tulip actually. Maybe i can teach you guys in the next post or something. Im a professional now. I have like a garden of paper tulips on my desk... Will show you guys soon. =)

Are you guys getting bored or what....... Cos i'm gonna talk abt Friday again.

We took half day and went shopping! I felt so bad cos our team was really down with manpower after Joel got into a accident. Thank god he's fine man. Get well soon buddy!

So anyway, we went town, bugis, shopping, walking ard aimlessly. I got only like 2 Hush Puppies boxers. He got a tie from Topshop. That's all.... It was so not a shopping mood for me ytd lah. So didnt really get anything. Or rather.. didnt seem interested at all. Oh well.

Lynette met us for dinner but she was the only one that ate loh! We didnt eat anything. After she went home, we went to this HongKong cafe. Elijah seems to be really interested with the moive showing on the TV that i almost left him there and went home myself. Whahaha! Seriously, he was jus staring at the TV and giggling lah. Maaaaaaaan...

Honey and Sugar toast. It's really thick.

My dinner. The Milk Tea was good though.

So that was it! The Friday...Not much details huh. Well, apparantly that was it. Got home really early. The half day was well-spent as long as i'm not working in office. Let's say it's nice just having him around.... Aww~

Going for UNSW Open Hse later. Will probably meet up with Joey if i have enough time though.

Oh yes before i leave... I edit this pic again on my hp! See practise make perfect okay.... The Starbucks Unite. Btw this is my desk. It's so messy that i cant even see my table anymore....

From the Left :

-The Starbucks Mug (that belongs to Elijah)
-The small Starbucks cup that holds all my paper clips
-The Tall Starbucks (*Mocha Frap*) that holds my pens
-The Starbuck Glass Bottle that now holds all the colourful tulips he made for me...

Abt the Starbucks Mug... he made me milo in his Starbucks mug when i was doing OT the other day. Awwwwwww..... Isnt he like the sweetest thing ever!! Must give credits to him on my blog lah. Thanks love.

Alrighty gotta go soon. To the handful of ppl that read my blog... ya you know, handful..... 1 hand has like *count* 5 fingers. Urm.... Rui Ling. Ee-lynn. Joel. Melvin. and whoever you are.....

Take Care Everyone!

Heaps of love. =)

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