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Anne's 21st/Peter's Shoppin
Sunday, February 25, 2007

Met Peter in town on Friday to grab his stuff and to buy a gift for Anne. We had lunch at Ding Tai Feng. He got himself a Retro Vintage Shades from Topshop, i bought myself the Leather Purse that i've been eyeing. Head over to Far East. Peter bought this Limited Edition Jim Morrison shirt. The first shirt that caught my eye when i enter the shop was that shirt. Supa coooool~

Haircut at Far East for only $17.50!! It was $25 for men, but there was this 20% for first timers. Peter looks so much younger/neater with his new haircut now. Though there's still like 10 years generation gap between us. Muhahaha! So now it's my turn to get something for Anne's 21st. Peter suggested perfume which was so boring for a 21st. I ended up buy a sexy nightie from Morgan for her. I'm sure Anne (and her boyfriend too....) will love it!

Left town early cos it was pouring so heavily and there was Chingay Preview. Anne's 21st at the Chervons. It's been a long long time i've seen Anne. Think the last time we meet was during Graduation last year! Pictionary :

Cat with the biggest heart... and the craziest girl i've ever known. That's why we love you!

Shirley Lee! The cleverest of them all...

Our Birthday Princess. And all of us are in lovely shades of brown! =)

Switch sides... So cam whore.

The bed at Chervon's chalet was damn big lah... =)

I look kinda funny here... but it's the only pic with Anne.

RZ. My favourite gay/guy and the ultimate joker of the class.

the poly gang looks so-old-school.

Dessy! We used to say he looks like a hamster. Does he?

Toldya he's gay. I promised him not to publish this pic... but whatever. Muahaha! The Morgan nightie that we bought. It's expensive y'all.... $129! Glad that she loved it alot... *ahem* and her boyfriend too.

The Twin's birthday. Happy 21st to Anne and Ruby!

Us @ Graduation 2006.

Us @ Anne's 21st 2007.

We haven changed much have we? Well i had a really bad hair day on Grad, Cat has become more chubbier, Shirley more radiant (the power of love...), Anne a more mature lady. I guess we still pretty much stayed the same! Though it was just a few hours with them, i felt really happy and relaxed when they are around. I am at my most comfortable self when i'm with them. You dont know who i am and you probably dont even care. But for them, they know me better than i know myself...

It's always so hard to meet up, everyone's busy with work/school/army. But when we do meet up, we never felt far. omg this is so emo! Flashback on poly days of how we share tu-tu cakes, mua chee, curry yong tao hu, walking bare-footed in library, laughed/cried, always side-tracking from project discussions, lionel/james... I'm telling you Poly times were the best days of my life. Met the world's best friends and we will grow old together. Just like The Golden Girls...


ok maybe The Golden Girls is a little bit too old?

probably Desperate Housewives.

yea i'm sure Desperate Housewives works better.... =)

Peter's leaving on Wed! Giving him a farewell tmr night at Arab Street. Be back for more pics.


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