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Cambodia - Day 1
Sunday, February 04, 2007

I'm baaaaaaaack!!!

This is like the best trip i've ever had. I've totally fallen in love with Cambodia and i'm so going back again. Angkor is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. I shall left all my teary talks at the end of this post. And to my readers - sit back, relax and i shall bring you through the anicent history of Angkor.... Pictionary time!

Cam-whoring... Hey i was testing my camera okaaay~

Angkor Thom. I think this is the South Gate or sth...

The statue on the left symbolise Good. The one on the right is Evil. As you can see, most of the statues are "headless" as it has been stolen and sold off as treasures...

My first meal in Cambodia! Fried Chicken with Veg. I love the rice in Cambodia... It taste so sweeet. The girl came over to sell her flutes. She's like 7 years old and speak fluent English. They go to school in the morning, and after school they come out to sell handicraft in order to earn more money for their school fees. So i bought 2 flutes from her. She's was so sweeet and well-mannered. It's her smile... =)

I think this is Bayon. The giant stone faces of Bayon has become one of the most recognizable images.

Isnt the sky pretty? It's really the clear blue sky loh....

Inside the temple.

Blood is thicker than water...

She-Reen looks excited in this pic! Must be sth Richard is doing. Richard is our tour guide~

The extensive cravings on every walls are unique and very interesting!

Can you see what it is? Croco eating a fish. Woman giving birth. Aspara dancers. Folks bbq-ing their food. Ee-lynn say it's marshmellow. Muhahaha! It looks kinda like marshy though....

The 4 faces of Bayon.

She-Reen. Me. Ee-Lynn.

Okay fine i know. The pics are quite badly arranged. I tired my best but i really dont have the time........

It's all the way up!

The jam-packed tourist place.

ANGKOR WAT! Toldya the skies were so pretty there isnt even a single cloud. This pic is the typical postcard pic. You can even see the reflection of Angkor Wat in the pool!

This is the must visit temple when you're in Cambodia. How can you even missed it!This temple is very very very big. Like massive! It's visually, architecturally and artistically breathtaking. There are soooo maaany stories inside. It's too many to even remember. And we have to climb the steep steps all the way to the top for sunset...

At the top of Angkor Wat. The best colours of the sky appears just before the sun breaks over the horizon. Sitting at the top of the temple, watching the sunset, i wish you were here with me.......

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