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Cambodia - Day 3 & 4
Tuesday, February 06, 2007

I was in such a daze today.

He returned my scrapbook and it took me like a few seconds, staring at it, trying to recognise what it was...

And then, when i was walking around after work, i left my scrapbook at the fruit stall...... i ran all the way back to get it loh! I'm telling you i will cry my heart out if i lose it.

Scrapbook's untouched.

I'm totally not in the right state of mind at all. Focus!

Okay Day 3 was so much fun laughing our way down the hill! We laughed so hard that we could just roll down instead. It's gonna be so much faster. Thanks to our guide... *i gave her my heart but she kicked it away* muahahah! i know it doesnt sounds funny to you guys at all, but a sentence like that coming out of our super stiff n shy Richard... it's hilarious. After he said that, he just walked faster and left us behind! He must be feeling super emo and starts to cry..... awww man! We're so evil.

This swing is like made out of the twines of the tree.

After so many years of water flowing down the stones, the figures are still not washed off at all...

A small waterfall. The water is so clear n cold.

Among all the temples i've seen, this is the most well kept ones. Look at the cravings for goodness sake! So well done! How did they even do it?!

This temple is known as the "Pink Temple." The stones used are reddish pink in colour. And in the ancient days, it's a women temple. That explains the cravings of all the beautiful Aspara Dancers. Kinda cool huh.....

We were eating cookies and we gave some to the children. They took with both hands, bow their head and thanked you. So well-mannered right! They were actually collecting empty cans or bottles that tourist left behind in order to earn some money for school. The youngest girl is probably 4/5 years old only...

See the purple socks i'm wearing? Susan bought it for me! It's super light n comforty. Nvm the colour purple, as long as it's comfortable. Suzie rocks my socks! =) And my shoes is so dirrrrty..... I must say the cravings in this temples seems so real.

You turn on the tap and you get water. Over in Cambodia, you have to pump water out of this well and im sure the last time you saw this was in your history textbooks. In rural villages, they are still using this to get clean water.

We came across a school, went in and played with the kids. I helped this 2 boys here carry pails to water the plants can. They are sooo cute! And they loveee taking pics. When you show them the pics in your camera, they will just let out the warmest laughters i ever heard. =)

Day 3 ended really early...

Okay i'm gonna make this paragraph really small just in case my parents read this. After we went back to town, we started looking for other places to stay. Cos our package was only a 3 night stay at the hotel. But we were there for 5 nights. We went around looking for guesthouses! Most are on full house or it's too sleazy to stay in. Lucky we found a place to stay. In fact we should have stayed there in the first place. It's called the Molly Malone Guesthouse and Irish Pub. For USD25/per night, you get a room furnished with hand-crafted wood, including a beautiful 4-poster beds!! Shhh.... Dont tell them we stayed in a guesthouse. They will killed me man!

It's the perfect place for travellers. And downstairs of our guesthouse is Pub Street.

Mygod. Pub Street... The ultimate nightlife in Siem Reap. I'll tell you more later.

Let's go to Day 4 now. We went to Tonle Sap Lake. The largest lake in South-East Asia.

This Secondary School moveees from one side of the river to another.

We were in the boat and it stop for a while as it approaches the water village. This little sampan here started paddling quickly to the side of our boat. They seem like a family selling drinks n banana for living.

I was listening to Richard and i didnt really take notice of them when they ask us to buy drinks. Until his boy climbed beside me, i cannot take it man. He's staring at me with those eyes. My heart sank. He was so small and all i can hear from him was the word 1... USD$1 for the drinks. I wanna cry!! I have to buy from him and i dont even drink Coke at all. I gave it to another boy.

He's paddling in a bathtub.

and OMG... they rear crocs! It's super scary.

The village behind. And the clear blue skies.... I just cant help falling in love with the sky!

That's about all the pics for the tour. The other 2 days are all just random pics from Pub Street, fellow travellers we met, restaurants n stuffs. I'll post them up some. Some nicer ones are with my cousin. Have yet to get from her though. Will post up soon.

Man i've been blogging for the past 3 days! Like everyday i reach home, i'm infront of my laptop, blogging abt the trip. I think i have no one to talk to and i'm starting to talk to my lappy. Ohno~

Alright i'm really tired....

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