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The Farewell.
Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We had a farewell dinner with Peter on Monday night at Arab Street. Everyone was late! I was the first to reach. Walked around Haji Lane and decided to settle down in one of the cool cafe for ice-cream. Haji Lane rocks man. All the supa cool vintage shops. Loveeee it!

Lychee Martini and Chocolate Marshmellow Ice-Creams with Brownie! The shop name is Pluck. Go try it! I'm so going back again. Peter came just in time before i finished my ice-cream. So he got to try it too. =)

Peter loves his retro-vintage shades. He calls it the Stunder Shades. Whahaha!

She-Reen came and we had dinner at this Turkish Restaurant. Not bad~ Something different lah. A more authentic cuisine. The last group pic.

We went for Shisha after dinner. It's this smoking pipe thing. The Egyptians call it Shisha. In English, it is refer to as the Hookah. My first time trying it. We bought booze and shared 1 Apple Flavour Shisha. The first puff taste really sweety... like fruity taste. Imagine you ate some Lip Balm from Body Shop or something. Yaaa that's it... Take deep breathe from the pipe and......


Gosh, Peter can just take deep breathe and puff out clouds of smoke so thick that i cant even see him! She-Reen and I just cant do it man...

This was supposed to be for previous post. Peteeeeeeeer Yang! I'm so trying to look taller in those pics right.....

So yea, i went to send Peter off today as he leaves for Africa. Went to his place and helped pack his stuff first. Darn the chicken rice downstairs his place rocks man! It looks kinda rundown and all... but damn it taste so good. Actually i didnt really helped him packed lah. I was pretty much playing with his Macbook and reading his 11 pgs case-study project eassy as he packed by himself. Hahaha.

And i made this litteblackbookfilledwithphotos for him as a farewell gift. It's called The Peter's Pictionary. All the pictures that i have, starring Peter Yang and *ahem* US. Knowing that an Uncle like him doesnt keep photos at all, this DIY photo album will be perfect for him. =) Called a cab and head down to Changi Airport. Checked in early and had coffee and Kettle chips. He was entertaining me with all his drunk friends stories. Hilarious.

Meeting Peter was probably the most random thing that has ever happen to me. And i'm reeeeally glad we met. Peter was asking me the other day, what if we never talked in Cambodia at all? Well, then none of these would have happened and i wont have such a cool friend! C'mon... Uncle Peter Yang is like +10years my age but we get along so well! Aint that cool?! Okay we do have a teeny-weeny bit of generation gap sometimes and it's really funny. Muahahhaha!

Peter Yang.

The laaaaast pic.

I hate sending people off at the airport man. It's so sad seeing ppl leave! Toldya everything's gotta come to an end. I'll soooo miss Peter man. All the missed calls and voicemails. My mailbox is full cos i always missed his calls (definately not on purpose...) and he has got to left a msg. Man... i dont even know when is the next time we'll see Peter again. Still, we exchanged best wishes and a hug :


you'll know it's
all because of you
we can do
whatever we want to

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