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Goodbye my Lover...
Tuesday, February 13, 2007

my laptop is died...

it's official.

you've served me well.

through times of projects, tutorials, lectures, presentations...
through times of late night msn-nudging with buddy... *like a deek!
through times of watching episodes of Lost, Prison Break, The OC..
through times of countless slideshows photos as i smile to myself...

we've been through so much! you and me.

i'll miss you much my dearest lappy. i've lost everything inside. it's all gone. But fret not, i'll get them to "save" all they can from your hard disc drive. I hope it doesnt cost too much. Either way i'll retrieve back as much as i can. All my music files and photos folders....

In Loving Memory : April 2004 ~ Feb 2007

Meantime, i'm deciding if i should buy my new love, Mac Book. Hahaha~

Any kind souls pls go with me in search of my new laptop? i seriously have no idea about this computer stuffs man. What RAM and processor thing... I'm sure the salesperson that attend to me will have a really hard time trying to sell a laptop to me....

Good luck to whoever you are. Muahaha.. =)

Sooo, i'm updating the blog on my bro's desktop. Last night we went out with Peter. Totally burned a hole in my pocket can! We had dinner at Thai Express, then went over to Clarke Quay and checked out this new place called The Clinic. The whole concept theme of this restaurant/bar revolves around the hospital kinda thing.

The main entrance of the restaurant has like this operating theatre loh. The seats were like hospital ward beds, drinks are served in drips and syringes. The concept is kinda interesting, but it's not a place that i'll frequent to hang out and drink with my friends. Doesnt work for me man... It's jus a one-time place, just to try it out. Plus... it's super expensive! We ordered like 1 pack of drip and half a dozen of syringes shooters and the total bill came up to...

Me. She-Reen. John.Peter

wathefug... and the drinks taste like fruit punch loh. the alcohol contentwas so little i could barely taste it. didnt really enjoyed myself there and it wasnt worth it at all. My reviews : 6/10. Just check it out for fun lah. And remember to bring enough money.

We left the place and head over to Brewerkz instead. We order a tower of wheat beer and nachos. The tower is huge! It's 4000ML and holds 7 glasses of beer... Placed between Peter and I, cannot even see him loh! I have to like move forward a little when we talked. So this Filipino waitress took our order right... she was like,

"ok so i'll be getting you guys a tower with beer and nachos ya..."

I was like thinking... duuuh, of course tower with beer lah... if not what,water ah... =/

then after that, i realised what she meant was tower wheat beer loh...

you know how Brewerkz have those different kinds of beers? Ya Wheat Ale was one of them.

wheat beer. not with beer lah.... Har that make a whole lot of sense now. Her deep Filipino accent lah.... *slap forehead* Hahaha!

Night ended off well. But im really broke! Seriously, it's like i spent so much that i dont wanna spend again. Lately, i ate like only 1 pathetic meal a day. No breakfast, no lunch. Just dinneeeer at home! It's like having an all liquid diet for the past weeks. Lunchtime is just me, the book and my bear. At least i get to rest for a while lah... Dammit i jus realised that eversince i came back from Cambodia, i haven been eating well at all. And worse of all, mum's not really cooking this week cos she's kinda busy with the New Year stuffs... Geez, guess i'm going home to dig out all the instant noodles in my storeroom then....

So it's Valentine's Day tmr... I'll be going to go Chinatown tmr afterwork. Get in the mood man! Buy some candies, gummies, ang baos. =)) I hope it's not too packed or sth. Tmr should be pretty fine i guess. Alrighty im tired, to everyone in the wholewideworld - May you be blessed with all the love in the world.

Happy Valentine. ("v")



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