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The Pig Year.
Friday, February 23, 2007

it was a fun fun fun fun fun fun fun fun chinese new year!

though the angbaos wasnt alot, but i had lots of laughters instead!

"okay let's play the John game. J-O-H-N John..."

so much fun at my cousin's place on the first day of new year. John simply cracks me up man. For those whose wondering who's John, lo and behold :

That sweet smiling lady is my cousin She-Reen. They were at a wedding ceremony. She's probably saying something sweet like "oh loook, the newly wed looks so blissful...." or something. Well, now let's bring the focus and attention to John. Would you pls just look at him.... He's like giving the i-cant-be-bothered-and-i'm-going-to-roll-my-eyes look. So hilarious! I just burst out laughing loh. I have to blog this! This is classic man!

We played Heart Attack. That's so my favourite game. I know it's so old schools and all. But i loveeeee that game. It's fun lah. Herman got so excited he threw the cards away when we all stacked our hands in the middle. Like i was sitting beside him and i can literally see the cards flew in the air... Serious! That was the last straw man. Couldnt stop laughing. It was so farnie... I'm actually still laughing as i was typing out this entry... =/

Went to the Loof on the second day of new year with Peter. Was there for the first time. It's this rooftop bar place. Kinda cool... I didnt know how to go. Instead of me bringing Peter there, it was the other way around. He had to ask other people for directions. Holy cow that was so embarassing for me! Call myself a true blue Singaporean. I dont even know where in the blue world is Raffles Hotel! I should be so ashamed of myself man....

So anyway, we arrived there before 9pm and was lucky enough to catch the fireworks display. That was really niceeee. And, Peter was wearing a red shirt.... So we had 1-for-1 on all cocktails. Double Niceeeee! He ordered bar food like chicken wings and this scallops wrapped with bacon thingy. That was so good man! Yummylicious! Triple Niceeeee! =))

Third day was at Lynette's place. Invited Peter and he did his first Lao Yu Sheng for this CNY. Booze were on free flow, played a game that Zana introduced, Peter's lame card tricks, big fish/small fish, 32 is NOT a multiply of sevens, and many more! So much laughters... Damn fun lah. Gosh i realised i haven had so much fun for quite some time. Really enjoyed myself so much this week that i totally forget all my troubles. Aint that good......

Muhahahha! Joeeeeeey~ The rule of the game is to cheers with Joey's forehead before your forfeit drink. And i super suck and that stupid big fish/small fish crap. =/

Alrighty some post CNY tea party at work that we had. Jason is forever acting cute..... Which is good! Cos he always fail and it's really funny. Muhahahha!

Buddies in Action. The Pink Bear is sooo eye-catching.

Suzie and Schenker.

Suzie and Jason who is trying-so-hard-to-look-like-Schenker-but-yet-again-fail-miserably. It's so funnny... I can like hire Jason and be my part-time clown to cheer me up or sth.

The Lunch Kahkis. We're missing Susan though. Probably will organize another game session at my place next Saturday or sth when Susan is back.

One laaaaaast thing. Happy 21st Anne! I think you're the first among us to turn 21. All my warmest well wishes to our most hardworking, most questions asked, most knowledge, most funniest project mate. My 3 years poly life could never be any more fun w/o you. See you at ur party lateeeer! Alright that's pretty much all that has happened this week.

Happy CNY everyone. =)


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