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Post CNY.
Friday, February 16, 2007

Went out for lunch and took a newbie ride from Jason's new car. If my dad's car was behind his, im pretty sure my dad will honk the living hell out of him.... Well, i guess all slow, oh sorry... i mean safe drivers are like that lah. hahaha.

Went to Chinatown with Peter n twj. Chinatown is so boring. There's nothing interesting. Somehow, CNY this year seems so dull. Totally no mood man. We had dinner at all the pushcarts stores. That place is great for bringing your tourist friends because all the local food are there! But it's a ripped out place lah.... We had all the Singaporean food like :

- popiah
- oyster omelette
- rojak
- wu xiang
- tang yuan peanut soup
- satay

Pretty much introduced all the local fares. Wanted to get char kway teow but the queue........ omg. Peter wants to try Chilli Crabs though. Yea that is a must try when you're in Singapore. Will probably bring him to East Coast n try next week or sth. Peter wants to check out Geylang though.......

For food of course! They have heard soooo much abt Geylang... Gosh.

So it's gonna be CNY soon. Got all your new clothes? I managed to grab all the stuff i need last night at Bugis. Super last minute loh.... When you buy last minute stuff, you are left with no choice and you cant chose the most afforable ones. I just see it. like it. grab it. leave it.

Brown Heels - $29 (Managed to bargain for 15% discount from the salesgirl. Hahahah!)
Vintage Clutch - $19
White Belt - $9
Girl Boxers n Earrings from Topshop -$48!!!
Hole in my Pocket - Priceless...

Mygod i didnt even realised i spent so much at Topshop lah! I just grab what i like and pay for it. WTH man. Ah nevermind lah, new year once only. Just spend it!! Remember i still have some pics in my cousin's cam that i haven uploaded? Yea these are all of it...

At World Lounge. Cocktails buy 2 free 1!

The *ahem* friendly waiters at World Lounge.

That's Richard. Our tour guide.

Having breakfast at the balcony outside our room. I wish i can have breakfast there every morning man. Food jus taste so good with the sunshine n all....

The Balcony right outside our room. I was just sitting there, reading my book, plugging into the ipod... Life's good. It's like there's nothing in your blank mind but you're missing something. Strange aye.

The Irish Pub downstairs of our guesthouse. Remember it's Molly Malone! I'm so going back there to stay again.

At The Soup Dragon. Some restaurant with food so horrible we didnt even touch it.....

Ok maybe we did.... Just a few spoonfuls.

I love this place. The Blue Pumkin. This chill-out place with unique ice-cream flavors, gummies, pastries, free wireless internet, lovely white sofa seats... Just sit back, lie down or do whatever you want and reeeest. I had caramel ice cream though. It's nice, i think he'll like it too...

Nightfall. After dinner/drinking with Peter and Sarah, we decided to go back to our balcony and drink instead. Bubbble Tea in Cambodia is so goooood!

At the back : Jonas, George, Peter. While we were sitting around chatting, i barely spoke loh. I dunno what to say! I dont even understand what they were talking about. Like history of Mexico and stuff.... omfg. They are really smart people man... Or i'm too stupid.... Ahh either way lah. This was the last pic in Cambodia. Good job my dear camera....

Sooooo it's the EVE OF CHINESE NEW YEAR! Have fun people! Gong Xi Fa Cai. Huat ah! Collect as many angbaos as you can. Good Luck in this coming Pig Year...

love y'all. =)

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