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Friday Night Out.
Saturday, March 17, 2007

Went out for ROM dress-hunting with the girls. Had dinner first at Ding Tai Feng. So reminds me of Peteeer can! The last time i was there at DTF was with him too.... Okay i know Joel is sick and tired of me rattling on and on abt Peter. Fine! Dinner was gooooood... Xiao Long Bao, Fried Rice, Dumplings Soup... Haven had a good meal for the whole blardy week. It's good to jus spend time with them.

- Joey.Susan -

- Jace.Lynette -

I took this shot! My skinny long arms rocks. One try only and i nailed it! Love this pic.

Su was trying out all the dresses we chose for her at Daniel Yan. Some dresses are really nice... But i think it's too common. Like everyone would be wearing the same thing if it's bought from DY. It's like wearing a dress to prom and see another girl wearing the same thing as you... That sucks big time man. I guess we'll just look around for other choices.

But it's kinda fun. Ang, Mah and myself... standing outside the fitting room, our arms folded, rolling eyes at the other lady grumbling loudly abt her husband, looking through all the other dresses, try to get the zipper up *breathe in and hold ur breath!* Muahahah! We spent like an hour or so inside the shop. It's so exciting! Su's like my first ROM event that i'm going to attend... =)

Something random - Melvin took this photo :

Car Plate # 9018!

I seriously think Mel is obsessed with my handphone number.... For goodness sake could you pls stop buying those numbers for 4D! It's not going to bring you anymore luck man...... Today's 4D results - 3rd Prize : 9008. Consol Prize : 0918. *slap forehead*

Told you right! Seriously, it's time to give it up man...

Now i shall look for the Car Plate # that's exactly the last 4 digit of my handphone #. Quite hard right.... Keep your eyes wide open when you're on the roads! Shot a pic of the Car Plate for me if you see it!

Big Kisses.

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