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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Big hugs for Rui Ling! Thanks for driving me to Timbre and back home! We left my place and started driving to Timbre at 7pm. We got there like at 8pm...... Was driving around for 1 hour can! Given the fact that my place is located pretty near Timbre and travelling there would only take us 20mins or sth.... =/

Flipping through directory, calling Jason for direction, (and i wonder why i called him cos he's still new on the road anyway!!), turning around streets, and finally exclaiming in excitement that we found the place.... omgaaaaaaaawd.

Everybody got lost. Timbre's location is kinda strange. But that's what makes the place special... We only managed to settle down after 9pm, which was over Happy Hours... Worse of all. Ordered their thin crust Pizza and it came 2hrs later... Man the chef sure knows how to take his own sweet time meddling with the dough and chopping up the ingredients loh. But the pizza was great. I NEVER eat the crust of any pizza. But Timbre's thin crust pizza was amazing. I finished the whole piece. Yes, including the crust...

And the band - Timmy. Gosh, i wish we could have Breakfast at Tiffany every Sunday morning. Or we could be Chasing Cars all day... Cant remember all the songs he sang. That's the only 3 songs i recalled. Hahahah. I really like live bands that can rock my world upside down and inside out. And the lead singer - Ngak was charming the crowd with his smile as he sings. ohmygod... My heart's melting... Who cares if Timbre is hard to find, or the pizza takes forever to come. =))

At Timbre.

My Loves.

Cat was trying to use ONE of her fingers to cover her double chin. Camera tricks.

Wei Liang wants to watch 300.

i gave my free tix away becos i cant find anyone to watch the graphic novel film with me.

thanks man. now i need to spend my remaining moolahs on 300.


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