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Good Friday
Friday, April 06, 2007

Bro's not home. Mum & Dad went out to friend's place.

It's just me,myself and i today....

Think Home Alone 4. i'm in that moive.

Gosh i was so bored! Intended to watch all of Prison Break that twj passed to me, but i lost interest in Wentworth Miller suddenly! Sorry dude, i still love you the most, but not today man... Called Cat up and we went for shopping at Bugis to get her top for Rui Ling's 21st tmr. You know what window shopping can do... YES! Spending Money! I bought a top and dress again. ohwhatever. =/

Rui Ling's 21st party tmr. This is exciting man. *loads of surprises for her!* Cant wait to see her smiling from ear to ear tmr. Shall be going to her place early to help decorate the place and prepare stuff and all. Will post up pics when i'm back from. It's gonna be a blast! =)

Had dinner with Joey n gang on Thursday night @ TCC. I ate exactly the same thing i had in the previous post. Hahaha. So anyway, i saw James. It's been donkey years since i last saw him during Graduation. James always reminds me of my act-like-a-fool friend aka Tommy Chung. Ahahaha! With Chung around, i swear you will laugh till you flip over. Those were the days...

Ushering at AdAsia 05 - Sentosa. James is on the left.

AdAsia was damn fun. It was a HUGE event. Like the premier event that executives in the advertising and marketing communications industry must not miss. Thousands of industry professionals from 20 countries around the world attended this prestigious event. Since AdAsia is a biennial event, so different countries get to host this event and it return to Singapore for the 2nd time in like 25 years. That's why it was a huge event. During my polys day, we volunteered to usher the crowds cos we get a chance to attend their seminars and sessions.

The last day of the event was at Sentosa. Fantastic Night. Great Food. Free flow of beers,wines. The host lead everyone to an open spot on the beach, we all sang Auld Lang Syne and fireworks filled the dark skies. Absolutly Amazing. Totally enjoyed myself. If my memory didnt failed me, i think the host for the upcoming AdAsia is at Seoul. I wished i can go!

Jace's left. James's right.

Okay more like our Converse sneakers. We kinda have the same shoes, jus that in different sizes. Haha. Funny aye. Hello~ it doesnt look like it's from one person right? If it is, than that person is standing in a rather weird pose.... Either way, i was nice seeing James again. Alrighty back to Prison Break. Need to rest early tonight. It's gonna be a looong day tmr. =))


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