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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

See i really like my new tan. The tanlines and a little reddish burn colour on my face and shoulders. Looks really cool and I like it! The thing i hate about this whole sun-tanning crap is the flaking part. My skin is peeling like mad lah! I'm like a snake or something. Daaaammmit! So awful, flakes of dead dried skin falling on my table. And my face somemore! Arms are okay. Mah's starting to peel too. Gosh, Elijah's tanning lotion kinda work on the arms and not the face... =/

So anyway... Chalet was uber fun. *UBER UBER FUN!* Lots of jokes, laughters, hysterical, acting like a fool, crappy stuff... We'll always remember everything we done yea. =)

"Whatever happened in Room 1109

stays in Room 1109."

You know who you are. =X

Muahahahah! The forfeit videos are classic man. I bet 10 years down the road when i watch these videos again, i'm still gonna laugh till i cry. I'll probably put all the videos together and make it into a film or something. Gotta figure that out though...

Got loads of pics to upload! Well actually also not alot lah. Jus pics from the few outings we had. Chalet, BBQ, sub team dinner @ Ichiban. Shall upload all the pics after i meet Fraser n Mel Mel tmr at you-know-where? TCC. Again. Well, at least it's a different outlet this time. We'll gonna check out the one at Paradiz Centre.

Jus something i wanna say before i go. The Samsung slide up shit at Wild Wild Wet rocks man. I swear the first time i saw the ride, i was like no way i'm doing that. Then we watched Mah n Elijah took the ride, i was like hell-no way i'm gonna do that. It's horrifying can!

Imagine plunging down a four-storey ramp, accelerating until you hit the deck and skim across to soar up the opposite side. For all adrenalin-junkies, this ride is a cool way to indulge your need for speed. And i decided to tried it afterall! So proud of myself huh. Brave right... i know. Dont believe you go ask Jiji. *Give myself a pat on my back~* Actually the whole ride i didnt even open my eyes lah, and i was screaming all the way... Hahahaha. Well at least i tried it right!! It was really fun. Must try! =)

Alrighty i shall go arrange all my pics and post them up soon. Love all!

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