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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

GUYS! I have so much things to blog about but i'm sorry... Wentworth Miller comes first! I only have Prison Break Season 2 till Episode 14. Till Lynette told me about this website that has videos from Epi 15 till 21! omfg!! So i'm writing a little as the video loads....

So anyway, I wanna tell you guys abt TCC. My new favourite hangout... I never tried TCC before until last Sunday. The closer i ever got to TCC was this :

Mel and I...

My pirate for Prison Break. =)

So i went down to the TCC near my place @ Novena to meet Rui Ling and Cat last Sunday.

PEACH ME UP. Dammit this is darn good!

This is like the best wedges ever simply becos of the cheese dip! I cant live w/o cheese man. *cheesssssy!*

Marcaroni Granti. Yummlicious! Cos there's like melted cheese on top too...

Looks great and it taste like you're in heaven...

The cakes at TCC are really affordable and niceeeeeee!! Unlike the ones i tried from BakerzIn. One piece cost like $6 loh. Though it's darn good also lah, but mygod.... $6?!!? Owels, i guess all award-winning cakes are always slightly pricy. I love the ones i tried at TCC. Will try out the rest of the cakes that they have soon. Cos I'm going for TCC again tmr! Meeting Joey and the lunch kahkis gang for dinner. =)

I'm this close to pulling my hair out cos the video is loading damning fugging slow today!


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