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Yuan Yuan
Monday, April 30, 2007

Okay today's post is like super random. I just want you to meet our famous cat that belongs to like everyone in the neighbourhood - Yuan Yuan. Obviously, we called him Yuan Yuan for a reason...

Just loooook at him...

I'm not reeeeeally sure if that's a cat.

Well, Yuan Yuan is in shape. Round is the shape...

And you might wanna fight that urge to boop his belly,

cos he's doesnt like that...

He bites!

Aww... isnt he like the cutest things ever! And he only puuurrs when you called him Yuan Yuan. Call him something else and he's gonna just tiao you loh, like totally ignore you. Muahahah, Evil cat. Besides, i think he likes me more. Cos i always give him free massage everyday! =)) Yuan Yuan is one lucky cat. Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner all provided. When i sit beside him and pat his head, he will move forward and lean his head on ur legs. So so adorable.

Silly cat tries to sweep my flip-flops away. Hahaha!

And damn, you're right.

so jace's a sentimental person..

Keeps a scrapbook and loves her yuanyuan..

Okay that's all. Was supa tired at work today. I'm like almost half asleep while working loh. Ya! that tired okay. Totally exhausted. From what i dont know also. Probably just bored with work... Anyway, hey Lynn! I've got something here for ya... Look who dropped by to say hi!

Charlie Brown n Lucy! Good grief.

Dont you just miss them soo much... Aww, we miss you too.

Come back soooon!

Meantime, everyone enjoy the holiday.

No work tmr, so lemme heard you scream :


Love all.

you'll know it's
all because of you
we can do
whatever we want to

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