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Curse of Delmar
Sunday, May 20, 2007

Yes that's right. The Curse of Delmar... I can NEVER successfully get to Delmar. I've been talking about going to Delmar ever since Peter was here. So loong ago can! Every week we'll be like, "hey next Sat we go delamr!" It's either people put aeroplane, or Mr Sun decieded to rest and he ask Mr rain to take over his shift or everyone else is just as lazy as me to plan and inform the rest. And when we finaaaaaally confirm going Delmar yesterday,

it's fcuking rained...

okay not exactly pouring rain, but it kinda like drizzle.

Still, super spolier loh.


Blardy rain. Never even use loh. Bring my avi for show only. Bought this so long ago, was thinking today can finally bring my avi out, then it rained...


I'm still whining about the rain.

Wi drove us to Sentosa, we past by this Merlion and our dear Ms Ang asked the funniest question ever.

Ang : "Why this Merlion got no water coming out from the mouth one?"

mygod. Everyone pls slap your forehead now. Seriously, it's so Joey loh... This is the classic kind of question she will ask. Like DEEEERH! The monorail is jus below the Merlion you know!! Got water the monorail lagi spoil liao lah!! WORSE. I think she mixed up the Merlion at Esplanade and this. Aiyoeh. Horrible loh..... So we all started laughing at her in the car. Muahahahahahahahahaha!!

So we finally reached Delmar after turning round and round looking for a parking lot, the dark clouds approached. Okay, never mind. The waiter at Delmar said part of the place is closed for an event. Only a few sunbeds are available, which you have to spend a min of $100/$200 dollars if you wanna sit there. See, $100/$200 is okay cos there's like 6 of us. Open a few bottles already can hit $100. But if we pay so much, chill at Delmar then it rain within the next 15mins how?! Not worth it right! So we decided to bar hop instead. Not worth the risk...

But before we leave, must take pic to proof we WERE there!

I even brought my scrapbook loh! And Wi bought Dunkin Donuts from JB.

Bar-hopped to Bikini Bar, Coasters... We were so dressed for Sentosa, arguing at the carpark, thinking of where to go next. From Wala to Ice Cold Beer to a place in Changi.... Until we finally decided to leave Sentosa and head to Cosy Bay instead. So to sum up, we paid entrance fee, parking fee, just to come into Sentosa, turn one round and exit. Exciting isnt it?!

Drove to Cosy Bay. See the problem with us youngsters is we know where's the place. But we dont know HOW TO GET THERE. This is when the Street Directory, people who can read map and calling your sister comes to help. Cosy Bay is a really nice spot!

Birthday Boy enjoying his Erdinger and Dunkin Donuts.

We all had a couple of beers and enjoyed the chilling weather. It was nice lah. At that point i was thinking; eh this Cosy Bay very familiar leh. I think Lim told me about this place before... And when we left, we saw Lim! He was also heading to Cosy Bay to catch the soccer match. Small world indeed. At the end of the day, we'll all be at the same place...

I think the best part of the whole trip ytd was in the car. Wilson will be like : "Eh Yiwen, my car is not Land Rover leh."or "Eh Yiwen/Joey, later i drop you at the Expressway. You go there yourself loh..." Ahahahahah! Classic~

Lesson Learnt : Pls meet 2-3 hrs early. Cos we loove to dilly-dally and by the time we are done with dilly-dallying, the time is just nice. Analyse the weather forecast a few days before, track the rain patterns and make sure that mr rain dont feel like it, suddenly pop out from nowhere and give us a shower right in the middle of Delmar.

Misson 1 FAILED.


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