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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Took half day and met Cat. We went to Coca to pig out. You should have seen the way we ate. Seriously, it's like we haven eaten for ages~ Cos it was a buffet lunch steamboat, we just order and order and eat and eat. Coca's chilli is yummy. We went after lunch-time, like 2plus... and we were like the only people there. Hahaha. So we took our own sweet time and pig out till 4plus. *BLOATED* I didnt even take dinner jus now!

Actually the purpose for the half day today was to get Alex's 21st present and to buy some formal wear for myself. We ended up spending half of our time pigging out... Went to Art Friend, and was missing only ONE blardy alphabet! Stocks will only be in at end month. =/ So i bought a heels for myself instead and cuff-links for Alex's 21st. Houseparty on Sat. SPH Family Day at The Zoo on Sun!

We are going to the zoo,zoo,zoo

How bout you,you,you

You can come too,too,too

We are going to the zoo,zoo,zoo!

The classic song Cat and I will sing whenever someone mention the word "Zoo." Sing it! It's darn hilarious. Was taking bus home and overheard this typical ah-beng's conversation.

beng #1 : eh Standard Chartered is what ahz? Bank si bo?
beng #2 : ahhh... i think so.
beng #1 : Bank lahz. Can draw money one right? Got ATM like DBS liddat.
beng #2 : ahhhh. ya lahz.
me : ...

I kei siao watched TV Mobile. Actually i felt like bursting out loud, turn around and tell beng :

No lah. Actually Standard Chartered is a supermarket....

Of course it's a bank lah! omgaaaaaaawd. Slap forehead.

Bengs continues with their ridiculous talks. I dozed off.


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