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I'm Hired.
Friday, May 18, 2007

Remember the interview i was telling you guys about? The foreign MNC located on the 35th floor of Gateway West? They offer me and i'm hired! Signing the letter of appointment next week. Reporting for my first day of work on 1st June. =))

The Company name is called Macquarie Telecom, which is a leading supplier of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) that is dedicated exclusively to the business and government markets. Located at Gateway West. You know that weird-looking building that's so flat it looks like a piece of paper from far? Yeaaaa that building.

The last person that interview me was Mr Larry, the President & Managing Director of Asia. He's this really fatherly figure which kinda reminds me of Mr Cheng. Mr Larry was from the States and has only came to Singapore just about 1 mth ago.

It's pretty funny. The rooms that i had my interview in grew bigger and bigger, and of course, the position of my interviewers too. From Account Manager to Director then to MD. My first interview was in an corner near the reception area. 2nd interview in a small meeting room. 3rd interview was like in this HUGE Director's Board Meeting room with those long table from one end to another and overlooking the beautiful view outside the building. I seriously love love love the view there. I'm gonna watch the Ferris Wheel work completion, the skyscrapers of CBD... = )

I gotta say this is probably my first job. My real first job. 1 yr in SPH was just a contract staff with no status. Nevertheless, my learning experience in SPH was enriching and not forgetting the people i met there : Lynette. Joey. Zana. Elijah. Grace. Susan. Joel. Godpa-s. All the Uncles. Never will i get to meet the most amazing bunch of people ever. My official last day will be on 30th May. Shall left all my thanks and goodbyes till then...

Annnnd i think i need to get some formal/smart casual wear. For the past 1 yr in SPH, i've been dressing to work like i'm going to school or something. Supa informal one loh! Like tank tops with jeans or demin skirts and flip-flops. I dont think i can wear any of that to my new workplace. Neeed to re-vamp my wardrode.


The Perfect Excuse for a Shopppping Spreeeee!

New job, new start. Soooo i would neeeeeed new heels, new tops, new pants, new skirts, new bag, new tan, new contact lens, new glasses... Did i missed out on anything? Remind me if i have. Hey have you guys got the GST Offset Package thingy? I got mine! Not much of a help but i'll probably spend all of it on the Shopping Spree.

Calling out to all Partners in Crime,

Pls feel free to join me on my upcoming spree... =S

Enjoy your weekends!


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