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Friday, May 04, 2007

As you all may have known, i'm leaving SPH after my 1 year stay there. Grass is always greener on the other side. There's always so much more to learn. So for the past few weeks, i've been sending in resumes and receiving calls for a couple of interviews. It's beeen a loooong time since i went for interviews. Kinda lost touch in presenting myself to the interviewers, but slowly picking my momentum up along the way. For each interviews i've been to, i have learned a few skills/sentences/statements that i can use in my next interview. Which means i get better and better for the other sessions! Hahaha.

So as i was saying, there are 2 interviews that left a deep impression on me. I had 1 interview yestersday at Raffles Place. When i arrived at the company, i was left in a room to fill up my application form. The staff came in after i completed it and handed me a test. I was like... test?! I didnt know this interview session got test loh! Fug anything also never prepared! So i thought maybe it's just some knowledge skill test or sth. I read the questions and went blank...

Q1 : "Using Variance Analysis, pls give 3 reasons why Debtors are more than Sales."

Q2 : "A client would like to set up a company with shareholders/directors holding an equal amount of shares. Give 3 advantages and disadvantages for this approach."

WTF is variance analysis?! I mean i know what's variance analysis, but that was during the days where i have my lecture notes with me! I practically crap my way through this test and that blardy interview lasted for 3 hrs... How good can it get.

So when i thought all was gone, another guy called me up for interview again for this morning appointment which is also at Raffles Place. I arrived at the building, called up that guy and he came down to meet me. I thought he wanted to bring me up to his office, instead he said...

"Come, let's go have coffee at TCC."

I was like.... !!!!!! Uber coooool! Interview session conducted at TCC? This has got to be my first time having an interview like this! So we were having breakfast and coffee as he asked me more about my job in SPH, hobbies, strengths and weakness and stuff. This headhunter Company is looking for a someone to fill in a position in a foreign MNC. It was a really interesting and informal setting for an interview and i feel like i'm chatting with a friend rather than going through an interview. Fun loh!

Met Ken for Starbucks after interview before going back to work. Check out the Singapore Flyer! Almost done... Cant wait for the ferris wheel to start turning. A taxi driver once asked me if i'll take a ride on the wheel. Of cos i will! I'm definately getting on that wheel. Any takers?

Met Ang for dinner at Phin's Steakhouse at Bugis. The steaks are yummy! Perfectly done. Then shopped around Bugis, catch up on some gossips. Hahaha. Simple Fri Night. Oh before i leave, the interview session at TCC? He called me in for a 2nd interview at the foreign MNC co. Wish me luck!!

I heard this over the radio today :

It's Star Wars Day today. Cos May the 4th be with you...

Go look at your calendar. =)


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