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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

You know i'm kinda running out of ideas as to what to write for the title of every post... So whenever i cant think of any word, i shall just put updates. Hahaha.

Anyway, this week is packed! Watch Spiderman 3 on Monday. I must say it's rather boring. So much for the most anticipated moive of the year. It's so typical story plot, good always win over evil, bad guys die kinda moive... *YawN* So many upcoming moives though! Pirates 3, Shrek 3, Ocean's 13! WoooHoooo~

Interview on Tue @ Gateway. The foreign MNC i was telling you guys abt? Yet the headhunter company set me up an interview with them. I love it there! The view at their office on the 35th floor? Like omg....

So nice lah! Can see the full ferris wheel, the sea, suntec city, the CBD area, skyscrapers... I bet the nightview is even nicer! Only managed to take this shot before the interviewer came out. I so wanna work there... Interview went well. = )

Kurohige Kiki Ippatsu!

I've been searching high n low for this! Saw this before on Hard Guy and i always wanted to get my hands on one of it... Finally saw it at a toy shop in Bugis and i die die must get it! Ppl when you're free, go down to Youtube and search for Hard Gay. It's so dumb... but funny. Haddo Gei! Watch it and you'll know wat i mean...

So this toy works like this : It's really simple. Players take turns to poke the knives into the barrel. One of the holes will tigger off the mechanism and pop goes the weasel. The pirate will pop out from the middle and that player lose! It's a great drinking game. Fun right! Ahahaha! i love it.

OT-ed today. Supa tired. Been like looking at the computer screen the whole fugging day and my bloodshot eyes are gonna fall out soon... The only thing to look forward too is Friday. Meeting the tribe on Friday for Ben and Jerry's feast at Cathay Picturehouse! I'm so gonna bring that new toy i bought. Ohyeah~

Lastly. I was called in for a 2nd interview tmr! This time i will be meeting the Director who's a New Zealander. I hope i'll leave a good impression. Wish me luck luck luck!! =)


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