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Whatever will be, will be.
Wednesday, May 16, 2007

This week is so messy... Everything that we supposingly planned all went wrong. That's why i say, you cant really planned beforehand. Who in the blue world will know what's gonna happen next? No one reallys knows what the future holds.

What will happen, will happen. Whatever will be, will be.

So folks, fret not! Let the person up there lay out everything for us yea. Be happy alright?


Our Asst VP - Mr Cheng's 61st Surprise Birthday Lunch!

Birthday Cake.

The board with our birthday greetings from all of Support Team. Mine's @ Top right corner.

I loveeeeee this print!! So gonna copy it.

Muahahha! Jason looks damn hilarious here lah!

Susan say this pics can threaten ppl. Huh?! Didnt know Hendy can be a threat. Btw, that's Lim's finger.... So stupid loh.

Mr Cheng. He was like... "Eewen, come come take pic." Take already he say look like father and daughter... Aaaaaaw~~

Must take pic with my favourite background print. I dont understand why this stupid camera got such big yellow font of time and date for every picture captured. Damn fugly can! And it's NOT my camera....

Groupie Pic. All of Support Team.

WoBao Event @ MOS

That pretty much sums up everything that happened at MOS.... NOTHING! Supa boring can. We were like yawning away. Wanted to leave at 9.30pm. But stayed around, drink with the Uncles and left at 10pm instead. The only thing great abt this event was the free Cathay moive tix. Ohyeahman! Just nice can use the tix to watch Pirates 3. Anyone wanna catch?

On the side note. OT-ed today till 8.30pm. Lim dropped me at the usual spot and i walked home. Saw this China man crossing the road when the freaking overhead bridge was JUST BEHIND HIM. Quite alot of cars on the road and he was just crossing as if his grandfather owns that road or something. I was thinking to myself, how dangerous... Walked a few steps and BAM. He got knocked down by a car. Mygoodness. I was the only person there lah! So the driver got down and i rang the cops. This is probably the first time i ever dialled 999. Made a police report, waited for the ambulance before i leave the scene. The paramedics called and asked how's the situation of that man. He's not bleeding but can see that he's in pain. As usual, the typical Singaporeans displayed their kaypoh-ism by slowing down their vehicle and jamming up the whole stretch of road. Traffic Police came a while later. Thanks to the paramedics that came down so quickly. Hope that man's fine.

Okay gonna end here. So tired this week... Running up and down for interviews. Taking cabs to and fro. Omgaaaawd. So Brookeeeeeee~

Dammit i'm so tired i feel like i'm sleepwalking......

( -_-) ZzzzzZ

Love y'all.

you'll know it's
all because of you
we can do
whatever we want to

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