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Sunday, May 27, 2007

So we went to the ZOO today! Uncle gave me tickets to SPH Family Day. I got Cat, Weiqi, WeiLiang to go with me. Damn it was soooo crowded can! People everywhere! We reached zoo like around 1pm. Wanted to go grab our lunch pack and the Q was like freaking loooooooooooooooooooooooooong!! Saw Uncle Remy and he said they Q half an hour for the food pack. WTF! Half an hour?! I'll be starved to died by then....

So we skipped lunch pack and pay for the ridiculous tourist price of sandwich and drinks. One bottle of Season Ice Lemon Tea : i remember Ngee Ann Poly sold that bottle for $1 only. Zoo sell them at $2.90.... FUG LAH! ALMOST 3 TIMES THE MARK UP PRICE CAN! Why like that!! Those angmohs sibei rich. $2.90 to them is like just 2 dollar US. Like tip to them loh. Damn AMs....

Pls ignore that indian lady. The photographer (weiqi) sucks and i have no idea what's she talking about....

The polar bears are hugeee... Loook at their paws!

I swear this IS the closest i ever got to a polar.

Another polar. This one is cuter... I guess Polar Bears was one of the visitor's favourite. Everyone was crowding around to snap a shot and catch a gleam of the bears.

3 White Tigers pacing up and down in a that really small enclosure.... I think all the animals in our zoo are living in really small area if you compared to them living in carefreely in wildlife.

Aren't they pretty? White Tigers are almost close to extinction. I'm Tiger too, roaaaaaar! My Chinese Horoscope is the Tiger, Hu.

So Australia Outback~ I wanna go Africa and see the wildlife in this truck!

Aaaah... Cant remember what animals this was. I think Emu or something. Emo Emu~ HAHA.

Ah Meng! It's Photo-taking session with Meng for $5. The trainer is like a buddy to Meng. He helps Meng clean off sth in its eye, punch him, tickle him. I see the love & respect between the trainer and the Orang Utan. Likewise, when the trainer has his back turned, Meng smacked his behind. HAHAHHA!! SO LOVING INDEED. Meng damn funny lah!

Heads-on Rhinos.



I came to the zoo for giraffes only! And now i've seen them...

Took a solo pic with them... I can go home liao~

You know... they are not as tall as i though they would be. I expect them to be taller loh... Not as WOW... Like i saw those documentaries and those wildlife giraffes are really TALL!

Minature Horses.

Elephants @ Training. I haven never taken a ride on an elephant before and i would love to try it. Saw them in Cambodia, Ang Kor but didnt have the time to try. Or maybe can try being carried by the elephant with it's long nose or something... I bet that would be fun!

i almost wanted to steal this lamb home. (Not for lamb chop lah you idiot...) It's uber cuteeeeeeeee!


I have done horse-riding before though. When i was in Sabah, we went to this 5-star hotel and had horse-riding down the beach. It's so typical prince charming in shining amour riding down the beach with his white horse kinda scene. Really nice...

Groupic Pic!

My cam was on low batt and when we were about to shot this pic, my cam died on me... Thinking, what a waste all 4 of us came to the zoo but didnt managed to shot a pic together, WeiLiang whipped out his cam.


The whole time he got KAMERA he didnt say or take it out loh! Damn idot. Last crucial min then take out... Well, Zoo was fun today. Weiqi had press conference about his "lastest drama", we listened. Actually the whole point of asking him out today was to shan shan xin lah. Sigh. The Trouble with Love... I was so tried i slept the whole train ride back. Like from Kranji all the way to Novena. *ZzzzZzzZz* First time travelling all the way to the west side and the ride seems to take foooooooorever...

Back to work tmr! Gotta clear all my stuff by tmr. EVERYTHING OUT! New person to replace me coming in tmr. (I just said tmr thrice.) Will be handing-over all the stuff i have learned over the past 1 year to her. Alright loves, have a great week ahead.


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