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Laptop to the Rescue!
Wednesday, June 06, 2007

i hope i'm not losing my readers! Do come back... I'll update everytime i can. Pls dont leave me!! ='( My laptop is still under rescue and they are still trying to save my motherboard. Meantime, i shall find time to head down to Sim Lim and buy a new laptop... which i remember saying that a few months back but i STILL have not get it...

Update you guys a little. I just started work at the Company that i've been mentioning in the past few entries. Yeah that one at Gateway. Work's been pretty okay. Lovely view, nice office. People here are really nice. Foreign culture is always much more different. And they have ALOT of events. Like this Friday we're having a Golf event @ Laguna Country Club. Upcoming events are gala moive preview, BBQ at my Director's house, Birthday Bash, Overseas Trip for Team Building with the whole Company... alot more. Sounds fun aye. Looking forward to those events.

More things to update when i get my lappy back. My last day in SPH. The "Retirement Party" at Alleybar. Some pics to upload. Soooon, soon enough.

And i wanna try the new flavour from Starbucks! Azuki Fraq. Red Bean.... Yum yum. Sounds like it's gonna taste damn good. Gonna try it soon.

Alrighty take care everyone!

Love y'all.

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