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Asian Heartbeat Pics
Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kudos to the amazing photographer! He took a lot of shots. Seriously... i really meant A LOT... He captured like every moment of the event! I selected a few nices one to show you guys. Thanks to you Mr Photographer, you got my supa unglam shot...... Scroll and view!

Cocktail Reception Area.

The outdoor dining area.

Stage and backdrop with instruments for the performance later.

Fine Dining at the Asian Civilisation Muesum.

Jen and Flo. All Blacks Part 1.

Roy and Georgie. All Blacks Part II.

Mingling with guests @ cocktail reception.

Fantastic view beside Singapore River.

Gift for all our guests. It's a USB handphone charger.

Waiters/Waiteress getting ready for the event.

My Fav shot. Nicely captured...

Sun starts to set... Spotlight starting to shine.

We were trying to figure out... i cant remember what.

Getting seated...

Yet again, Mr Photographer caught a nice shot. I like this! My client apparantly is interested to get ROM there. He's taking some pictures of the event to show to his girlfriend... Sho sweeeet~

Lovely nightview. Wonderful fine dining. Great performance.

A successful event!

The Host for my table, aka ME... and my clients. Thank you all for coming!

So the event ended with 3 cheers of yum sengs and a big bang of confetti in the air. My first corporate event. An eye-opener indeed. Glad it all went well!

Just to mention Mr Photographer again,

lo and behold the most unglam shot of me ever reveal on my blog...













Hmmm~ yummy cucumber sticks and mayo dip!

Roy explained that he was looking at me cos he told i was gonna stick that cucumber in my nose and he was wanted to help me with that.... Blardy hell!! Roy's damn evil...

I look like a joke beside Lyn!! Omgaaaawd... she look so glam can.

Fuuuggggg.... someone please pass me the paper bag.

I'll pull the bag over my face and go to work on Monday.

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