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Potluck Friday.
Saturday, August 25, 2007

Fri was so fun! But the atmosphere at work was so tense... Strangely, most of us were in BLACK. It's like we're mourning or something. So weird... Anyway, back to Potluck. Our little Potluck idea between the few of us turns out to be a big gathering! Gosh, the whole office was enjoying the potluck. Which was good lah... since we bought sooo much foood. Sharon bought her newborn to office for the full month thingy!

She's so smaaaall! Isnt she so preeeetty?

Talking abt potluck again... It was really a hell load of food. Why did we order so much in the first place when it's only the few of us?? Gosh, glad the rest were able to finish the food up for us. Lemme see... we had pizzas, tuna sandwiches (made by Eleen), chix wings, bee hoon, noodles, curry chicken in the bag x 2, vegs, desserts (made by George), cakes from Sharon, fruits platters... Yea i think that was what we had. We should have more potluck again soon. =)

Had drinks at Paulaner again with Eleen and Vic. Toldya it's gonna be my new love. We were totally enjoying ourselves there. Laughing and gossiping abt random people. In fact, we were in so much fun the singer of the band actually noticed us. He was like saying this before he sing his last song...

"I cant help but notice the 3 lovely ladies sitting infront of me. You guys seems to be enjoying yourselves and having lots of fun. Well, this song is specially dedicated to you..."

The song was : I Will Survive...


After all we have talked abt, we so needed this song to boost our morale man.

Indeed, we will survive...

Strive on my loves!

I finally got hold of the pics from the Asian Heartbeat.

Will blog abt them tmr ya. Have a good night rest y'all.


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we can do
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