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White Elephant
Sunday, August 12, 2007

Recently, i've been really busy with work. The aftermath of the Birthday Bash, sending Thank You emails, arranging for appointment to meet up with them again at ridiculously far places like Benoi and Senoko South... Btw, it was a fantastic night at the Asian Civilisation Museum! All my clients that i've invited came. Most of which are C-levels people and i was the only lady hosting my table.

I didnt take any pics cos abit unprofessional lah, later those COO, CEO find out i'm a freaking camwhore than that's it. Died. I'm doing this for the sake of my readers! Being a damn camwhore... Such sacrifice~ *pls tear now for effect*

So coming back to the Birthday Bash. I'll tell you guys more when i get the pics. We hired professional photographers to take pics for us. So i'm waiting for those pics. I've gotta say i did a pretty neat job hosting my table, networking with all the C-level people, making small talks, establishing the relationship with them. This has got to be my first ever corporate event where you've gotta watch what you say infront of these people. It's a total different atmosphere you've got there. *give myself a pat on my back!*

So today is abt white elephant. As i mention earlier, i've been pretty busy lately. Just recently on National Day, i was pacing around my house and notice a few new stuff. I have NO IDEA what "contribution" these things have for the house. Someone pls tell me...

(a) WHAT

(b) THE


I asked my folks abt them. Most important, how much those cost...

Lo and behold, i'm this close to strangling myself to death, thanks to my folks.

(a) It's a horse stepping on coins of gold. 4D in chinese is Ma3 Piao4. Ma in Chinese is horse, hence the figure. Apparantly, you're suppose to placed ur 4D tix under that thing and pray harder than ever that you're win.

COST : $30+

and by the way, i bought a number, placed it under that horsey thing and it didnt work! i didnt win even a single cent! bloody hell i want refund...

(b) I have no idea. It's called a Pi3 Shui2. Apparantly, this animal has no ass/butt, hence it "eats/sucks" up all the wealth and keep it inside. Best for peeps who play mahjong. Put it beside you and win all the money from the other tai-tais.

COST : $100+

(c) Myohmy... Another new piece of furniture, sitting in our smaller living room. We used to have another piece of coffee table sitting there, but dad said it was too bulky and he gave it away and bought this instead. So ancient chinese looking aye, with the painting and all. I ask my dad how much is this...

and this is the part i almost put my hands around by neck...

COST : $950+

... *speechless* i dont know what to say man. Too mad to scream. $900 for that shiz?! I dont know abt you but it's clearly too expensive for me!! Those 3 items adds up to $1000 you know!!! ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! On these what-the-hell-things-that-we-dont-even-used! Like how long will you sit on that chair you tell me? tell me when will i strike 4D? You tell me lah!! *slap slap slap forehead till bleed.*

He still dare to tell me it's good workmanship, the drawer got no nails one... means they craved from the whole piece of wood...

i was like... So?? No nails big lah, have to pay $900 lah... !@#$%^&*(?>:"

One Thousand Dollars... Think about it. They could have given it to me and i swear i'll give these $1000 their full glory and buy a Coach bag instead... and i still got some change back loh! *sighed loudly*

Meantime, i'm gotta go put my ass on that godammit chair and make sure it worth it's every cent. Back to work tmr. Have a great week ahead y'all!


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