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Langkawi - Day 2
Saturday, November 03, 2007

Woke up to the drizzling rain. Had breakfast and proceed to our Island Hopping. We chartered a boat all by ourselves so we can take our own sweet time and dilly-dally. We're VERY good at that.

*WARNING* : Lots of pics ahead. And it's only Day 2 pics. Took me quite a well to sort out all the pics and upload them. Hope you enjoy it as much as i missed my trip.

Shop opposite our Holiday Villa.

On the way to harbor.

Waiting for boat.


We'll be hopping around 3 beautiful islands.

On the way to our first island, we saw...



and more Islands!

Very rare sight and we were very very lucky. We saw dolphins! So exciting! We were just distance away, watching them freely in the sea... Didnt managed to snap pics in time. But it was an amazing sight. *WOW*

I'm telling you, YT has the MOST expressions in every pic. Watch him!

Arrived at 1st island!

Self timer group pic.

Monkeys running around freely.

We walked to the lagoon and pedal boat!

life's good here...

Taking a break. Pedalling is hard work!

They jumped into the lagoon for a swim.

i like this!

Proceed to 2nd island.

hahaha! pls jump down.

2nd island was eagle feeding. We were brought to this place, the guy threw 1kg of chicken meat into the water and guess what came...

Eagles! LOTS of them!

Supa exciting! They swooped down as swift as an... urmm, eagle!

Definitely a rare sight!

Section 377A. Dont they look so sweeet together? aaww...

♥My everything♥

We arrived at our 3rd island to swim and throw sand at each other. The sun was still hiding behind the clouds. We chill with the nice cooling weather.


Went back to hotel and rest. Time to return our mini car and scooter. We decided it's still more convenient having a car so we rented a bigger 6 seaters car now. Watch out for more stories abt this new car........

Drove to Tanjung Rhu, stopped by this nice beach for pictures.

Timer shot 1st try : Only the cam whore aka ME is always ready for the camera.

The rest all dreaming lah!

Timer shot 2nd try : Still fooling around.

Timer shot 3rd try : FINALLY! A decent group pic.

Timer shot 4th try : Run to camera!

♥ I told ya... So sweeet together~ I just love 'em! ♥

Boys will be boys...

♥One and Only Cat♥

We tried the jumped-in-the-air-pose but failed.

Much Better!

Photographer : Cat

Seashells at the Seashore!

Credits to Cat. Supa Random pic, but it's my personal FAVOURITE of all the photos we took in Langkawi. We were walking down the beach, Cat helped us took a shot here and we just posed so nicely can! So evenly spread out between 4 of us... Just love this!

Dinner at this awesome Japanese restaurant!

Ice cold beeeeeer.

It's called the Unkaizan Japanese Restaurant. Do drop by if you're in Langkawi!

Lovely atmosphere. Excellent Service. Great Food. Reasonable Prices.


My Dinner on our 2nd night in Langkawi.

Lovely Japanese Lady. This place is highly recommended by Cat's brother, and now me! Will definately visit this place again if i go back to Langkawi. We went back to our rooms cos it was still waaaay to early to check out their happening disco places. We slacked in our rooms, watched TV, play solitare... Basically, repeating the same thing we done on the night before. Dozed off and get pillow whacked to wake up. Dammmit! We spent 2 nights in our hotel rooms and didnt explore the nightlife!

Sidenote : Remember i told you about our rented car? We ditched the mini car and got a bigger one? We hit and run into a chicken that was crossing the road. It was an accident! Driver at that point of time was CK, he tried to steer away but the chicken dashed across. We think that poor chix might be commiting suicide... Ohwell, whatever it was - RIP chix.

Oh did i mention that was our 1st accident encounter with the car?

There's a 2nd one...

Toldya it was the most exciting trip i've ever been to. Stay tuned for Day 3!


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