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21st - *081207*
Sunday, December 16, 2007

PARTIES. Think i've already said my thanks in the previous entry. 8th Dec 2007 was jam-packed, fun-filled the whole day. Went to my MD's place for a Xmas party, which so coincidentally falls on my birthday. Had dinner at Canton Wok with family and close friends. Cross over to Timbre after dinner with more friends. Pictionary Time! :

Larry's Houseparty

As ususal, took alot of pics. Colleagues brought along their families. All the kids were adorableeeee! Will post up a couple of pics only, privacy rights...

So cuteee~

We even booked a inflatable castle for the kids to jump in.


December Babies.

Supa adorable can! Smiling so sweetly~

Kids just love birthdays...

They looked more excited than me!

Abdi! The man that was with me when i missed the step and fell. Think he was damn shock also. Hahaha! Anyway, ankle's getting better now.

George Zhang. Sits right behind me, what am i gonna do without ma queeen~

Okay Larry's party over. Went back home and head out for dinner at Canton Wok, Joo Chiat. Food was over-rated. Too much hyped. Wasn't thaaaat good. I rather spent the money at Townhouse. Anyway, invited Cat, Anne and Nick to join my family for dinner. It's the people who came that matters to me.


Birthday Cake was from COCO Cake shop. It's not branded, dont think you guys've heard about it. It's a neighbourhood cake shop that have been around ever since i remembered. As old as i am, so it was of significant value when i ordered my 21st cake from there...



Most important people in my life!


Classic birthday pose.

That's my 1st pressie!

My very first diamond and more to come...

TIMBRE - The Arts House

Buddy and Weiqi.

No idea what Mr Lu Wei Liang is doing...

Flo. Signe. Vics.

ilango and Buddy. Since OI days...

Best project mates ever. Poly days are crap w/o 'em!

CK. RZ. Laughter is the best medicine, look for them.

The "Girl" preimum vodka Lyn and BF bought for me. They say after 21st not longer girl, grown up already... Must be a stronger and tougher lady!

Ngee Ann Polyers


Happy Family! So heart-warming, i have to upload this!

The gifts i've recevied.

From Flo - Charm Bracelets and Glow-in-the-dark Stars. Very creative indeed!

From friends - CK Jeans bag and Agnes B charms necklace.

Both items are so me can... i love it!

Thanks to Cat and Weiliang for choosing 'em for me.

From colleagues - Joan, Farina, Roy, Lyn.

From parents - small diamonds, but i'll work my way there for a bigger one!

OKAY that's all the pics i have! OMG, been uploading so maaaaany pics. Thanks all for sharing this wonderful day with me. I had a greeeeat time. Was a memorable 21st, both happy and sad... I never would have come so far without every single one of you. Thanks for all the kind friendship and love you've shown to me.

All my love and more,


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all because of you
we can do
whatever we want to

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