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LP Concert and Joo Chiat
Thursday, December 13, 2007

Okay first things first! The pics i've promised to upload... I know it's sooooooo overdue... I gotta keep my promise! Keep breaking them all the time, shall not continue this act in the blogsphere. So here goes :

Linkin Park in Concert 2007



Waiting and waiting...

We were thaaaat front... I was right infront the barricade. Perfect view!

Got the standing tickets!

Okay this is complicated, so listen up... Guy in green and red are my sec sch friends. Babe beside me is the elder sis of guy in red. Flower shirt guy is the colleague of elder sis. Guy in black is mutual friend of friends. (that's a even more complicated chain) Guy taking this photo is ex-sph colleague. He bought his ticket on THAT dat itself. Cant believe you're reading this~ It was fun typing this string of random and irrelevant information out... =X

Credits : Ken - photographer of pics. Taken using his handphone. Great pics!

Mikeeeee Shinodaaaaa.

Classic Chester Bennington pose.

Awesome concert! I went to LP first ever SG outdoor concert at Padang with the same bunch of friends too. This time, they sang all their classic songs, new songs from Minutes to Midnight. Freaking cool rock concert. LP's getting old though... But their LIVE is still as good as ever. Worth every cents of my money. Glad i bought the standing tickets. Enjoyed myself throughout the whole concert...

So yeah! Vernon got hold of the drumstick Rob threw to the crowd! That's one of the drumstick he gave to me on my 21st. Ken got the other one. Once again, thanks for the gift! It's displayed in my shelves with all my collection of Jay Chou CDs. =)

Joo Chiat

Urm... i've taken quite alot of pics of my boss place, but i dont think i'm gonna upload it here. It's a really nice place near Joo Chiat area. Penthouse. The rooftop was great. Nice view, jacuzzi, bbq, place to chill and stuff. Was really nice... Will post just a few pics.



ohyes the root beer is beri niceeeee~

Actually, we're the winning team.

Chilling at the rooftop. Man i wish i have a rooftop like this too! Then i'll invite all my friends over for drinks and BBQ every night.

BYOB that is.

Bring Your Own Booze...

Dinner at Kim Choo.

As you can see, the food is goood! We wiped out every dish. All 10 of them.

Yup that's pretty much all. Still owe you Langkawi Day 3 pics now. So much to talk abt on Day 3. Will upload them some other day. It's 1am now. Cant sleeeep. Just had coffee at around 9pm. Uncle Jimmy from Sabah came to Singapore. The bunch of us from OITP - Sabah met up with him to do some catching up. Had Mocha Parline from Starbucks. I loveeeee their Christmas drink! I so miss Sabah days. Think i shall plan a trip back to Sabah soon, some time next year.

I'm trying to drag this as long as i can... I'm so wide awake!

Oh yes i had a Christmas lunch last Friday with my clients at the Townhouse. Greaaaaat fooood. Perfect for couple to have a nice xmas lunch/dinner. Slightly steep, but worth it. Loveee the ambience. Quiet, classy. Roam around the whole restaurant taking pics of the place. Will try to post up some pics if i can get my hands on the camera that i used.

I've got my birthday pics to update. Batam trip to update. Will get it over and done with by this weekend. Lects ended. Mugging on assignment now... Datedue coming soooon. YIKES. Back to work is crazy. So much stuff to clear. Year 2007 is coming to an end. OMG time really flies right out the window...

It's our office christmas party tmr! Excited abt that. Everyone's gotta dress in either Red/Green/White. There's gift exchange. I got a Starbucks cup. Whoever gets it, hope you'll like it! There's a lucky draw. Hope i'll win that digital camera. Been eyeing on a new one for a long time. There'll be good food, booozes, xmas carols, games... Gonna be lots of fun i guess. So looking forward to it. Totally switched off from work. Holidaaaaay Moood loh! Hahaha.

Okay think i'm done with all the updates, stuff i've busy with that's written on my calendar. Finally had the time to pour it all out. Trying to keep myself busy at all times. Dont wanna think abt it...

Alrighty close to pyjamas time.

Sleep tight y'all. Gdnight...


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