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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Set off at 5am. Started driving speeding on highway at 7.30am. Reached Malacca at 10am...

2 and 1/2 hours drive! At like 150km/h or higher! Roy's insane.

Just like to mention that drivers on the highway knows the rules man. Fast and furious drivers on right lane, take your own sweet time drivers on left. Thanks to all the drivers on the opposite side of the traffic beaming along to alert us that there's road block ahead. The police had a spot-check on the highway, that's probably the only time we slowed down a lil. Yikeeees~ =X

It was a sunshiney day!

Brought penguin along with me.

First stop. Oh yes... the Assam Laska and Chendol! Can never get enough of it.

Walked around, shopping, continue eating...

The thing i love about Malacca are their old shophouses. Seen quite a couple of backpackers' inn around. It's the perfect place and location for backpackers to enjoy the real Malacca...

The famous TeoChew restaurant. It's a MUST visit place for me when i'm in Malacca. Some may find this place a slight turn-off but you never know what's good food until you've tasted Teo Soon Loong's cooking...

That's the kitchen. Right infront of the restaurant... There's only 6-7 tables inside. So be sure to make reservation or you can be prepared to wait outside.


Osyter Mee is absolutely... YUMMY.

Steam promfret. Check out the gravy, it's thick and cooked with minced meat in it. Just give me the gravy and rice for lunch and i'm a happy girl... This restaurant may not seem like a posh place, but it's the family tradition and simply the good food that keeps haunting me to come back for more...

peacefool. Arty Farty~

The brand new Holiday Inn opens in Malacca. Just opposite Makota... Wooohooo~ competition. Anyway, the newly build Holiday Inn looks damn niceeeee! Might go in again one of this weekend to check it out. Had coffee and left Malacca at 5pm. Reached SG at 8.30pm. Went over to Alicia's house. Home at 11pm. Super tiring... The driver must be damn tired also. Anyway, it was a fun drive upwards to the North...

Bought alot of junkies back home. Peanuts from the Teochew restaurant, my dad is very particular about peanuts. Freshly baked Pineapple Tarts that just out from the oven. Still piping hot when i bought it! The smell supa irresistible can... I have to get it. Bunch of other junk foods. Managed to buy a couple of Christmas present too.

So that's all for Malacca. Gotta for finish up my assisgnment now. Been playing the whole week! Talk to you soon.


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