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The Office Xmas Party
Monday, December 17, 2007

What more can i say... I mean, it's Christmas!

That only spells FUN and more FUN. Here we go :

The Lucky Draw prizes!

1st - Home Theater System. 2nd - PSP. 3rd/4th - ipod. 5th - Digital Camera.

I was so aiming for that PSP!

Other prizes includes hampers and vouchers.

Cost of this Moet Champagne : Close to $2K!

6 litres of champagne... We totally emptied it!

Everyone is the colour code : red/green/white.

I'm telling you, the bottle it's reaaaally damn big...


MD pouring the champagne for all.

Closer view of the bottle... Super heavy!

I had 2 glasses and my face went blushing red immediately after... (-_-")

I thought this pic was damn hilarious. Hahaha!

So the lucky draw started! The person who won picks the next lucky winner from the bag. So Joan got lucky...

And she draw my name out of the bag! I won a $100 vouchers. Didnt get lucky with the PSP... Hahaha! Well, $100 is still good though.

My Left and Right. *Lyn/Roy*

It's so hard to take a decent pic with Lyn... =S


The man i admire most! I admire his intelligence that is... Totally self-tao zui in that pic... HAHA.

Must take peeektures with Moet!


Gift exchange time! All of us were told to get a gift and placed it under our Christmas Tree. We played musical present, passing the gifts around for a few rounds. When the music stopped, the gift in ur hands is yours!


round and round...

I got an Braun Buffel purse. Thanks! =))

To the one who got the Starbucks mug i bought, hope you'll like it!

Party ended. Boss let us off early... Roy, Lyn and I didnt know where to go. Ended up going to Changi and watch aeroplanes fly. The sleek/classic dating move ah... Super cheesy sia. But i likeeeeee. Had lots of fun driving and laughing at silly jokes about dating. =)

Some SAF ferry terminal. I suppose this is where some NSmen take the boat ride to god-knows-where. Never really understood which is where...

The sky was so pretty, so we stopped by and enjoyed the breeze...

Went over to check out Changi Hotel, had nasi lemak at Changi Village, drove all the way back to East Coast for coffee and cheesecakes. (luxury of a car... and a driver! =X) OMG ppl, you have to check out The Cheesecake Cafe. The cakes are seriously so heavenly can... It's so soft and fluffy that the min you put the cake in your mouth, it melts... Like a cloud! It was amazing. Really the best i've ever had... For pete's sake, pls go try it. Ask me along if you have no idea where it is. I'm willing to bring my friends there for good stuff!

Went out with the cousins yesterday. Thanks for the gift! Will blog abt that tmr. It has been a photo galore for the past few entries ya! That's how a cam whore got her name...

ohwell, a picture paints a thousand words.

i'll be back for more! Gotta go finish up my assignment now...

It's min 5000 words. Yikes~


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