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Xmas Lunch and Batam
Saturday, December 15, 2007

Xmas party @ The Office was so much fun! Will upload all the pics tmr. I'm back today with the Xmas Lunch from the Townhouse and my Batam getaway trip :

Townhouse Restaurant - Xmas Luncheon

Nice ambience. Perfect place to have a lovely meal with your loved ones...

3 mums, 2 kids. Hahaha.

Black and White...

fooling around...

before we get caught!

i bought this vintage camera clutch online. Caught my liking when i first saw it...

Lunch with my clients. The food was goooooooood. Price is slightly steep but trust me, it's worth it! For such a nice ambience and awesome food. I'm definately coming back again to bring my loved one there for dinner. Check out the website for more info : http://www.townhouse.com.sg/about.php

Batam Trip

Short getaway trip to Batam. The weather there was bad. Rained and rained. Gives me the perfect reason to stay in bed and cuddle back to sleep. And boy oh boy, been catching up on so much sleep! I'm amazed at how much i've slept, at fall asleep so easily. Anyway, it's always good to go away for a while. Take a break and unwind a'lil. I so needed this trip to pick me up... Didnt take much pics, told ya i've been busy zzz-ing away the whole while.... =/

View outside the villa.

Place i spent most of my time at/in : Bed.

Rain, rain, rain.

They have RICE in Batam KFC...

How often do you wake up to see a full 180deg rainbow right outside our window?

It was beautiful... aftermath of all the rain the night before.

Watch this video to see the full rainbow. I have to filmed this super rare and once in a lifetime sight! Listen to the sound of the waves too. It's really pretty...

The villa. I checked out the prices and found out it was $500 per night...

Holy crap! but it was a really nice villa, fantastic seaview, and comforty rooms...

The villa is so far from the resort lobby i have to get buggy rides to and fro. Had enough of zzz, so decided to roam around...


Cam whoring at its best. Eyes were super puffy after aaaaaaaaall the sleep...

Finished reading my book there. Such a great place to read a book, enjoy the sea breeze...

and i started to get so bored...




the air!

Not for me though...

Hours spent HERE. Falling asleep to the sound of the waves...

Last few pics of Batam Trip...

I took this pic to show u guys that the place i'm standing at is like the balcony of the villa, facing the sea that is... Can u imagine how peaceful it was to read/sleep/eat/live there? Been a great place to relax. And did i mention the seafood was super cheeeeeeap and fresh. Most places are billed in $Sing dollars. I had my KFC lunch, the amount was 72,568 Rupiahs. Insane loh! I cant convert that amount in my head via mental calculation.

Okay, xmas lunch and batam trip pics cleared. Up tmr will be 21st and office party pics. Been under the weather lately... Head spins the minute i try to wake up. Not in a very nice mood either. After all that've happened, only someone as foolish as me didnt see that coming...

Sleep well tonight world.


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